Follow Up: @TRNKNYC

The series in which we hook you up with the feeds you need.

Somewhere in the unfortunate march of patriarchy through time, “interior decorating” became coded to connote femininity–and while that aspect is not to be overlooked, New York City design group TRNK will be having none of that old-style binary thinking, thank you. The company’s Instagram feed is dedicated to demonstrating a masculine approach to caring about how spaces look, and styling them. Related lifestyle images flesh out the IG stream and make it one of our favorites for drawing inspiration for domiciles and all that happens therein.

If you were to encounter TRNK co-founders Tariq Dixon and  Nick Nemechek in Greenpoint, just north of Williamsburg, they’d take you to Paulie Gee’s for pizza, Ramona for bespoke cocktails, and Homecoming—a spot for coffee and botanicals for the home—and Ovenly for pastries the next morning. But as for their online lives …

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Things you should know:

1. We launched a new online destination this week for The Rail—which is a men’s department in our stores, yes, but also an amalgamation of the clothes, ideas and events we find interesting at any given moment. CHECK OUT THE RAIL—bookmark it, live it, love it, etc.

2. For said Rail launch, we shot a ton of images in the nooks and crannies of Brooklyn a few weeks ago, with modern-day Renaissance men like model/artist/on-screen personality Ivan Olita (above, in sunglasses). Take in large amounts of inspiration at Ivan’s webstite. And play with his face here—if you’re into that kind of thing.

3. It turns out that Fashion Week, despite all its stony-faced models and austere stage designs, gets kind of wild after dark. Check out the hijinks that Ivan, a native Italian, partook of at Milan Fashion Week in the video below—all at the wise request of V Magazine. (And, if you missed it, catch up on our own Fashion Week coverage: for men and women.)

4. On the subject of V Magazine: Seen this video teaser of their Kate Moss x Rihanna article yet? Now you have. Happy Friday.