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Besides making supremely handsome, high-quality timepieces, Detroit-based Shinola is committed to the admirable goal of reviving America’s watchmaking industry—and revving up the Motor City’s economy in the process.

Continue reading for a Q&A with Shinola’s Creative Director, a look at our favorite Shinola watches, and a video depicting the intricate handiwork that goes into every one of Shinola’s USA-made masterpieces.

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Dressing for the Season, 101: Cold mornings call for warm clothes—and that goes for everything from your socks to your tie.

On a pristinely fogged-in dawn here at our Seattle HQ, these Yves Saint Laurent ties caught our eye immediately, for several reasons:
1. They’re sturdy. Cut from substantial wool blends, they’ll balance your boots and offset your scarf.
2. They’re sophisticated. Crafted in France and displaying classic patterns like houndstooth and herringbone, you’ll never feel like you’re wearing a bulky flannel shirt around your neck.
3. They’re timeless. Ranging from 2.5 to 3 inches across, they’re the ideal width—not too skinny, not too wide, perfect with anything from a three-piece suit to a slim shirt and dark jeans.

Pro Tip: As always, we recommend tying these on with a basic four in hand knot. Check out the guide to tie a tie. The fabric is thick enough on its own; keep the slim lines of the rest of your kit consistent with an understated knot.

Shop the YSL ties above:
Top Left | Top Right
Bottom Left | Bottom Right

And for more, shop: Wool Ties | All Ties 


Whether you’re prepping for campus this Fall or just want to lug your laptop to work, hands-free, while juggling a couple toddlers and a cup of black coffee—a backpack might be in your near future.

With the heritage movement in full swing the past few years, even high-end designers tried their hand at the summit-climbing, science-class essential known as the backpack. And while you can procure one in every material from lambskin to waxed canvas these days, Herschel Supply Co. strikes us as the new go-to for simple, sturdy, smartly designed packs in all shapes and sizes. (And yes, most include that all-important laptop sleeve.)

Brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, founders of this highly successful (yet only four-year-old) backpack brand, answer a few questions below—amidst images from Herschel Supply’s new Fall lookbook.

MEN’S SHOP DAILY: Where did you guys grow up? Did you do a lot of stuff outside?
LYNDON CORMACK: Jamie and I grew up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, spending our childhood years in Alberta, Canada, as well as our family’s vacation home in the mountains of British Columbia.
JAMIE CORMACK: As kids, pretty much every activity we did was outdoor-focused. We went mountain biking, snowboarding, skateboarding, hiking, camping, waterskiing. As two brothers, we spent most of our childhoods outdoors, whether we were building treehouses or heading to the mountains to go skiing.

Your website states that your ancestors moved from Scotland in the early 1900s, and settled in the town of Herschel. Where is Herschel, and have you guys visited there?
Jamie: Herschel is in the center of Canada, in the province of Saskatchewan. Three generations of our family grew up there, with the last being our father. Lyndon and I have both been there very often. The town is actually very small; it’s no more than 30 residents. It was named after a famous astronomer: Sir William Herschel.

What does the word ‘heritage’ mean to you, and how does it figure into the Herschel Supply brand?
Lyndon: Heritage to me means learning from the past, taking what worked and expanding upon it. Here at Herschel Supply, as a brand, we strive to take nostalgic silhouettes and update them for modern use.

What’s it like working together, what with you two being brothers? How do you resolve problems?
Lyndon: The great thing about being brothers is that we’re very in tune with each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We also have areas of overlap, and it’s in those areas that we collaborate the most. We’re also each other’s sounding boards. Being brothers, we tend not to sugarcoat things when talking to each other, and as such, discussions can get very passionate—but differences are also resolved very quickly.

What’s the best advice you ever got?
Lyndon: ‘There are always two paths to the same outcome.’

What are some specific, user-friendly details that make Herschel Supply bags ideal for travel?
Jamie: We pay the utmost attention to every detail when we create every product. These details are great for travel and for everyday use. Just as an example, all of our products have liners to protect the interiors, our backpacks have air mesh straps to allow for airflow, our laptop sleeves are padded and fleece-lined, and our luggage has separate mesh compartments to make for easy packing.

