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You know him from throwing the pigskin on TV, where he is simply one of the most electrifying quarterbacks to ever play the game. You know him also, perhaps, from his red carpet outings with the pop music star Ciara.

But did you know Russell Wilson is into fashion? Not only because he’s well-dressed but also because he has cofounded Good Man Brand, a collection of modern essentials made in Italy for guys who need to level up their style game.

During a public appearance at our Seattle flagship store, Wilson spoke with our own Pete Nordstrom about the philanthropic angle of his business, his perception of himself as a man dating up and the origin of Good Man Brand.


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shinola-footballShop: Shinola football

If you’re a person who is alive, chances are you’ll be tuning into Superbowl 50 on Sunday, February 7, to watch Cam Newton and the Panthers take on Peyton Manning’s Bronco squad.

Whether you’re gearing up to support your team at a local watering hole or planning to cater a living room party (pro tip: make these wings) you may require pieces game-day pieces of flair.

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Get in the game, player


seattleseahawksBecause you want to rep your squad before the game but unlike at your bro’s tech job–where everyone wears t-shirts and sits on yoga balls all day–your office dress code is business casual.

That’s why Vineyard Vines’ NFL ties are on point.

But you know what? It’s not just about the external pressure to look good. Contrary to popular belief not all football fans are schlubby.

Some of us, as much as we love the no-cares-given fashion sense of Bill Belichik–and sincerely, we do–like to look crispy and clean while supporting our team.

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As proud as we are to have Nordstrom’s hometown of Seattle represented in this year’s Super Bowl, we have to admit: The Seahawks couldn’t ask for a more worthy adversary than the Denver Broncos and their legendary leader, 13-time Pro-Bowl quarterback Peyton Manning. Our favorite thing about Manning? Despite being extraordinarily competitive on the field, he happens to be totally hilarious when he’s off the clock.

Keep reading to see classic photos from throughout Peyton Manning’s illustrious football career—from the University of Tennessee Volunteers to the Indianapolis Colts to the Denver Broncos—plus our favorite clips of his other true calling: comedy.

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Love him or hate him, outspoken Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has been the talk of the town since last Sunday’s Super Bowl-clinching win over the San Francisco 49ers. And by “town,” we don’t just mean our Nordstrom HQ home here in Seattle—we mean every media outlet from Sports Illustrated to CNN, plus the millions-strong, rant-happy Twitter-sphere.

Maybe we’re biased, but we’ll come right out and say it: We love this guy. And not just because he thinks nothing of busting a move with the Seattle Sea Gals after a big play (as pictured above).

Keep reading to see why Sherman’s football IQ far exceeds his smack-talking skills—plus, read a Q&A with the co-founder of Strideline socks, our favorite way to rep Seattle pride.

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NFL Hoodies: Suit Up for Sunday

Broncos versus Colts. Bengals versus Lions. Patriots versus Jets. You versus your girlfriend for control of the nacho plate.

Are you ready for a weekend filled with intense match-ups? Get your snack strategy locked down with Bon Appetit magazine’s Five Keys to Nacho Nirvana, and launch a dual-pronged attack of team spirit and coziness with one of the Mitchell & Ness NFL hoodies pictured above.


[An excerpt from Bon Appetit’s article on nacho architecture.
Photo by Christina Holmes.]

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And now for a moment of hometown pride: Aka bragging. Our local-hero Seattle Seahawks beat Arizona last night through feats of sheer strength and zen-like focus. Although it aired on a non-basic station, those of us cutting back on cable bills were still able to enjoy the game via animated GIFs, posted in real time on killer sports site the Bleacher Report.

Click below to see the best ones—and watch an impressive trick throw by Seattle QB Russell Wilson in the short video above.

Seahawks animated GIFs >


In important sports news, our guy Russell Wilson made the pages of GQ. The star quarterback of our home team, the Seattle Seahawks, overcame crazy odds last season (he was a third-round pick) to tie the record for most passing touchdowns by a rookie, throw for three TDs in the Pro Bowl, lead his underdog team on a valiant playoff run, and be named the Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year. Seriously though…GQ!

Oh, and Wilson also made the cover of ESPN magazine this month. (Read the article about coach Pete Carroll’s new-wave school of hard knocks here. Hint: It involves more yoga and less yelling. How Seattle.)


Not to brag, but people are even predicting Seahawks for a Super Bowl win. First things first, though: We’ll be tuned to CBS tonight at 8pm ET, to watch the ‘Hawks take on Green Bay (in a preseason grudge match sure to pick up where last season’s substitute-ref debacle left off).

Which team are you pulling for? Check the full schedule here, and pick up some new gear to show your allegiance. Our current favorites are these understated fitted caps, in a wind-stopping wool blend ideal for frigid bleachers (or your living room).

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[GQ photo by Benn Watts. ESPN photo by Peter Yang. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


Citizens of our native Washington are infamously avid fans of the home team. (Many UW alums roam the floors here at Nordstrom HQ—there’s even a photo floating around our archives of young Nordstrom brothers suited up for the UW hoops team, circa the mid-1980s.)

