Sweatpants For the Gym and Going Out

sweatsofnoteBased on where we are right now with our current sweatpants fixation, when GQ makes a web list called The 10 Best Sweats for Working Out or the Weekend, that’s a list we click through.

Lo and behold nestled in GQ‘s list we found two of our own all-weather favorites by Thom Browne and Nike–both perfect for pretty much all levels of social interaction, from casual lounging to looking completely presentable and styled out.

Bulky sweats are what we’re wearing right now, in heavy cottons and wools. But that soon shall change.

With spring upcoming, we’re not just looking for cool designs but also sorting by material when we shop, thinking about how to keep rocking that carrot-ish silhouette and perhaps switch up the fabric to be a little lighter in the near future.

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  • Arthur B. January 12, 2016, 9:54 pm

    Actually, GQ seems to have come to right at Nordstrom’s level at this point, so I wouldn’t be so surprised seeing the merchandise in there…
    Nevertheless, I hope I won’t actually see anyone wearing sweats for going out. I don’t know about your “levels of social interaction,” but they won’t be anywhere near acceptable, let alone perfect, for mine…

  • amatson January 15, 2016, 2:54 pm

    Arthur B. thank you for writing! Have you checked out any of our designer sweats or jogger styles? I think you may be surprised about how good they can look with nice shoes and a blazer.


    No pressure to like sweats or joggers of course. They are not for everyone!

    -Andrew Matson, blog editor

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