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This charcoal briefcase grill by RS Barcelona is dead simple to use, clearly great-looking–and crucial for enjoying after-work dogs at the nearest park.

After falling under its spell, it occurred to us.

Surefire Father’s Day gift. 

True story: Last time we took it to the beach, a group of women eyed the grilling station and, eventually, Amy introduced herself to ask what the product was and where it could be purchased. We directed her to our Poolside Pop-In@Nordstrom, either in person or online. She said it would be the perfect Father’s Day gift for her husband.

Our thought exactly, Amy.

Check this bad boy in action:

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Hot weather’s officially upon us, and with it, the perennial question arises of how to look your best without breaking a sweat.

Keep reading to find out what to wear—and drink, and listen to, and marinate with—on the auspicious (and happily, pretty much inevitable) occasion of a backyard barbecue. We’ve taken the liberty of prepping you for two potential circumstances: cocktails on the patio and burgers on the lawn.

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Here’s another great recipe from our friends on the Nordstrom Restaurant team. For the long weekend ahead, we wanted a next-level flavor sensation for all you outdoor grillers out there, whose sophisticated palates are ready to transcend standard-issue frozen dogs and hockey-puck patties. Introducing Char Siu Pork Chops.

So stock up on oyster sauce, five-spice and fresh chops on the way home from work—and prepare to knock your friends’ star-spangled Vans off with your BBQ prowess this weekend. (Oh, and don’t forget ice for your Igloo and plenty of thirst-quenching beverages. We’re thinking this meal would go equally well with Bud Light, Tsingtao, or your favorite high-brow canned brew.)


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[Excerpted from the Nordstrom Family Table Cookbook. Photo by Noel Barnhurst.]


Daniel Drewes, one of our online buyers, recommended six of his favorite top-shelf, small-batch beers for Labor Day weekend—all of which come in handy aluminum cans.

Once a sure sign of low-brow beers (no disrespect, cheap beer holds a place in our heart too), cans are suddenly a fast-growing movement in the craft brewing industry, which has traditionally stuck to bottles. Now, with options like the six below, even brew connoisseurs like Daniel can grip an all-American aluminum can with confidence.

Best part? They’re practical. The thin metal blocks light better than glass, gets colder faster in a cooler, and eliminates the risk of broken glass when things get rowdy (and isn’t that the goal?) at your barbecue, campsite or tailgate party.


1. New Belgium ‘Shift’ Pale Lager. “My new favorite session beer [lower alcohol volume]. Some good hop flavor, but a nice day-drinker to round out summer and start fall tailgates.”


2. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. “One of the most widely distributed craft beers—it’s my old standby when I’m at a bar that doesn’t have a more diverse selection. I love a good hop flavor, and this one’s mild enough to be a good session ale.”


3. Fort George ‘Sunrise’ OPA. “Fort George is a great new brewery out of Astoria, Oregon. They make a great oatmeal pale—the oatmeal gives it a nice creaminess for a pale ale, while it still has good hop aroma and bitterness.”


4. Oskar Blues ‘Old Chub’ Scotch Ale. “This Colorado brewery makes great canned beer. Old Chub is a sweet, caramel-y scotch ale with a big malt punch, perfect when you feel like rich flavor that’s not dominated by hop bitterness.”


5. Fort George ‘Vortex’ IPA: “A great Indian pale ale with generous hop flavor and a nice note of grapefruit. Perfect for hopheads (like me), who like their beer brutal in bitterness.”


6. Sixpoint ‘Sweet Action.’ “This Brooklyn brewery says it best on their website: ‘The original Sixpoint style—hard to define, but perhaps that’s why people love it. Part pale ale, part wheat, part cream ale—all Sweet Action.'”


[Photos courtesy of New Belgium, Sierra Nevada, Fort George, Oskar Blues, and Sixpoint breweries.]