Having knocked the collective socks off the menswear industry last week (no small feat when most of whom are still clutching at summer sockless-ness) with his impeccable vision of Spring ’14 (look toward the bottom of this post), what do you think Iowa-born designer Todd Snyder immediately did? A) Sleep for 50 consecutive hours; B) Go to Disney World; C) Cross the pond for a little R&R—and of course, more work.

If you guessed C, treat yourself to an extra Guinness on this glorious Wednesday. While the self-professed workaholic’s shot of Europe’s finest shearling, above, first caught our eye (and got us jazzed for Fall) this morning, the pics below kept us scrolling. Check out the view from Snyder’s Paris hotel, the designer’s favorite London hat shop, an epic victory in the form of actor Justin Theroux rocking Todd Snyder + Champion on the cover of GQ, and much more—all on Todd Snyder’s official Instagram feed.

…And while those Autumn tones match our current mood to a T, a pop of color is always welcome:


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A few key members of our creative team were in Hong Kong last week for Art Basel—soaking up culture, gathering inspiration, and snapping photos all the while. The pics here only represent the best of day 1, shot by graphic designer Gloria Chen. Check back soon for more photos from our team’s Hong Kong Instagram journal.

[Gloria’s caption for the image above: “Peter’s hair, day 1.”
Peter is another designer…with notable hair.]

Arriving in Hong Kong. | Cool product display.

Simple packaging of soy milk. | Vertical garden store front.

Hong Kong subway system. | Mail boxes.

The most expensive district in HK. | Lots of tall apartment buildings.

Adidas store. | Tuesday night at Lan Kwai Fong.

Tall and skinny streetcar. | Hong Kong landmark restaurant.

ICC Tower, Hong Kong’s tallest building. 118 floors. | That hair looks familiar.

World traveler, stellar designer, expert Instagrammer: Glo (bottom right).
Watch for more Hong Kong pics coming soon. 


The women’s shows in Milan last week looked really great and all, but we’re just as interested in exploring the rest of Italy—which is exactly what one of our lead web developers, Sonya, did over the summer. Check out her pics and travel tips below.

Rome: “Sunset stroll down the streets of Rome.”

Barga: “Having an Aperol Spritz at the Pizza Lab in Barga, moments before the music festival starts.”

Giotto’s Campanile in Florence: “We braved many, many stone steps for a breathtaking view of the city of Florence.”

Alimentari in Lucca: “One-stop shop for fresh cheeses and meats from nearby farms, as well as local wine.”

Pistoia: “The two-colored marble exterior of the Baptistery in Pistoia.”

Sommocolonia: “Tuscan sunset, overlooking Barga.”

Piazza Navona: “Only hours after stepping foot in Rome, we immediately sought out the Fountain of the Four Rivers in the heart of Piazza Navona.”

Rome: “Moments inside the Vatican.”

Rome: “The beautifully preserved Arch of Septimius Severus.”

Open Baladin: “Impressive beer selection, including more than a dozen microbrews, near the Campo de’ Fiori.”

Rome: “Up the Spanish Steps and around the corner, we lucked upon this building with intense, ornate doorways and windows.”

Sommocolonia: “Home sweet home in the lovely Tuscan town of Sommocolonia.”

(Your travel guide, Sonya, signing off.)


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