dogbuddyTrystan Rowlan with Buddy; images by Studio N

Are you ready to take a lucky dog to a whole new style level? Consider pet accessories by legendary outdoor brands Filson and Barbour.

The receiving dog will end up looking ready to open a coffee shop/work as a park ranger–or at least stunt on the other dogs at the park while wearing waxed cotton, quilted felt and durable leather.

Fun story about the dog models in this blog post: When we learned we would be carrying all this excellent dog gear, we called Seattle Humane and asked if they had any camera hams to help show it off. They brought five “highly adoptable” dogs to our Studio N for a photo shoot. Three were adopted on the spot by Nordstrom employees. This blogger rescued Luna, below.

The remaining two dogs found new, loving homes by the end of the week. Highly adoptable, indeed.

–Andrew Matson

Shop: Filson jacket | Filson dog jacket

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Dogs: They save lives, detect bombs, lead the blind, offer companionship through thick and thin—and look damn adorable on Instagram. (Yes, certain circumstances permit grown men to say “adorable”—pontificating on Canis familiaris is one of them.)

To celebrate National Dog Day, we fetched pup pics from some of our favorite friends’ and colleagues’ Insta feeds. Keep reading to see our favorite photo ops of man’s, woman’s and child’s best bud.

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If your wife’s, girlfriend’s, mom’s or daughter’s stocking is still looking a tad light, an impeccable new timepiece will weigh it down (with positive Christmas karma) in no time. Especially if said timepiece is properly matched to her personality, a feat which our Women’s Watch Gift Guide accomplishes quite concisely—and with the help of nine stylish canines. Keep reading for tips on which watch (and which dog!) the woman on your gift list is most compatible with.

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Let’s be honest: Most of us men are probably just now getting around to Christmas shopping (hey, we have almost five whole days left!). And while there are innumerable fantastic holiday gifts available right here on—sometimes the best gifts come from somewhere else. Like the heart. Or the liquor store. For advice on thinking outside the gift box (and, hopefully, getting a reaction like the one above), we asked nine men with impeccable taste to answer one simple question: What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?

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Introducing part one of our Fun Fun Fun Fest coverage from Austin, Texas, as seen through the analog lens of acclaimed music blog Gorilla vs. Bear—presented by Topman and Nordstrom Men’s Shop for your visual and auditory enjoyment.

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Fries. Toast. Kissing. Brigitte Bardot. Champagne. Tiny bulldogs. Plastic Bertrand. Even though the latter (above) rose to international stardom for lip-syncing another guy’s work (the original Milli Vanilli?), the song he made famous is still damn catchy—and one more excuse to raise a glass to all things French.

The above influences and countless more are the raison d’être behind French Fling, our first in a series of Pop-In Shops. Curated by Olivia Kim, Nordstrom’s Director of Creative Projects (and former Creative Director at Opening Ceremony), each Pop-In will feature a collection of goods, including limited-edition and exclusive items, that rally around a specific theme.

This month, said theme is the home of Kenzo sweatshirts, A.P.C. candles—and even a snapback that can parlez-vous français. Next month—who knows? Shop a few of our favorites below, and look for more from our Pop-In Shops coming soon.

Kenzo Paris sweatshirt | A.P.C. candle | New Era cap | Saint James T-shirt | Hedi Slimane book



Here’s our third and final installment of Austin City Limits as seen through the analog lens of acclaimed music blog Gorilla vs. Bear—presented by Topman and Nordstrom Men’s Shop.

Catch up on GvsB’s Polaroids from parts one and two; and see their Instagram coverage of Austin City Limits 2013 at @NordstromMen.

[Pictured above: MS MR]

Toro y Moi’s Patrick Jeffords | Toro y Moi on the ACL big screen

Members of Phoenix—getting photo-bombed by Toro y Moi frontman, Chaz.

Phosphorescent / #DogsOfACL



The National

Tame Impala | Texas T. rex



Hand-selected by Gorilla vs. Bear—
a few favorite songs by bands mentioned above:



[Photos by Gorilla vs. Bear and Faith Silva—using film from The Impossible Project.]