What is your stance on a grown man wearing a backpack to work? Any tips for pulling it off with style? [Full disclosure: This blog editor carries a black ‘Pop Quiz’ to work every day.]
Lyndon: Men’s fashion is in a very unique place right now, where the realms of sport, outdoor and tailored goods are constantly intersecting. No longer are they separate entities, and it is increasingly common for lifestyle products to mix with more formal ways of dressing. At the end of the day, backpacks are practical, and if they fulfill a need, they are ‘in style.’

What do you feel has been the secret to Herschel Supply Co.’s success between 2009, when you started, and now?
Jamie: Customers gravitate toward our products because we ask the important questions for them. Before anyone sees anything, we ask ourselves questions like, How are people going to use our product? What are they putting in it? What are they interested in? This approach allows us to create products that our customers will naturally want.

—  —  —

Editor’s Picks from Herschel Supply Co.
Top: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Bottom: 5 | 6 | 7 | 8



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It’s that time of year again, when the thought of donning excess hosiery seems all but preposterous. Magazines like GQ have conditioned us to believe that the so-called ‘sockless’ look is stylistically standard come summer, but from a practical standpoint, as well—it just feels right. (Once you’ve experienced a cool breeze caressing your ankles on a 100-degree day…you’ll never go back.)

The question, then, is how to cool your jets without a) developing some wicked blisters and b) wrecking your wingtips with the sweat (and stank) of a thousand sweltering steps to and from your air-conditioned office every day. The answer is no-show socks. It turns out that even the men of GQ, progenitors of the sockless look, feel good about pulling on a little protection:

Personally, we’re fans of rocking Chucks sans socks. But for dress shoes, loafers, monk straps, and any footwear you’d like to hang on to for more than a single summer—an extra layer goes a long way.

Tip: Don’t confuse these with ankle socks—which are great for the gym, but not for the illusion of socklessness you should strive for elsewhere. The no-shows shown here are cut extra-low, so no one but you (and whomever you allow behind the scenes) will know the secret pattern or pop of color of your summer sock game.

Marcoliani | Calvin Klein | Hook + Albert
Lorenzo Uomo Dot | Pact (3-pack) | Lorenzo Uomo Camo


Spotted in the Wild: Fashion Week having just wrapped up, the usual cavalcade of mesmerizing street-style images is in—and no one does it better than photographer Tommy Ton. Below are a few ankle-baring examples from his recent trips to Milan and Florence (for Pitti Uomo). Are these gents going commando? Or are they protecting their footwear and feet with no-show socks? The world may never know. [Click images to enlarge.]




[Intro photos by Peggy Sirota for GQ. Street style photos by Tommy Ton for GQ. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating (especially now that our new Men’s Watch Guide is live): A stylish timepiece is a perfect one-size-fits-all gift for any man for whom you find yourself shopping.

However, while knowing his size is a moot point, understanding his taste and interests—and selecting a watch to match—is of utmost importance. Read on, and if any of these Dad and Grad archetypes sound familiar, pull the trigger.

For the DAD: who has a humidor and religiously reads the business section.
For the GRAD: who deserves some swag to impress the CEOs with whom he’ll soon be interviewing.

Our Favorite: Croc-embossed leather and rose-gold make this Boss Black Chronograph one of the richest-looking watches we’ve seen for under $400.


For the DAD: who’s as comfortable at yoga class as he is at the hardware shop.
For the GRAD: who double-majored in engineering and English lit.

Our Favorite: We love a classic camp watch—especially from a brand with roots at your local lumber yard. Jack Spade’s version goes beyond standard-issue with a smart, smirking pop of color.


For the DAD: who digs Eames and Gehry, and vetoed your mom’s wallpaper choice.
For the GRAD: who skipped flipping burgers in favor of summer internships at art galleries and architecture firms.

