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Ladies: Don’t let your husband or boyfriend continue settling for sub-par, supermarket-bought boxer briefs. They pill, they fade, they sag. You both deserve better—so if he’s been nice this year, drop a couple pairs of Naked Underwear in his stocking (along with a flask and a knife, for good measure).

Gents: Abs lesser than the guy’s above are not a deal breaker, but ratty drawers are. If you know what’s good for you—and have any interest in recreating a similar scene this Yuletide—realize that your 12-year-old self was wrong: Underwear is, in fact, a killer Christmas present.

Naked leads the underwear pack for two reasons: Fit and Fabric. Here are a few notes on Naked’s high-end fabrics, all of which are ethically made in Europe:

Micromodal—spun on a 44-gauge machine; softer than silk; Oekotech certified (a mark of companies that stand for new ideas in environmental protection, waste disposal and recycling).

Microfiber—spun with distilled water from the Italian alps; has a smooth, clean finish; bluesign® certified (one of the highest environmental standards in the textile industry).

Cotton—luxuriously soft, and crafted using green-friendly processes in Europe.

For further insights on Naked’s revolutionary fit, fabrics, and general philosophy, check out the video below, featuring company founder Joel Primus.



And guys, in case you want to return the favor:

[Photos and video courtesy of Naked Underwear.]


GQ Selects: December Look #4

Once your closet is stocked with a few great basics—dark jeans, indispensable shades, timeless sweaters—pulling together outfits is effortless. This straightforward yet stylish cold-weather combo would look as sharp downtown (just throw a blazer on top) as it would wandering Whistler.


Ray-Ban ‘Outdoorsman®’ 58mm Polarized Aviator Sunglasses.“The iconic Ray-Ban aviator frame style holds true to the classic we love so much, like the gradient brown lenses, but with added luxe touches like leather accents on the brow bridge and temple arms. It’s a style that continues to conjure up images of McQueen and Newman in their respective heydays.”
—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director
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AG Jeans ‘Matchbox Slim’ Straight-Leg Jeans in Coated Black. “Every man should own a pair of black jeans. They’re an indispensible addition to a guy’s closet, dressier than basic blue. These AGs are the perfect cut for such a pair, skimming the leg for a look that’s equal parts rock ‘n’ roll and refined.”
—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director
(shop this item | shop the trend: dark denim)


Nordstrom’s picks to complete the look:
Brixton Knit Cap | 1901 Cashmere Sweater | Clarks® Originals ‘Desert’ Boot
(shop the trend: standout stripes)

Each month, the editors of GQ, in collaboration with the Nordstrom Men’s Shop, select key items from the pages of GQ to feature right here on

For the latest edition of GQ Selects, we’ve chosen 12 favorites from the December issue.


Great Heights: Moncler Turns 60

Founded in 1952 by French outdoorsman and entrepreneur René Ramillon, Moncler celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. The brand’s origin is rooted in pure utility: Legend has it that Ramillon created Moncler’s first down jackets in order to keep his employees warm (the company was located in Monestier-de-Clermont—for which the name ‘Moncler’ serves as an abbreviation—an Alpine town near Grenoble, France).

Soon, after patenting his down production process, Ramillon and co. set about collaborating with the world’s leading mountaineers on life-threateningly frigid missions: Moncler provided equipment for the first successful ascent of both K2 (by Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni in 1954) and Makalu (by Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy, 1955). In 1964, along with Terray, the brand organized the first ascent of Mt. Huntington in Alaska.

From these rugged roots, Moncler down jackets became a stylish status symbol in subsequent decades. Today, the brand embraces the dualistic nature of its heritage—continuing to manufacture down-filled outerwear to expedition specs, while also partnering with leading designers to create avant-garde, sport-inspired fashion statements. Watch this interview with Thom Browne, who designs Moncler’s experimental Gamme Bleu collection, for a taste of the latter—and delve deeper into Moncler’s history below.

Adventurers in the Himalayas, 1962.
[First Image]: Renowned French explorer Lionel Terray, who played a key role in consulting on Moncler’s high-performance designs, in Alaska, 1964.

Scenes from the first successful ascent to the summit of K2, July 1954, for which Moncler provided the equipment. Note the ‘stockroom’—who needs a refrigerator?

Terray in Alaska, 1964. If you look closely, his tent is proudly labeled ‘Moncler.’

Villard-de-Lans, France, 1964. Near Grenoble, where Moncler outfitted the French National Team for the 1968 Winter Olympics.

French National Ski Team, 1966.

Expedition notes from the Moncler archive. Anyone read Italian?

A vintage Moncler ad from the 1970s.

Ski instructors at L’Alpe d’Huez ski resort in the French Alps, 1970.

An ad from the ’80s. Powder’s great on the moon this time of year.

Assorted Moncler ads from the 1950s and early ’60s.

