New sources are reporting a spike in Breaking Bad-themed costumes this Halloween—and with artist Nathan Peters documenting The Wardrobe of Walter White episode-by-episode in illustrated form, there are plenty of iterations to choose from.

If you forgot to pick up a haz-mat suit and gas mask ahead of time, here’s another costume idea—like our heavy-metal Ryan Gosling post yesterday—that you should be able to put together mostly from your own closet. Any beige bomber, windbreaker, or trucker jacket will work; and while the authentic pant option (unfortunately) is to go khaki-on-khaki, if you’re cool with your neighbors, you can try roaming the streets in Walter White’s infamous premiere-episode tighty-whities. High-quality, sky-blue Pop Rocks are the candy of choice.

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Editor’s Picks to Get the Look:

Burberry Bomber Jacket | KW Glasses | Goatee from your local party store | Rag & Bone Hat
Clarks ‘Wallabee’ Boots | Blue Pop-Rocks | Nordstrom Cotton Briefs


Side Note: We all know these guys are 10x more stylish off the screen, so if you’ve got a killer suit, some stacks of Monopoly money—and maybe some fake blood for holiday-appropriate flair—red-carpet Walt or Jesse are entirely viable options.

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Candy’s great. But once the kids pack it in for the night, take a moment to remember what Halloween is really all about: things that go bump, blah, boo, and ree! ree! ree! in the night.

So pop some corn, scrape together the last few fun-size Twixes, kill the lights, grab a spot on the couch next to the sultry stewardess or Medusa in your life, and pop in one of the horror classics below—chosen as much for their cinematic glory as for their eery and avant-garde poster designs.

Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1968)—poster by Bill Gold

Children of the Damned (1963)

Christine (1985)—poster by Jakub Erol

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)—poster by Frankfurt Gips Balkind

Videodrome (1983)

The Beast Within (1982)

Poltergeist (1982)

The Shining (1980)—poster by Saul Bass

Beetlejuice (1988)—poster by B.D. Fox Independent


Further Reading (and Watching): For a complete list of ‘The 50 Greatest Horror Movie Posters of All Time,’ visit Film.com. We found their article via the website of poster artist Midnight Marauder—revisit his top-five horror flicks from last Halloween here.


Zombie Ryan Gosling is so 2012. And so are those scorpion jacket knock-offs from Drive. Here’s a last-minute Halloween costume you can likely pull right out of your closet, en route to hunting and gathering for peanut-butter cups with your kids tomorrow night.

While our generation’s Paul Newman (controversial! but we’re not the first to say it) wore a pretty distinctive red moto jacket in 2013’s The Place Beyond the Pines, your tried-and-true black one should do the trick. Black jeans? If you don’t already own a pair, now’s the time. And although one of our favorite parts about Gosling’s carnival-daredevil/bank-robber was his penchant for Metallica T-shirts, any black tee should suffice. (This Joy Division-themed one would be a funny alternative to Ride the Lightning, even if you’re the only one who gets the joke.)

Accessorize with a baby, if you have one handy, and a couple dollars’ worth of temporary tattoos from your nearest party store (or have your leading lady draw some on with washable marker, if you forget). Emulating the bleached-out coif Gosling donned for the film takes a little more commitment—so if you’re not into it, just pull on your motorcycle helmet. Or a terrible wig. Bonus: Your wife can probably whip up this Eva Mendes “costume” in a pinch, too. Congrats on proving you’re the coolest couple in the cul de sac—yet again.

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Editor’s Picks to Get the Look:

Topman Leather Jacket | McQ by Alexander McQueen Boots | Deus Ex Machina T-Shirt
Manic Panic Bleach Kit | Rag & Bone Coated Jeans | Temporary Tattoos

Shop similar: Leather Jackets | Boots | T-Shirts | Black Jeans


[Images via Socialite Life and Collider. Movie trailer via StudioCanal UK.]


It would seem that the phenomenon of reality TV cannibalizing music-video stations has relieved a great deal of pressure on musicians to make their clips primetime-ready. In other words, we won’t be posting Rihanna’s latest, self-described “explicit” video on this particular, mostly family-friendly blog.

