We based our latest Pop-In Shop—LET’S GO!—on the idea of an epic road trip through the US of A. But that doesn’t mean the gear housed therein isn’t tough enough to go international. Keep reading for a selection of photos from our Creative Director, Strath Shepard, on a recent road trip across British Columbia to the Canadian Rockies.

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We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: On a world-wide web with so much capacity for good (exhibit A | B | C), the amount of cyberspace devoted to cute cats, baby sloths, bunnies riding goats, and hamsters on pianos is appalling. When co-workers forward us links to baby animals, we’re not LOL’ing, we’re WTF’ing. All that jaded cyber-skepticism goes out the window, though, when you take one of the dashing-est dog breeds out there, the noble Shiba Inu, and deck him out in timeless human wardrobe essentials from tweed blazers and denim jackets down to a perfectly tidy tie clip.

That’s the brilliantly simple concept behind Menswear Dog, an NYC-based Tumblr page that won over pretty much the entire Internet last week. We’re not sure if we want to scratch his head or bite his steez. Probably both. While he doesn’t shop exclusively at Nordstrom, you can re-create each of his outfits with the links below.

Above: “Punch Up That Vintage Blazer”
Get the Look: Blazers | Plaid Shirts | Knit Ties | Tie Clips

[L]: “The Most Versatile Jacket You’ll Own”
Get the Look: Denim Jackets | Crewneck SweatersButton-Down Shirts

[R]: “Go Sporty with a Varsity Jacket”
Get the Look: Varsity JacketsButton-Down Shirts | Neckties | Tie Clips

“Staying Warm with Layering”
Get the Look: Outerwear Vests | Henley T-Shirts

[L]: “Fly Fox Hunting”
Get the Look: Insulated Jackets | Newsboy Hats | V-Neck Sweaters

[R]: “How to Wear a Chunky Shawl-Collar Cardigan”
Get the Look: Shawl-Collar Sweaters | Button-Down Shirts | Neckties | Tie Clips



[Images and quotes courtesy of Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]

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