Emmy-winning, cult-favorite comedy series Arrested Development returns to airwaves this weekend, after a seven-year hiatus. Fans of the deadpan, intricately scripted, often ad-libbed show—who have been salivating for a next chapter since the show’s untimely 2006 cancellation—are no doubt chomping at the bit to start streaming the 15 new episodes this Sunday, when they’ll become available simultaneously on Netflix.

We asked Laura Oxford, a men’s writer here at and our resident expert on high-brow sitcoms (i.e., the kind without a laugh track), to suggest a few classic Arrested clips from the first three seasons. Unfortunately, everything she suggested was wildly inappropriate for a family-friendly site like ours—so you’ll have to settle for the official Arrested Development season 4 trailer instead:

Arrested vets who had lost interest in Netflix’s usual mix of obscure nature shows and appalling horror films (Human Centipede, anyone?) now have an irrefutable reason to renew their subscription. Newbies who want to catch up still have plenty of time—we did the math, and you’ll only need to carve out about 26.5 hours between now and Sunday to stream the first three season’s worth of inside jokes and interwoven story lines.

In related news, Jason Bateman—the barely sane center of Arrested Development’s off-kilter universe—looked damn sharp in last month’s GQ:

Cast & Crew. Our new favorite sweater is a crewneck sweatshirt. It nails a high-low balance that goes as well with a blazer as it does with Vans (and sugar-free Red Bull).

Class Act. You might have noticed polo shirts are getting dressier—to the point that they’re right at home alongside a pocket square and monk-straps.

Knit Wit. Finding the right knit tie for summer is nothing to joke about. Neither is losing your left no-show sock.

How Refreshing. Compared to the comedic chops required to master the spit-take, pulling on a pair of crisp white jeans this summer is a walk in the park.


[Intro photo by Art Streiber for Entertainment Weekly. Bateman photos by Peggy Sirota for GQ. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


Only a few more of our GQ Spring Trend Reports to go. (View past blog articles here: Loafers |Jean Jackets | Sun-Washed Colors | Camo | Cotton Suits.) With the mercury continuing to rise as we head into summer, today’s installment examines how to put a modern and versatile twist on a perennial warm-weather classic: the Polo Shirt. Here’s Jim Moore and Michael Hainey of GQ with more:

With an eye on dressy details like smart stripes, contrast collars, and physique-enhancing designs at the chest and shoulder, we chose a few favorites below—any of which should hold up as well in a casual work environment as they do on the weekend. Browse additional options here: MORE DRESS POLOS
[Note, the polo shirt up top is by Fred Perry.]

Gant by Michael Bastian | Rag & Bone | Billy Reid

Zegna Sport | Band of Outsiders | PS Paul Smith


Look for new GQ Spring Trend Report videos in the weeks to come—
and shop all eight of our GQ-approved trends, from cotton suits to camo, here:


We’re already five episodes into our GQ Spring Trend Report series. (View past articles here: Loafers | Jean Jackets | Sun-Washed Colors | Camo.) This week’s installment takes a tailored turn, with Jim Moore and Michael Hainey of GQ discussing an office essential when temps climb—the lightweight Cotton Suit:

Taking a cue from Mr. Moore’s thoughts on dressy cottons that bring cotton suits out of weekend-wedding territory and into the office, we pulled four suited-up looks that can span from boardroom to casual Friday this summer. Check out our tips below, and browse additional options here: MORE COTTON SUITS

1. Shady Character. In warm weather, lightweight fabrics are a must; sunny colors, however, are optional. The suit has a small glen-plaid pattern, which we offset with a large gingham check, and grounded with a solid tie in summer-appropriate knit cotton.
[John Varvatos Star USA Blazer and Trousers | Hugo Boss Tie | Calibrate Dress Shirt]

2. Quirky Khaki. You’re probably familiar with the trick of wearing your jean jacket with chinos, to avoid going double-denim. The same concept applies with your khaki suit, which benefits from the contrast of a workwear-inspired (but still dressy) shirt.
[Paul Smith London Suit | Gitman Tie | Eton Dress Shirt]

