Brooks Brothers

Do your best to ignore the souped-up Rolls Royces, the gyrating flappers, the sinister-sounding Kanye West / Jay-Z / Frank Ocean beat (which would have been infinitely cooler here if a handful of mediocre action flicks didn’t already use it), the hypnotic visual overload director Baz Luhrmann made famous in 1996’s amped-up Romeo & Juliet remix—and even try to look past Carey Mulligan’s beauty mark, if at all humanly possible.

Instead, feast your eyes on the impeccable menswear Great Gatsby costume designer Catherine Martin created in collaboration with 195-year-old American institution Brooks Brothers. Delving into the brand’s archives, Martin nailed every detail—from straw boater to gold collar pin to powder-pink peak lapel.

Watch a behind-the-scenes mini-documentary on the film’s costume design here, and catch The Great Gatsby in theaters May 10.



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[Trailer courtesy of Warner Bros and Village Roadshow Pictures. Still images are captures from the Brooks Brothers video about the film’s costume design. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


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