Our Favorite: Every watch from this brand reads as a minimalist objet d’art—but Movado’s ‘Museum’ offers the sleekest, most sculptural take on a rubber wristband we’ve seen.


For the DAD: who can fix anything, be it a leaky faucet or a crying granddaughter.
For the GRAD: who’s as resourceful on a road trip as he is in the classroom.

Our Favorite: With a telemeter, chronograph, date function, luminous markers and more, Victorinox’s ‘Infantry – Vintage’ is like the Swiss army knife of watches—all in sleek, tasteful black and steel.


For the DAD: who DVRs Formula 1 races and spends every Saturday in the garage.
For the GRAD: who drives a beater, but has been drooling over Hot Wheels since he was out of the womb.

Our Favorite: Black on brown is a bold choice—perfect for a man who lives for precision dials upgraded with luxe leather, whether on his car or his Scuderia Ferrari Chronograph.


For the DAD: whose vinyl collection is rivaled only by his predilection for old-school Atari.  
For the GRAD: who’s sending résumés to record labels, not accounting firms.

Our Favorite: Hints of luminescent green on this G-Shock ‘Classic’ remind us of the Indiglo LED on our dad’s vintage ’80s Ironman.


For the DAD: who talks loud, dresses well, and never stops moving—whether he’s on or off the clock.
For the GRAD: who majored in business but isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

Our Favorite: While Nixon’s ‘The October’ is fully office-ready, styling inspired by submarine instruments lends a rugged vibe that pulls double-duty for weekend excursions, too. 


For more gift ideas, shop:


Stop us if this sounds familiar: Amongst the endless Facebook stream of mundane anecdotes and pics of quasi-cute kids, one ‘friend’ consistently surprises with casually snapped masterpieces. Around Nordstrom HQ, that person is Toby, our E-commerce Creative Director. Having relocated fairly recently from Dallas, he’s wasted no time exploring the Great Northwest that surrounds our Seattle headquarters. Here are some breathtaking highlights from his Facebook/Instagram feed—click images to enlarge, and scroll down for Toby’s gear picks from the Nordstrom Men’s Shop.


Steel Your Resolve. The man behind the images above insists he’s an amateur hiker—but that hasn’t stopped him from taking in some world-class scenery. If 2013 finds you resolved to get some exercise, fresh air, and killer snapshots to prove it happened, here are Toby’s gear picks from our Active & Outdoor Shop to get you started:

Helly Hansen Half-Zip. “A base layer that works: wicks away moisture and packs up easy.” [shop]
Burton Knit Cap. “Perfect for your friends to spot you when you’re separated.” [shop]
Randolph Engineering Polarized Shades. “Lightweight and classic aviator style.” [shop]

The North Face ‘E-Tip’ Gloves. “Snap iPhone photos without taking your gloves off.” [shop]
ECCO ‘Biom Hike’ Boot. “Waterproof and a good traction sole are must-haves for hiking.” [shop]
The North Face Backpack. “Solid, holds everything, and lightweight—perfect for a day trip.” [shop]


[Toby: amateur hiker, professional-grade Instagrammer.]


For more killer gear to kick-start your New Year’s Resolutions,

…And to figure out where you’re headed, check out
National Geographic’s best trails at home and abroad.

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Dear male readers: We know we’ve devoted a good amount of real estate lately addressing the women in your lives—please understand it’s only because we want you to receive the best gifts of all time this holiday season. But let’s be honest: Women are more responsible than us men (an unfair fact of evolution), and most likely finished their holiday shopping days if not months ago. With Christmas Day looming, the realm of last-minute gifting falls pretty squarely into the lap of the male population. We gave you some great ideas for her yesterday; today, we’re happy to bring you timely (in more ways than one—you can still buy online with free Xmas-Eve shipping) options for the dapper dad, favorite brother, or deserving son whose name still lingers on your (by now, hopefully dwindling) gift list.