3. Room with a View. This crisp combo is boardroom-ready—and, whether it’s true or not, implies to your client that you’ll be on a boat this weekend. We like underpinning the preppy, regatta-motif tie with businesslike stripes. (Think of purple as the new navy.)
[Hugo Boss Suit | Hugo Boss Tie | Nordstrom Dress Shirt]

4. Creative Services. For the guy who wears a suit because he wants to, but doesn’t have to: Consider keeping the tie, but experimenting with shirt options. If your office doesn’t favor acid-wash? This rig would look razor-sharp with a micro-check gingham, too.
[Shipley & Halmos Blazer & Pants | Gitman Tie | Topman Shirt]


Look for new GQ Spring Trend Report videos in the weeks to come—
and shop all eight of our GQ-approved trends, from cotton suits to camo, here:


GQ Spring Trend Report: Camo

From multi-functional footwear to workwear staples, our GQ Spring Trend Report series has covered a lot of ground thus far. Today’s installment takes a 180 from last week’s soft, sun-washed colors to focus instead on a look with rugged military roots: disruptive pattern material—more commonly known as Camo.

Below, GQ Creative Director Jim Moore and Deputy Editor Michael Hainey offer tips on incorporating small doses of this powerful pattern into your wardrobe:

Take their advice to heart as you check out our camouflaged favorites below, and browse additional options here: MORE CAMO
[Note, the camo jacket up top is by Rag & Bone, and will be available for pre-order starting mid-May.]

Scotch & Soda Jacket | WeSC Tank Top | Vanguard Shirt

Diesel Backpack | Obey Five-Panel Hat | New Balance 884 Running Shoe

Splendid Mills Jeans | Scotch & Soda Chinos | Dockers ‘Alpha Khaki’ Chinos

Bill Adler 1981 Reversible Belt | Ivy Prepster Pocket Square | Jack Spade Travel Kit


Look for new GQ Spring Trend Report videos in the weeks to come—
and shop all eight of our GQ-approved trends, from cotton suits to camo, here:


So far in our GQ Spring Trend Report series, we’ve studied up on loafers and jean jackets. This week’s installment introduces a new way to add color to your wardrobe during the warm months ahead. If garish ’90s neons don’t suit you, consider their more civilized cousins—Sun-Washed Colors—and start with tips from GQ Creative Director Jim Moore and Deputy Editor Michael Hainey in the video below:

Now that you know the ropes, check out a few of our favorite examples of sun-washed color below—from blazers to boat shoes and everything in between. Click the images to shop each one, and browse additional options here: MORE SUN-WASHED COLORS

Scotch & Soda: Leather Jacket | Shirt | Jeans

Original Paperbacks Shorts

Junya Watanabe Polo Shirt | Warriors of Radness Shorts | Volcom Woven Shirt

Ted Baker Chinos | Hugo Boss Sportcoat | Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoes

Further Inspiration: We stumbled across the work of Australian photographer Ward Roberts whilst perusing Tumblr today. Besides provoking an intense urge to get outside, his series of sun-bleached, tropical-sherbet basketball courts creates an instant mood board for combining chalky colors this summer. Click the images to enlarge, and check out more of his work here.

—  —  —

Look for new GQ Spring Trend Report videos in the weeks to come—
and shop all eight of our GQ-approved trends, from cotton suits to camo, here:


Vampire Weekend, the band that began as a rap collaboration between students at NYC’s Columbia University, has a new record set to release in about a month—which means those lucky enough to catch them at a certain notable music festival this weekend will likely be treated to a few newly debuted tunes. The rest of us will have to get by with the two compositions they’ve released so far: ‘Diane Young’ above and ‘Step’ below.

For a band with a penchant for Jeopardy-level lyrical trivia (obscure punctuation terms, almond-flavored Latin-American soft drinks, etc.), the tongue-twisters in the track above are customary. Here’s a breakdown of some of the more flavorful lines—so you can make conversation like Alice Cooper in Wayne’s World in Indio this weekend:

Angkor Wat: A notable mid-12th century temple in the capital of the ancient kingdom of Khmer in northwestern Cambodia.