Hence Seattleites are going crazy lately for the suddenly dominant Seahawks. After several blowout games late in the season, they’re poised to make noise in the playoffs (starting with a wild-card game against the Redskins, this Sunday at 1:30pm PST on Fox).

This comes as a great finish to a season that began with fans (at home and across the country) oddly polarized by stylistic minutiae. After taking over the reigns as official uniform designers for the 2012-13 season, Oregon-based Nike (also responsible for the previously noted swagger of our sister state’s college football program) threatened to radicalize the look of every team in the league—or so imaginative fans conjectured. Ultimately, the only team that received a noticeable change visually was Nike’s closest neighbors to the north, the Seattle Seahawks. It came in the form of subtle but striking pops of chartreuse to symbolize the Great Northwest’s greenery, and small wing-like emblems inspired by Native American art:


Nike designers must keep up on their street-style reports, as controlled doses of neon continue to pop up in all walks of menswear (especially shoes—check out additional, bright-soled examples by Walk-Over, 1901, and Cole Haan LunarGrand).

Above: The North Face Hoodie | Merrell Boots | Kenzo Sweater


This last photo shows Seattle running back Marshawn ‘Beast Mode’ Lynch introducing the new uni designs a few months ago. As impressive as cool-headed QB (and strong Rookie of the Year candidate) Russell Wilson is—and as fun as it is to watch over-excitable coach Pete Carroll wig out in slo-mo after a killer completion—nothing really tops this self-reflective breakdown of Lynch’s legendary run a few years back against New Orleans. Enjoy:

For this weekend’s full NFL TV schedule, click here.




[Photos courtesy of Video courtesy of ESPN.]


Our corporate headquarters in Seattle is a stone’s throw from the University of Washington, and our office is packed with UW alums—however, this being a style blog, we have to touch on the University of Oregon’s reputation as steeziest team in the league.

Thanks to Oregon-based Nike, the Jedi masters of sports design, the Oregon Ducks have a rotating, interchangeable lineup of helmets, jerseys and pants, which the team combines in different ways each week. Ducks fans love it; others might view it as unnecessary fashion theatrics. To each their own.

What’s hard to dispute, though, is that the team backs up sartorial tricks with serious game. With standouts like a lightning-fast running back who played peewee football under coach Snoop Lion (aka Snoop Dogg—yes, really) and a freshman quarterback from Hawaii who’s ice-cold under pressure, the Ducks are fun to watch on multiple levels.

Here’s a few of their bolder color combos so far this season, plus a video that summarizes Nike’s technical innovations—while previewing the all-white everything Oregon will wear tomorrow against USC.

Oregon Ducks vs. Colorado Buffaloes, 70-14

Ducks vs. Arizona State Sun Devils, 43-21

Ducks vs. Fresno State Bulldogs, 42-25

Ducks vs. Arkansas State Red Wolves, 57-34


Watch the Oregon Ducks vs. USC Trojans,
TOMORROW (Saturday) at 4pm PST on Fox.

And get in the spirit for a weekend full of football here:
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Daniel Drewes, one of our online buyers, recommended six of his favorite top-shelf, small-batch beers for Labor Day weekend—all of which come in handy aluminum cans.

Once a sure sign of low-brow beers (no disrespect, cheap beer holds a place in our heart too), cans are suddenly a fast-growing movement in the craft brewing industry, which has traditionally stuck to bottles. Now, with options like the six below, even brew connoisseurs like Daniel can grip an all-American aluminum can with confidence.

Best part? They’re practical. The thin metal blocks light better than glass, gets colder faster in a cooler, and eliminates the risk of broken glass when things get rowdy (and isn’t that the goal?) at your barbecue, campsite or tailgate party.


1. New Belgium ‘Shift’ Pale Lager. “My new favorite session beer [lower alcohol volume]. Some good hop flavor, but a nice day-drinker to round out summer and start fall tailgates.”


2. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. “One of the most widely distributed craft beers—it’s my old standby when I’m at a bar that doesn’t have a more diverse selection. I love a good hop flavor, and this one’s mild enough to be a good session ale.”


3. Fort George ‘Sunrise’ OPA. “Fort George is a great new brewery out of Astoria, Oregon. They make a great oatmeal pale—the oatmeal gives it a nice creaminess for a pale ale, while it still has good hop aroma and bitterness.”


4. Oskar Blues ‘Old Chub’ Scotch Ale. “This Colorado brewery makes great canned beer. Old Chub is a sweet, caramel-y scotch ale with a big malt punch, perfect when you feel like rich flavor that’s not dominated by hop bitterness.”


5. Fort George ‘Vortex’ IPA: “A great Indian pale ale with generous hop flavor and a nice note of grapefruit. Perfect for hopheads (like me), who like their beer brutal in bitterness.”


6. Sixpoint ‘Sweet Action.’ “This Brooklyn brewery says it best on their website: ‘The original Sixpoint style—hard to define, but perhaps that’s why people love it. Part pale ale, part wheat, part cream ale—all Sweet Action.'”


[Photos courtesy of New Belgium, Sierra Nevada, Fort George, Oskar Blues, and Sixpoint breweries.]