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dannyny2Nordstrom Men’s Styling Manager Danny Mankin

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Our Men’s Fashion Office is wrapping its time in NYC for the inaugural New York Fashion Week: Men’s, heading home after a week of scoping spring/summer 2016 styles.

For #NYFWM, the award on our squad for incurring the most street-style photography goes to Men’s Styling Manager Danny Mankin–which, again, we’re not surprised. And the award for clarity in a hectic situation goes to Men’s Fashion Director Jorge Valls.

Jorge saw two main style thrusts #NYFWM: loose luxury and 1990s-inspired streetwear. You can safely say these will define the clothes you see in retailers next spring, or at least be heavy influences. Here he is talking about both.

#NYFWM: Two Big Ideas


Check out Jorge’s take on four different shows during #NYFWM and explanation of the two main types of events here. Check him talking about the economic power of the whole thing here. Fashion can be a baffler, but when Jorge explains it to us, we get it.

–Andrew Matson


dannynyfwmNordstrom Men’s Styling Manager Danny Mankin

Image via WWD

Our Men’s Fashion Office is all up in the mix at New York Fashion Week: Men’s, and the most photographed member of the team by far is Danny Mankin, Men’s Styling Manager. Which does not surprise us. Everyone’s looking good here, but that excellent fit you see above is pretty much a regular Tuesday for Danny.

Being bombarded with style is exciting but can overwhelm, so to get our minds right, we’ve been enjoying post-show breakdowns with our Men’s Fashion Director Jorge Valls.

Here’s Jorge on the difference between runway shows and designer presentations (#NYFWM has both) and the events & spring/summer 2016 collections by Suit Supply, rag + bone, Todd Snyder and Michael Bastian.




The first-ever men’s-only New York Fashion Week is upon us–that’s right, first in the history of the world–and we’ll be there July 13-16, blogging hardly. Our modus operandi will be to see shows and presentations, interview designers and writers, soak up the scene–and generally, like Kanye West once endeavored to do, give you the feeling.

So what is #NYFWM anyway? And what’s significant about this inaugural edition? Here’s our own Men’s Fashion Director Jorge Valls, explaining:


To build on one of Jorge’s points about the economics of this Fashion Week occurring during this specific time, market time for retail buyers, which gives buyers a chance to see designers’ presentations before they make their spring/summer 2016 buys: A direct customer impact is not guaranteed.

Nonetheless, it is entirely possible that if you peep Jorge’s Instagram feed of snapshots from the front row, you may be seeing into the future of shopping at Nordstrom.

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–Andrew Matson