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A seventeenth-century Italian flat with restored original terrazzo floors. A lush and airy Bahamian cottage tricked out by a renowned interiors visionary. An inn on Fogo Island in Newfoundland with sleek, modern architecture and a commitment to social good. Serious fodder for escapist daydreams, yes, but the real tie here is Meghan McEwen, who writes about these properties and more for Designtripper.

Upping the promise of the best design and travel blogs and nullifying long, often frustrating searches on sites like Airbnb and VRBO (and maybe equally frustrating discussions that begin with “Where should we go this year?”), McEwen’s small team of contributors explore the history, aesthetic and allure of privately owned vacation rentals all over the planet. If you’re the sort of traveler who places equal weight on journey and destination, and if majestic stone hearths in cliff-built five-story cribs seem like reason enough to cash in some frequent-flier miles, chances are good that Designtripper’s digs-centric globetrotting will appeal to you.

And, yeah, if you’re just into virtual escapism, they’ve got you on that too.

The minimal, efficiently organized interface includes filters for location, rental type (homes vs. hotels and inns), food-centric destinations, family-friendly havens and even socially conscious travel. Have a good trip.

Image of Mazzini 31 via Designtripper


With a punk-meets-minimalist aesthetic and impeccable taste in legendary guy movies, the graphic designer known only by the pen name (mouse name?) Midnight Marauder elevates fan art to fine art.

His recent poster prototypes for Alien prequel Prometheus (in theaters today) have been reblogged maniacally across the web—but it’s once you go a click further, to the artist’s own Tumblr, that you get the real payoff: an archive of more than 200 eye-popping homages to films from Kubrick to the Coen Brothers, Woody Allen to Ridley Scott.

You’ll be able to purchase prints soon. In the meantime, the value of Marauder’s digital masterpieces is twofold: They look sharp on your desktop background and, more importantly, provide a visual checklist of classic films you should Netflix immediately.

Bonus Feature: Marauder released this brand-new poster (a so-called “reject” from his 12-piece Prometheus series) about an hour before midnight premiere screenings last night.


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