Above: Movado’s unique touch-activated dial enables you to flash the time or date, or have a blank face with only the signature blue dot at the 12 o’clock spot. (shop now)

Classic—With a Twist. Nixon: Chronograph with White Dial | Plain Blue Dial
(Top two styles have currently sold out)

Built for Speed. Gucci: Rubber-Strap Digital Watch | Nylon-Strap Watch

Man of Steel. From top: Michael Kors | AX Armani Exchange | Hugo Boss

Burn Rubber. Hugo Boss Square Watch with Rubber Strap
(Style on left is currently sold out)

All Black Everything. Movado, from top: (Top style currently sold out)
‘Bold’ Bracelet Watch | ‘Large Bold Chronograph’

Industrial Strength. Burberry Chronograph Bracelet Watch

Precision Instruments. Clockwise from top:
Andrew Marc | Kenneth Cole | Vince Camuto | Emporio Armani

…And, largely because we admire the gorgeous, Mitchell Feinberg-ian photography our catalog team conjured for their latest Gifts for the Wrist mailer (the source of all photos here), below are a few more ideas for your favorite females. Here’s to crossing those final names off your list.

Swap the Strap. Philip Stein: Diamond Watch Case | Plain Watch Case | Calfskin Watch Straps

Minimalist Design, Maximum Impact. Movado: ‘Large Bold’ Watch | Interchangeable Case Covers



Corny ties have been a dad-gift cliché since the dawn of time. (Recent archaeological evidence shows ugly, fossilized ties pushed to the back of cavemen’s closets.) With the advent of microchip technology came futuristic new ways to cheese-up Dad’s holiday attire—if you’re anything like us, your old man has more than one tie in his arsenal that plays Christmas tunes at the touch of a button.

A good tie, quite to the contrary, makes for a thoughtful, highly appreciated gift—and the best tie (and best gift) as far as we’re concerned at the moment, is one from Ermenegildo Zegna’s ‘Quindici’ collection.

See that 1 through 15 countdown on that tail end of the tie above? That signifies, and is in fact created during, the meticulous 15-stage silk-screening process Zegna’s master craftsmen endure to create each swatch of fabric used in these supremely luxurious ties. Examine the fine details below—and imagine trying to painstakingly align each layer of color as it goes on. Not a job for the faint of heart (or retina), but it makes for one fine-looking tie. One which even the most particular gift aficionado will be blown away by.

Shop the collection—and be sure to click through all the eye-captivating color options, as most of the tie designs have several.


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The gifts men appreciate most are the ones we can get maximum mileage out of, day in and day out. Case in point: Polo Ralph Lauren’s refined and highly functional finishing touches. Inspired by vintage men’s sporting holdalls, the handcrafted bags seen here are made from burnished saddle leather and durable twill, trimmed with leather and antique brass hardware. For the rugged yet refined dad, husband, boyfriend, brother or son who’s gone above and beyond in the niceness department this year, there’s really no other choice.

[Above: Polo Ralph Lauren Canvas Messenger Bag. Shop Now.]

[Leather Briefcase. Shop Now.]

[Canvas Tote. Shop Now.]

[Leather Commuter Bag. Shop Now.]

[Canvas Commuter Bag. Shop Now.]

While you’re at it, go ahead and pre-pack his bag with some of our favorite Polo Ralph Lauren cold-weather staples. From football stands to frosty commutes, these will serve him well at work and on the weekend—just like the bags above.

[Clockwise from top left: Wool Convertible Gloves, ‘Big Pony’ Scarf,
Quilted Leather Gloves with Wool Lining, Reversible Scarf. All by Polo Ralph Lauren.]


Ladies: If the guy in your life adheres to his GQs and runs around sockless most of the year, wet weather can come as kind of a shock. (Especially if his favorite Chucks have a hole in the sole—not that we know anything about that.) A few pairs of thick, cotton-blend socks—especially ones in camo-, Norwegian- or Navajo-themed motifs like the Stance Socks above—will look great dangling from the mantle, and even better peeking out of the killer boots you bought him.

Gents: Be forewarned, these socks are so cozy, the lady in your life might be tempted to borrow them. Situations like those below, from Stance’s website, may ensue.





[Lifestyle images courtesy of Stance Socks.]