Do It Yourself

In their ongoing efforts to make the world of blue jeans a greener place, Swedish denim brand Nudie Jeans released a short film encouraging denim wearers everywhere to patch holes and scrapes in their favorite jeans—rather than relegate a lived-in, well-loved pair to the landfill.

It’s about the simplest way we can think of to recycle, reduce and reuse—and Nudie makes it even simpler by providing you the Repair Kit free of charge. Months or years down the line, if your Nudies develop a rip or hole, just contact Nudie on Facebook, Twitter, or via email at, and they’ll get you taken care of. (If you’re not so handy with a needle and thread, fear not: Nudie’s Repair Kit Handbook breaks the process down step by step.)

Show Off Your Handiwork. Got a pair you’re proud to say you gave new life to? Post photos on Instagram, tagged #NudieAtNordstrom, or email them using the ‘Email the Editor’ link at right. We’ll publish the best submissions here on Men’s Shop Daily.



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