Flight of the Storks

The Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) is the largest and most highly-attended event of its kind (and, in our opinion, the coolest—screening everything from alluring art flicks to twisted sci-fi). During the 39th-annual fest, now through June 9, we’ll be sharing favorite films hand-picked for us by the SIFF team. Nab tickets if you’re in Seattle, or look for them on DVD and in theaters near you if you’re elsewhere.

Director: Jan Kounen

From SIFF.net: This stylish, globetrotting psychological thriller plays like David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo mixed with the amnesiac, wrong-man madness of Christopher Nolan’s Memento to create a tale of diamonds, dames, and killer storks. (More info)

From Carl Spence, SIFF’s Artistic Director: “A powerhouse in France, Kounen has never received the international recognition that he deserves. An art-school graduate who started working in animated short films, he has been a favorite director of mine since his first feature, the hyper-stylized gangster film Dobermann [1997, starring Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci]. His chameleonic directorial skills were further illustrated by chronicling the infamous love affair of Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky, his mystical reworking of the Western genre with Blueberry (aka Renegade), and a portrait of the modern advertising world with 99 Francs. His latest film, Flight of the Storks, is based on the hugely popular crime-thriller novel by the same name, published in fifteen languages, by the author whose work also provided the basis for Mathieu Kassovitz’s The Crimson Rivers.”

Screening in Seattle:
May 25 – 8:30pm AMC Pacific Place
May 27 – 10:00am Harvard Exit


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