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Graduation season is upon us, which means plane flights, parking lots and life milestones. And commencement speeches. Real talk, the commencement speech is one of our favorite things. The performance aspect, the frequent comic asides, the existential spring cleaning: we’re just suckers for the whole shebang.

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We’re back in action with our guy Tom Stocks, who previously taught us how to shuck an oyster, at Taylor Shellfish oyster bar in Seattle.

Now he’s teaching us how to saber a bottle of champagne. That’s when you take the cork off WITH its surrounding glass intact, by slicing off the entire tip of the bottle with a big knife. Execute this at a graduation party–or any party–and gain instant fame.

How does it work?

We don’t really know!

But air pressure is key: this won’t work with non-carbonated wine. And the bottle must be cold. We recommend storage prior to sabering in an ice slurry, a bucket of ice and water. And you must use the flat side of whichever blade you use.

There are a few more things you should know. Watch the video and check the technique.


Watches for Dads & Grads

Some simple rules when choosing gifts for guys:

1) Make it functional.
A book of quotes or hand-made card is extremely kind. But soon forgotten.

2) Get the right size.
Hence the perennial popularity of one-size-fits-all items like watches, ties, and gift cards.

3) Tailor it to his specific tastes.
Find some favorite watches below, no matter what your dad and/or grad is into.


He appreciates: Cars, architecture, graphic design.
His style icon: Jay-Z.
His new watch: Stealth Mode

[Shown: Left | Center | Right]


He appreciates: Jack Daniels, a good cigar, the morning paper.
His style icon: Clive Owen.
His new watch: A Timeless Classic

[Shown: Left | Center | Right]


He appreciates: Dry humor, ’90s nostalgia, vintage vinyl.
His style icons: The Strokes.
His new watch: Retro Digital

[Shown: Left | Center | Right]


He appreciates: Flag football, Budweiser, his dog.
His style icon: Jason Bourne.
His new watch: A Precision Instrument

[Shown: Left | Center | Right]


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