Moncler Today. A few of our favorites:
Mixed-Media Bomber | ‘Tib’ Down Vest | ‘Hubert’ Fur-Lined Parka
‘Montserrat’ Down Parka | ‘Zin’ Bomber | ‘Montgenevre’ Down & Feather Jacket


For more winter-ready gear, check out our Snow Shop.

[All images courtesy of Moncler. Vintage imagery via Vogue Italia; product still-lifes via Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


If you’re like us, you’d prefer to reserve all brain power for after you’ve made it to the office—which means picking out clothes in the clouded stupor of morning, that not only get the job done but also make a confident statement, can be kind of a drag.

That’s precisely why we created a category of ready-made shirt and tie combinations. We’ve thought it all out so you don’t have to: Paisley on stripes? Of course. Dots on checks? Simple. Keep a copy of this photo taped next to your closet, and you can concentrate on more important things each morning: Like breakfast.

Shop Pre-Made Shirt & Tie Combos

Or, Shop: All Shirts | All Ties


GQ Selects: November Look #5

The final look from our November-issue edition of GQ Selects proves, once again, the power of accessories. In this case, a dapper tie and tie bar, at a combined cost of only $30, give you the power to invest in a truly killer suit—as well as a high-quality laptop case that lends a subtly rugged touch to your most polished office attire.


The Tie Bar Woven Tie. “For the man who has a closet overstuffed with striped ties, this wool-and-silk rendition from The Tie Bar offers a heftier helping of stripes that amps up any basic shirt-and-suit combination.”
—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director
(shop this item)

Editor’s Note: The exact tie featured in GQ has sold out.
Luckily, we have plenty more ties by The Tie Bar—and all at a mere $15.
Shop color variations of the bold stripe above here, or shop all ties by The Tie Bar.


Jack Spade ‘Tech Oxford’ Slim Laptop Briefcase. Everything is slimmed-down these days, from our cell phones to our laptops, but so many guys are still lugging around bulky, oversized briefcases. Jack Spade thankfully catches men up to the times with this scaled-down brief. It’s slim without skimping on utility, thanks to the exterior zip pouch, interior pockets, and a durable nylon shell.”
—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director
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The Tie Bar Woven Tie. “I’m a believer that just as you shouldn’t leave the house without a pocket square, you shouldn’t without a tie bar if you’re wearing a tie. You can never go wrong with a tie bar. It’s that extra detail that’s going to set you apart from the person next to you, whether it’s with a sharp suit or a shirt and tie with a hoodie thrown on top. Aside from looking smart, it’s a functional piece that will keep your neckwear in place throughout the day. This one-inch-long accessory is going to you give you miles’ worth of style.”
—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director
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Nordstrom’s picks to complete the look:
Canali Chalk-Stripe Suit | Ted Baker Trim-Fit Shirt | Salvatore Ferragamo Oxford


Each month, the editors of GQ, in collaboration with Nordstrom Men’s Fashion Director Tommy Fazio and the Men’s Shop, will select key items from the pages of GQ to feature right here on

For the latest edition of GQ Selects, we’ve chosen 15 favorites from the November issue—from immaculate outerwear to unexpected accessories. Check back each month for more.


GQ Selects: November Look #1

Our newest edition of GQ Selects is live as of this morning. First up: a deceptively simple kit that proves, while a perfect shirt is an important starting point, it’s accessories that make the man—even when they’re as cost-effective as a $15 tie bar. GQ Creative Director Jim Moore explains:


Gant Rugger Knit Cap. “This knit hat from Gant Rugger takes inspiration from the watch caps worn by fishermen and dockworkers and renders it in the meanest color of the season: mustard. For guys who are wary of the bold hue, it’s best to start with a single piece like this.”
—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director
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Band of Outsiders Plaid Oxford Woven Shirt. “Scott Sternberg has created the ideal button-down for modern guys. It’s a classic style, but he’s played with the proportions, shrinking them to hug the body and shortening the length so it looks good untucked. This neutral brown-and-grey plaid is the perfect starter shirt for the guy who wants to get some pattern into his closet, but is apprehensive about jumping into the deep end.”
—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director
(shop this item)

The Tie Bar Matte-Eggplant Tie Bar. “We’ve long been advocating the tie bar as a must-have finishing touch for guys. While the classic options are polished silver or gold, a new breed of colors and finishes offer a breath of fresh air, like a deep burgundy hue in a matte finish. It adds a small dose of color—and a big shot of visual variation—to your basic shirt-and-tie combinations.”
—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director
(shop this item)

Timex ‘Easy Reader’ Leather Strap Watch. “Grey is the watch color of the season. What’s great about the trend is that you can get one at any price, like this Timex® [$65]. A rugged suede strap balances out the minimalist details, like the pared-down gunmetal-plated case and the tonal face, while the sleek profile gives it a contemporary look that’s wearable seven days a week.”
—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director
(shop this item)

Nordstrom’s picks to complete the look:
The Tie Bar Striped Tie | Topman Tweed Trousers | New Balance 996 Sneaker

Each month, the editors of GQ, in collaboration with Nordstrom Men’s Fashion Director Tommy Fazio and the Men’s Shop, will select key items from the pages of GQ to feature right here on

For the latest edition of GQ Selects, we’ve chosen 15 favorites from the November issue—from immaculate outerwear to essential socks. Check back each month for more.


