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Last night outside our flagship store in Downtown Seattle, retired speed skater Apolo Ohnothe most decorated US Winter Olympian of all time—joined the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Quincy Jones, Ken Griffey, Jr., Bill Gates, and other highly esteemed Northwest natives, receiving his own plaque on our ‘Seattle Walk of Fame.’

While other plaques on the sidewalk surrounding our store depict imprints of our Walk-of-Famers’ shoes (a nod to Nordstrom’s origins as a shoe store), Ohno’s captures the motion of his ice-slicing skates:

Having won eight medals over the course of three Olympics, Ohno’s no stranger to high honors—nor avid fans, as was apparent from his easy demeanor in greeting an adoring public following the brief induction ceremony (which was hosted by none other than Pete Nordstrom, pictured up top on the left).

Before reading our exclusive Q&A below, check out a video of Ohno in action, gliding for Gold in a 1000-meter showdown decided by milliseconds. Come February, you can catch him in action again at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia—this time as an analyst with NBC Sports.

MEN’S SHOP DAILY: Having grown up here in Seattle, do you have memories of Nordstrom?
APOLO OHNO: “I have many memories of Nordstrom. My dad used to take me here shopping growing up, back-to-school stuff—and I shop at Nordstrom now. So it’s always been a part of my life. To know that it’s a Seattle-based company is awesome.”

MSD: What does it mean to be immortalized outside our flagship Seattle store?
APOLO OHNO: “It’s an honor, it really is. We have so many international tourists come through our great city all the time, and they see these people, and these footsteps. Some really amazing people have been cemented forever in history here, so for me to be named next to them—it’s an honor.”

[Ohno mingled with fans young and old after the unveiling.
Cool Quiksilver shirt, kid.]

MSD: You’ve accomplished a lot of amazing things in your life. What would you say has been your proudest moment?
APOLO OHNO: “The Olympic space, for me, is one that has always touched my heart, because it was the one single focus of my life for 15 years straight. It’d have to be the Olympic Games.”

MSDAs far as fitness and exercise—what training advice do you have for average guys at home?
APOLO OHNO: “Stick to the circuit training. Leave the slow cardio alone. We all don’t have a lot of time—I’d say on average, most of us have an hour or less in the gym. So just hit it hard. Always change up your routine, keep it fresh, keep it fun—and always challenge yourself.”

[How dapper is Ohno’s dad (center)?]

MSD: What are some of your personal style essentials (besides a skin-tight bodysuit)?
APOLO OHNO: “You always have to have a good jacket—a sports jacket, that fits—no matter what. You have to have a nice pair of shoes. Jeans and pants for me are always difficult, because my legs are so big—so they’re tight, even when they’re supposed to be baggy.” [Shop special sizes: Big & Tall]

MSDYou look sharp today. What are you wearing?
APOLO OHNO: “Let’s see…I’m wearing Armani. Zegna pants, Louis shoes.”

[One of many surprised passersby.]

MSDWhat’s your favorite thing about hosting the GSN game show Minute to Win It?
APOLO OHNO: “On Minute to Win It, the number-one thing is, I get to see people win real money. And the excitement you see, and the stories you hear about how that money’s going to change their life, or what they’re going to put it towards, are pretty amazing. We’ve seen people get married, we’ve had people want to put money towards a charity in memory of their brother, we’ve had ex-military people who served our country—there’s really an incredible array of stories on the show. So I’ve gotten to meet some really amazing people.

MSDWhat are you most looking forward to at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia—where you’ll be breaking down the action as a member of NBC’s broadcast team?
APOLO OHNO: “In 2014, I’m looking forward to short-track [skating]. All the speed skating events, that’s my favorite. I mean, I also love downhill events and skiing, but short-track, to me, is the ultimate. I’ll be there, every single day.”

[Our blog editor, asking the tough questions.]

MSD: You’re the most decorated Winter Olympian in US history. What advice do you have on being a gracious winner—and on your approach to life and work in general?
APOLO OHNO: “I definitely haven’t won every single race—so I know what it feels like when you don’t win, and I know what it feels like when you do. And I think you appreciate it that much more. I lived in a sport where you’re not guaranteed to win every single time, no matter how good you are. So when you do, and those medals get hung around your neck, it feels pretty amazing. And towards life? I’d say: Work hard, play hard, and just enjoy every single step of the way.”

[A plaque on the wall outside our flagship store, shedding light
on the ‘Seattle Walk of Fame’ installation.]

[A few of Ohno’s fellow Seattle Walk of Fame alums. Clockwise from top left:
Jimi Hendrix, Mariners legend Ken Griffey, Jr., Microsoft’s Paul Allen and Bill Gates, NBA great and former SuperSonic Lenny Wilkens.]


Special thanks to Apolo Ohno.
Follow him on Twitter here.


[Photos by Jeff Powell. Interview and first photo by Justin Abbott.]