We will, however, note our admiration for the tattooed chanteuse’s new cover for British GQ, in collaboration with artist Damien Hirst. Not because we’re devoted reptile lovers, but because—in a Halloween market flooded with quote-unquote “sexy” costumes for the female species (sexy nurse! sexy maid! sexy lunch lady! examined in essay form by one of our favorite lady bloggers, Man Repeller Leandra Medine, here)—Rihanna’s alluring Medusa motif achieves a rare feat: It’s actually kind of scary.

We wish you luck convincing your better half that this would make the perfect foil to your frightened Indiana Jones rig while taking the kids out trick-or-treating Thursday night. In the meantime, see Rihanna’s Instagram feed for outtakes from the shoot. (Just don’t make eye contact.)

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Editor’s Picks to increase your Halloween fright factor:

The Tie Bar pirate tie | Lanvin snakeskin high-tops | John Varvatos skull scarf | Topman leopard T-shirt
Topman mummy socks | Paul Smith skull cuff links | Topman skeleton bodysuit


In honor of today’s ominous holiday, movie buff and design mastermind Midnight Marauder recently released a series of re-imagined movie posters inspired by his favorite horror films of the past 40 years.

In a true feat of artistic prowess, the LA-based graphic designer constructed a self-imposed challenge of creating five posters in five days. The results are below, along with notes from Marauder himself. Now all you need is the proverbial bowl of candy on the porch, so trick-or-treaters don’t egg your house while you’re busy freaking the [expletive] out in front of your flat-screen tonight.

#1 of 5: The Exorcist. “For the first poster in the series, I wanted as little color as possible. I also tried to bring an edge that the film gives from the very beginning—as if the film was made by a demented Polish director.” [Editor’s note: Some might call the on-set methods of Amercian director William Friedkin demented indeed.]

The Exorcist airs on IFC tonight.


#2 of 5: Drag Me to Hell. “One of my favorite horror thrillers of the last 10 years. It’s a gem, a masterpiece of a film—it’s a ‘Treehouse of Horror’ story put to film. I tried to really bring the sense of evil, with the hands clawing themselves up, and the eyes that stare right back at you.”

Watch Drag Me to Hell on Xfinity On Demand.


#3 of 5: The Fly. “Cronenberg’s fascination with the human body takes new form in his remake of the classic. Not much color to speak of—I didn’t want any colors that we tend to associate with the film, glowing greens and blues. Metal-grey is more bleak. The halftone image represents the molecules morphing within the teleportation machine.”

Watch The Fly on Blockbuster On Demand.


#4 of 5: Let the Right One In. “This film really moved me like no other vampire film has ever done before. It’s a beautiful love story. With this poster, I didn’t want to use any element from the film. I had this old photo of a little girl that reminded me of the girl in the film, so I fixed it up slightly, and the final poster is rather chilling.”

Stream Let the Right One In on Netflix.


#5 of 5: The Silence of the Lambs. “Everyone knows this one, it’s a marvelous film. Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster are amazing, but I think the real star of the film is Ted Levine. A pure genius in acting, hands-down the greatest serial killer in movie history. The poster has various levels of shapes and hidden surprises. The colors are simple as with all the posters in the series. I wanted simplicity with the entire group.”

Watch The Silence of the Lambs on Xfinity On Demand.

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See more of Midnight Marauder’s work here:
Tumblr | Behance


[Artwork © Midnight Marauder. Movie trailers: The Exorcist courtesy of Warner Brothers; Drag Me to Hell courtesy of Ghost House Pictures and Universal Pictures; The Fly courtesy of Brooksfilms and 20th Century Fox; Let the Right One In courtesy of EFTI, Sandrew Metronome, et al; Silence of the Lambs courtesy of Strong Heart/Demme Production and Orion Pictures. Individuals featured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


In a song lyric, the exact phrasing of which we can’t repeat here, West once inquired as to whether listeners have had romantic inclinations toward a Pharaoh. Well, we all know what’s under that tough, 24-karat-gold exterior: a well-rested mummy, limping around and moaning “Haaaaaanh?!” between witty verses.

Start with a handy, Halloween-themed Morphsuit (toilet paper will suffice in a pinch, and you can prank your neighbor’s house with the leftovers). Layer on all-black biker gear—it’s safe to say Kanye and co. have transitioned out of the prep phase and into a goth-ninja motif. Finish with a back pain-inducing chain in the likeness of an Egyptian god, and you’re ready to hit tonight’s Halloween parties. Lambo optional—but try not to pull up in a Taurus.