Mechanicsburg & Dar Es Salaam: One is a borough in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. The other is the chief port and former capital of Tanzania, whose arabic name means “haven of peace.”

Boom Box: A portable sound system typically including a radio and cassette or CD player, capable of powerful sound. (Ask your parents.)

Modest Mouse: An American indie rock band formed in 1993 in Issaquah, Washington. Best when enjoyed prior to 2004.

Croesus: The last king of Lydia, c. 560–546 BC. Renowned for his great wealth, he subjugated the Greek cities on the coast of Asia Minor before being overthrown by Cyrus the Great of Persia.

Astor: Multiple possible meanings—but Astor Place is a short two-block street in lower Manhattan named for John Jacob Astor (1763–1848), at one time the richest person in the United States. It was the site of the Astor Opera House, built in 1847, and the Astor Place Riot in 1849.

Besides their Ivy-League lyrics, Vampire Weekend is best known for perhaps singlehandedly reviving preppy style a few years back. The latest issue of GQ has them prepped-out in summer-ready, subtly faded color. Create your own spin on their look with the category below.


…And pre-order Vampire Weekend’s new record,
Modern Vampires of the City, on iTunes.


[Songs © Vampire Weekend and XL Recordings. Photos by Ben Watts for GQ. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


Last week, along with our friends at GQ, we brought you loafers that are classy enough for the office, comfy enough for the weekend.

Today, the second in our series of GQ Spring Trend Reports showcases that all-American casual classic, the Jean Jacket—which, as the tie-clad lad above proves, can also be dressed up as a substitute sportcoat. Below, GQ Creative Director Jim Moore (left) and Deputy Editor Michael Hainey offer some key insights on jean-jacket fits and colorations:

Check out own favorite jean jackets below, from raw denim to washed-out. Click the images to shop each one, and browse additional options here: MORE JEAN JACKETS
[Note: The jacket up top is by Rag & Bone.]



Diesel | Howe | Topman

Brixton | Nudie | Levi’s


Look for new GQ Spring Trend Report videos in the weeks to come—
and shop all eight of our GQ-approved trends, from cotton suits to camo, here:


If you dug our GQ Selects collaboration, you’re going to enjoy the next eight weeks—during which we’ll release a new GQ Spring Trend Report video every Monday, featuring GQ Magazine’s Creative Director, Jim Moore (left, below), and Deputy Editor, Michael Hainey.

In the first installment, the two discuss the finer points of slip-on Spring footwear—i.e., dapper Loafers you can dress up or down:

Below are a few of our own favorite loafers—handily categorized by Penny, Bit, and Tassel.
Click the images to shop each one, and browse additional favorites here: MORE LOAFERS
[Note: the tassel loafers in the image up top are by 1901 and Transcript.]

Penny Loafers, from top:
Shipley & Halmos | Polo Ralph Lauren | Santoni

Bit Loafers, from top:
Salvatore Ferragamo | Gucci | Prada

Tassel Loafers, from top:
Allen Edmonds | To Boot New York | Salvatore Ferragamo

Look for new GQ Spring Trend Report videos in the weeks to come—
and shop all eight of our GQ-approved trends, from cotton suits to camo, here:


Joining the ranks of past honorees like Alexander Wang, Michael Bastian and Billy Reid, Matt Baldwin of Kansas City brand Baldwin has been named one of GQ Magazine’s Best New Menswear Designers in America, 2013.

When Jay-Z wears your stuff, you know you’re doing something right. But the proof is in the pudding—here are the five Baldwin styles we have in-stock for Spring; try on a pair and see for yourself why GQ called Mr. Baldwin “the high priest of low-key gear.”