Form and Function: Nau Outerwear

Chilling in Iceland. Catching a train in Tokyo. Hanging with camels in sub-zero Mongolia. Wherever your travels take you, you’re going to need a good jacket—and if anyone knows what it takes to enjoy inclement weather, it’s the denizens of drizzly, outdoor-obsessed Portland, Oregon.

Fascinated by the timeless proposition of melding form and function, PDX-based brand Nau is as immersed in aesthetics as they are in utility. Check out some of their obscure, minimalist design inspirations (from a fossilized oil lamp to mid-century furniture) in the video above, then shop some of our favorite Nau jackets, many made with eco-friendly materials, below.

The durable, breathable, water-resistant ‘Wool Patrol’ Hooded Jacket (L)
features recycled lining materials and organic waxed-cotton trim
on the seams and cuffs.

With 800-fill goose down and a 22-denier recycled Japanese polyester,
the Quilted Down Shirt Jacket (R) is a perfect middle ground
between a heavy coat and a flannel shirt.



[Photos courtesy of Nau’s blog and Nau’s Flickr Photostream. Video courtesy of]


A leather jacket, a great blazer, killer shoes—these things are investment pieces, meant to last a lifetime.

Your underwear, on the other hand, should be relegated to the dust bin upon the slightest sign of wear and tear. (If, that is, you plan on anyone’s eyes other than your own catching even a fleeting glimpse of them. )

Do everyone a favor and upgrade from the ratty bulk brand you gravitated toward in college to the streamlined shorts and flattering briefs (now making a comeback) by Hugo Boss.

You’ll look exactly like the guys above. Just kidding. But you will notice a huge difference in how they look and feel, and—with our entire stock of Hugo Boss underwear, undershirts and socks currently 25% off—your wallet will be none the wiser.


[Images courtesy of Hugo Boss. Exact styles shown may no longer be available.]


The thinnest, lightest iPhone ever deserves a case with equally ingenious design—like these two from Speck, in stock now.

The one up top has a slot to carry cash and cards, making your iPhone an instant wallet.
(shop now)

The hard-shell case below that flips open for unobstructed docking, without removing the case.
(shop now)


Browse our full selection of gadgets and cases here:
Shop All Tech Accessories
Shop All Phone Cases

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We’ve been lucky enough to have a selection of Warby Parker’s best-in-class spectacles and sunglasses at the GQ & Nordstrom Men’s Shop in NYC this week.

If you haven’t heard about Warby Parker, here’s the gist:
– They make ridiculously attractive, vintage-inspired glasses with a contemporary twist, using only the finest materials.
– For every pair purchased, they donate a pair to people in need.
– Every pair of specs is a mere $95 (and includes free shipping, free prescriptions lenses and free anti-reflective lens coating).
– They named their company after Jack Kerouac characters.
– They let you try on 5 pairs at a time, at home, for FREE, with no obligation to buy.



Not sure where to start? Here’s an edit of five favorite men’s styles from Kaki Read of the Warby Parker team:


1. Bensen in Olivewood. “The Bensen in Olivewood is my favorite frame for men this fall. Pair it with a strong, tailored suit and a warm-colored shirt to bring out the frame’s golden highlights.”


2. Chandler in Whiskey Tortoise. “Who doesn’t like a good book, classic cardigan, and cider when the leaves turn? That’s what the Chandler reminds me of: bookish, back-to-school perfection.”


3. Clyde in Blue Marblewood. “For narrower faces, the Clyde is your go-to this season. The Blue Marblewood hue is a nice, subtle way to introduce color to your eyewear collection without going overboard. I suggest pairing with warm oranges to really bring out the frame.”


4. Thatcher in Revolver Black Matte. “You can’t go wrong with the Thatcher. It just looks good on everyone! The Revolver Black Matte shade is both classic and modern—the ideal fall travel companion when you’re left with limited luggage space and room for only one pair of sunglasses.”


5. Winston in Striped Sassafras. “Striped Sassafras is a rich, warm color for the fall months. The Winston’s killer angles pair well with sharp looks: buttoned oxfords, tweed blazers, tailored overcoats, and so on.”

Shop the styles above and many more at

[Video, still-life photos and quotes courtesy of Warby Parker. On-figure images courtesy of fantastic people who were kind enough to tag their images #warbyparker on Instagram.]