We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: On a world-wide web with so much capacity for good (exhibit A | B | C), the amount of cyberspace devoted to cute cats, baby sloths, bunnies riding goats, and hamsters on pianos is appalling. When co-workers forward us links to baby animals, we’re not LOL’ing, we’re WTF’ing. All that jaded cyber-skepticism goes out the window, though, when you take one of the dashing-est dog breeds out there, the noble Shiba Inu, and deck him out in timeless human wardrobe essentials from tweed blazers and denim jackets down to a perfectly tidy tie clip.

That’s the brilliantly simple concept behind Menswear Dog, an NYC-based Tumblr page that won over pretty much the entire Internet last week. We’re not sure if we want to scratch his head or bite his steez. Probably both. While he doesn’t shop exclusively at Nordstrom, you can re-create each of his outfits with the links below.

Above: “Punch Up That Vintage Blazer”
Get the Look: Blazers | Plaid Shirts | Knit Ties | Tie Clips

[L]: “The Most Versatile Jacket You’ll Own”
Get the Look: Denim Jackets | Crewneck SweatersButton-Down Shirts

[R]: “Go Sporty with a Varsity Jacket”
Get the Look: Varsity JacketsButton-Down Shirts | Neckties | Tie Clips

“Staying Warm with Layering”
Get the Look: Outerwear Vests | Henley T-Shirts

[L]: “Fly Fox Hunting”
Get the Look: Insulated Jackets | Newsboy Hats | V-Neck Sweaters

[R]: “How to Wear a Chunky Shawl-Collar Cardigan”
Get the Look: Shawl-Collar Sweaters | Button-Down Shirts | Neckties | Tie Clips



[Images and quotes courtesy of Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]

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Between month-long radio takeovers and the inescapable audio inside your office’s elevators, Christmas music can become one of the least-merry aspects of the holidays. As a personal gift from us to you, we combed the internet (and picked our office-mates’ brains) for under-the-radar Xmas gems to put you in the holiday spirit this weekend. Pour some eggnog, hit play—and take a well-deserved break from The Chipmunks and Zooey Deschanel.

Bon Jovi. While there’s lots to be said for this Bon Jovi White House performance from Xmas ’98 (sharp tuxes, quasi-lecherous Whoopi Goldberg intro, Special Olympics fundraiser), it’s just not possible to one-up the video above, co-starring Herb Ritts muse and Pepsi pusher Cindy Crawford.

Run DMC. Remember when rap was almost wholesome? Here, the guys save Christmas and praise Mom’s homecooking, all with signature attention to detail (note the Cadillac logo on Santa’s sleigh). Extra style shout-outs for DMC’s dapper DB coat and Run’s Portland Trailblazers jacket.

Wham! As unlikely as it seems—for a Christmas song, a Wham! song, and especially a Wham! Christmas song—a small, completely unscientific poll in our office found very little to be annoyed about by this song. It’s kind of catchy, but not cloyingly so. Oddly soothing. Do you agree, or have we had too much fruitcake?

Boyz II Men. Remember that time on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when Will ruined Christmas by not getting the world’s favorite ’90s R&B group to sing a capella at baby Nicky’s christening? Us neither, because it never happened. Miracles are real! Especially on sitcoms.

Band Aid. OK, this one might qualify as over-played this time of year. And has some truly mood-dampening lyrics if you listen closely (everyone, please do something charitable this yuletide). And ranks high on the A.V. Club’s list of most-hated holiday tunes. BUT: It’s worth watching just for the all-star ’80s lineup’s throwback hair stylings. Subtitled en español for a feliz Navidad.

David Bowie x Bing Crosby. The Thin White Duke has done more than a couple surprising collaborations over the years, but…come on. Worlds collide, minds blown. Are we the last to know about this? Click to about 1:48 if you prefer to skip the stilted banter—not that you should, it’s TV Christmas-special solid gold.

Dogs. To the uninitiated, this kitschy Christmas classic probably comes off as just another entry in the vast canon of cute cat videos, baby sloths, bunnies riding goats, and hamsters on pianos that now saturate the internet. But get this: The original recording was created by a Danish ornithologist in the 1950s, and was one of the first examples of modern-day pitch manipulation and audio splicing. We chose to show the “cover version” above because it looks like dogs are actually performing it live (they’re probably all computer-animated robots, who knows)—but to hear the original ’50s version, click here.