It’s been a riveting, bleary-eyed week and a half spent glued to the TV. Not sure about you, but we’re still catching up on DVR’d Olympic coverage from last weekend. (Those five-hour blocks of HD swimming, shooting, running, gymnastics, volleyball and tennis are no joke—and don’t leave much space for new Breaking Bad episodes.)

The one ‘event’ we deleted too soon, though, was the Opening Ceremony. We started out psyched, but somewhere between act three of the Industrial Revolution-themed interpretive dance production, and the gratuitous slow-motion corgi footage during the almost-funny James Bond mini-film…We got bored and changed the channel.

Big mistake—because it meant we missed the best bits, including Mr. Bean nailing the synth part on ‘Chariots of Fire,’ and the UK’s own heirs to the rock-royalty throne, Arctic Monkeys, paying homage to the Beatles (before Sir Paul McCartney himself closed out the show). The video footage has been banished from the internet, but click here to listen to live audio of Arctic Monkeys covering the Beatles classic ‘Come Together.’

Although practically still kids, Arctic Monkeys have been compared to the Fab Four by critics and fans alike. A bit premature, if not blasphemous—but they’re off to a good start. Here’s a recent single they released (on purple vinyl) for Record Store Day 2012, followed by a favorite track off each of their four studio albums.