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Morgan Perkins pitched his plan for a high-class shoeshine stand to the Nordstrom family in 1974, “when my wife was pregnant and I was trying to buy Pampers.”* They took a chance on him, and what began with a handshake has turned into a four-decade legacy. Over the years, Perkins has watched the fourth generation of Nordstrom leaders grow up (he remembers our present-day president, Blake Nordstrom, working hard even at age 10—stumbling around at 6:30am, arms piled high with shoe boxes); he’s helped open new shoeshine stands at Nordstrom stores in Washington, California and Minneapolis; he’s even ushered his extended family into the business; all while offering the best—and most affordable—shine in town.

This week, after nearly 40 years personifying the stellar service and humble demeanor Nordstrom has always stood for, Perkins and wife Patsy (whom he’s affectionately dubbed the brains of the operation) celebrated their well-deserved retirement. While you may have missed your chance to get your shoes serviced by the master himself, Perkins’ son Brent and daughter-in-law Sunny will carry on the family business at our Downtown Seattle Flagship—and today, thanks to the overwhelming success of Perkins’ idea all those years ago, over 3/4 of our stores have shine stands of their own. Call or visit a store near you to find out if you’re among the lucky majority.

For more: Visit our Downtown Seattle store’s Facebook Page (and scroll down to December 28, 2012) to read heartfelt memories and well-wishes from Mr. Perkins’ friends and colleagues.


[Photo courtesy of Seattle Magazine, via our Nordstrom Men’s Shop Instagram. *Information source: Seattle Post Intelligencer.]


Local band Campfire OK walked into our Flagship Store in Downtown Seattle this past August, pulled up a chair at our beloved in-store piano, and belted out a radio-ready impromptu performance. Curious shoppers gathered ’round with camera phones and craned necks, but it was the pro filmmaker they brought along who captured the video above.

Fast-forward to late September. We loved the band’s guerilla minstrel maneuver so much, we asked them to come back—this time, plugged in and performing inside our corner window display for hundreds of sidewalk passersby to see and hear. This marked the kick-off to our month-long photography exhibit, the Seattle Music Project, which celebrated Northwest bands from the Sonics in the ’60s to Soundgarden and Pearl Jam in the ’90s to new-school balladeers like Campfire OK and Shabazz Palaces. Here’s a photo of COK’s window performance:

In the spirit of the holidays (and rock & roll), we asked Campfire OK frontman Mychal Cohen to choose some items from our site that he’d love to find under the tree. Consider these gift ideas for the rockstar brother, nephew or husband in your life—whether he’s actually on-stage or just always finds his way to the front of the crowd:

Mychal’s picks, from left:
1. Shipley & Halmos Shirt. “Having a nice-looking button-up is key—and short sleeves are priceless for stage attire.” (shop now)
2. Levi’s 511 Slim-Straight Jeans. “These things last for so long, and in my opinion are the best cut they have.” (shop now)
3. A.P.C. Henley. “A comfortable henley is important on- and 0ff-stage. It’s like a T-shirt, but a little more handsome.” (shop now)

Mychal’s picks, from left:
4. Nixon Nylon-Strap Watch. “The only thing I have to say about this watch is, YES.” (shop now)
5. Rag & Bone Cardigan. “Cardigans are the definition of classic, and you can wear them with any kind of shirt underneath.” (shop now)
6. Ben Sherman Chukka Boot. “Finding a nice-looking, flat-soled shoe that’s not a sneaker is a necessity for performing.” (shop now)


Resident rocker, piano crasher, and gift picker, Mychal Cohen.

Campfire OK performs TONIGHT (Thursday, 12/13/12) at Neumos in Seattle.
Find details here, and a cool Q&A with Mychal at the Neumos site here.

If you can’t catch the show, get up to speed at Campfire OK’s official website, where the band will be releasing a new video single off their forthcoming second album each month.


[Video by Christian Sorensen Hansen, performance photo by Jesse Codling, portrait photo by Brandon Milner.]

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Here at Nordstrom, we may prefer to celebrate one holiday at a time—but when it is time to celebrate, we go all out. So, with Thanksgiving officially behind us, we popped over to our flagship store in Downtown Seattle to see how they decked the halls (or aisles, as it were). A couple indications that it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas:

Walls full of festive sketches by our perennial favorite illustrator, Ruben Toledo.

Trees all aglow.

Ornaments the size of a small child (or large elf).

Mannequins prepping for a black-tie holiday soirée.

An interactive snowflake-catching experience.

Santa posted up in the corner window display, awaiting your kid’s wish list. (Or yours.)


Despite the festive decorations, we couldn’t help getting distracted by all the sumptuous winter wares festooning the mannequins in the Men’s Shop. Here’s the best of what we saw at the store—and links to help you get these looks online.

Jack Spade Cardigan | Jack Spade Shirt | Solid Ties

Penfield Vest | Ben Sherman Sweater

Moncler Parka | Turtlenecks | Plaid Shirts

Jack Spade: Sweatshirt | Shirt | Pants

Diesel Vest | Life/After/Denim Sweater | Beanies | Cords | Danner Boots

Nudie Belt | Cardigans | Crewnecks | Chinos

Marc New York Leather Jacket | Fiesole Sweater

Billy Reid Coat | Billy Reid Thermal Henleys | Jeans | Wingtips

More gift ideas for dads, brothers,
sons, husbands—or yourself.