By Baldwin, from left:
‘Henley’ Dry Selvedge Jeans | ‘Ryan’ Camo Chinos | ‘Henley’ in ‘David’ wash
‘Reed’ Canvas Pants | ‘Henley’ in ‘Joshua’ wash
(Of the jeans shown above, Matt Baldwin told GQ: “Our Henley cut has a lot of fans. They taper at the calf, but the thigh’s not tight. It looks slim, but you can move.”)

—  —  —

Hoping for a glimpse inside Baldwin’s creative process, we asked the designer to name a few current influences. His responses, exclusive to Men’s Shop Daily, are below. (Check out more on the brand’s Instagram feed, @Baldwin).

[Clockwise from top left]:

1. Mammoth Mountain, CA. “My first visit to Mammoth was this March, and I hit the powder trip of the year. My love for the sport led me into the clothing industry. Living in Kansas City, a good pow day is few and far between. This was an epic trip.”

2. DJ’ing the 2012 MLB All-Star Game. “I was asked to DJ the All-Star Game this last year, so I brought a good friend and musician, Miles Bonny, to play with me. A random and super cool highlight of last year.”

3. When Radiohead Played KC.Radiohead has been on constant rotation for me since high school. They played a show in Kansas City last year, and I was stoked to meet them in our shop. They got jeans, and I got to check them out live for the first time. Amazing show.”

4. Farnsworth House / Lego Architecture Series.Modern architecture and design has been a core foundation of the brand’s roots since the beginning. I have two boys, ages 5 and 7. Lego mania has taken over the Baldwin home. It’s super rad having relevant, cool things to do with your kids.”

5. GQ Best New Menswear Designer 2013. “This year started off with an amazing honor. I’m very blessed to be considered amongst the industry’s top talent. The future is bright.”




[Matt Baldwin portrait by Jason Frank Rothenberg for GQ. Inspiration images courtesy of Baldwin.]


In a blatant (and successful) attempt to win over our entire Men’s Shop organization, top-shelf denim label J Brand provided Nordstrom employees across the country with a fresh pair of their ‘Tyler’ slim-straight, raw selvedge jeans—and a challenge: to wear the hell out of them over the course of a month and a half, and document the process via Instagram.

The games began March 1; here’s a cross-section of our favorite snaps so far, from corporate HQ’ers in Seattle to store associates in Nashville, and everywhere in between.

Pristine jeans on day 1—shot by Instagram users/Nordstrom employees @TristanChiu (left) and @DannyMankin (whom you’ve seen on this blog before).

@SdelaCruz16 (left) displaying how nicely selvedge denim cleans up…and @TristanChiu (right) reminding us that jeans are designed to #getdirty.

Raw jeans start stiff, but @Eric_Eugene (left) of Long Beach seems determined to soften ’em up. We enjoyed his hashtaggery (#skateordie, #denimporn, #eatdenimforsnacks) and his caption on an alt photo: “Day 9 #tylerchallenge. Tryin to wreck these joints. I’m gonna see if someone can bury me alive in these.” Elsewhere, @BerNog7 (right) takes us from skateboards to bowties.

@BerNog7 (left) with a fistful of denim. @TamerlaneJunior (right) doing a dapper version of denim-on-denim, while displaying a perfect pre-spring pant roll with his #tasselloafers.

Female counterparts around our office couldn’t resist getting in on the action—@Miss_Melia_Ann (left) literally stole this pair from one of the guys. @NBozich (right) with a reminder that, despite all the debonair denim/sportcoat/wingtip combos we’re used to these days, jeans and sneakers are forever.

@SdelaCruz (left) and his J Brands on the wheels of steel. @TamerlaneJunior (right) going camo x neon x selvedge x…maybe locked out of his house? Once you can hop a fence in your raw denim, you know you’re on the way to wearing them in right.

Our friends to the near-East, at Bellevue Square Nordstrom (a few miles from our flagship and HQ in downtown Seattle)—showing that the Tyler slim-straight is an ideal cut for any guy, any style. Shot by @ENadler.


[Photos via Instagram; see many more under hashtag #TylerChallenge.]