7 For All Mankind Jeans | Replica Horus Chain | Obey Biker Jacket
T by Alexander Wang Muscle T-Shirt | Mummy Morphsuit | Gucci High-Tops


Kanye West Presents G.O.O.D. Music: Cruel Summer is available on iTunes.

The exhibit Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs
is at Seattle’s Pacific Science Center through January 6, 2013. 

More costume ideas: Dexter x Jell-O Shots | Zombie Ryan Gosling | White-Tie Vampire

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[Video still via rapfix.mtv.com, from the song ‘Mercy,’ by Kanye West feat. Big Sean, Pusha T and 2 Chainz, from the album Kanye West Presents G.O.O.D. Music: Cruel Summer, © 2012 The Island Def Jam Music Group. ‘The Golden Mask of Psusennes I’ by Elaine Thompson/The Associated Press. Horus Chain courtesy of Freshness Mag. Mummy suit courtesy of Party City. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


As 1,000-year-old vampire Eric Northman on HBO’s True Blood, Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård always comes off as consummately evil in black leather jackets and a toothy smirk. He’s never looked sharper, though, than in director Lars von Trier’s arty end-of-the-world flick Melancholia, in which he plays a forlorn Kirsten Dunst’s pitiful groom in their awkward pre-apocalypse wedding.

For today’s costume idea, we’d like to add the bad attitude (and incisors) of the former to the dapper tux from the latter. Accessorize with incandescent fangs (because who wants regular ones once you’ve seen these suckers?) and some fake blood for dramatic effect. We might recommend a light spattering, rather than the full-on blood-soaked chin above—less likely to rub off on your date’s cheek at the end of the night.

Salvatore Ferragamo oxfords | Glow-in-the-Dark Fangs | Dolce&Gabbana tuxedo
Dolce&Gabbana tuxedo shirt | Gallon of Blood | Duchamp bow tie


True Blood Season 5 just concluded, but you can catch up on HBO GO.
Melancholia is available on Netflix


[Images: True Blood still courtesy of HBO; Melancholia still courtesy of Zentropa and Nordisk Film; Fangs courtesy of Oriental Trading; Gallon of Blood courtesy of Spirit Halloween. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


They have next to nothing in common (other than being named beacons of ‘high-bro’ culture by GQ last year)—we just think there’s something deviantly hilarious about crossing an impossibly charming heartthrob (beloved by feminists and Ellen, among others) with perhaps the most vile thing to ever infest TV screens: the reanimated corpses on AMC’s zombie drama, The Walking Dead.

Two tips for pulling this off with aplomb:
1) Comb your hair. A sloppy coif will ruin any resemblance to the always-groomed Gosling.
2) Take it easy with the zombie makeup. No festering wounds, no missing lips or jaws. Your riffs on ‘Hey girl—I love brains’ pick-up lines will have a higher success rate if you simply go matte-grey, with some dark circles under the eyes.

Robert Talbott pocket square | Zombie cream | Etro blazer
Eton dress shirt | Gucci velvet loafers | B. the Product styling paste


Watch The Walking Dead Sunday nights on AMC.


[Images: Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love. courtesy of Carousel Productions and Warner Bros. Pictures; The Walking Dead comic-book cover courtesy of Image Comics; zombie makeup courtesy of Party City. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


Forget ill-fitting, odd-smelling rental costumes from the Halloween store. This year, we have a few ideas that are spooky, stylish, and guaranteed conversation starters.

First up: Take everyone’s favorite serial killer, and add everyone’s favorite party favor. (The potent serum in Dexter’s patented syringes is clear—but we thought blood-red felt more appropriate for the occasion.) Instead of a rather expected plastic knife as a prop, pack this utilitarian Igloo cooler—it’ll match your look while keeping your shots cold. Just make sure you bring enough for everyone. Find recipes here, and everything else you’ll need below.

Gant by Michael Bastian cargo pants | Igloo cooler | Diesel henley
John W. Nordstrom leather gloves | Wolverine boots | Party syringes

Catch Dexter Sunday nights on Showtime.

[Images: Dexter courtesy of Showtime; Red syringes courtesy of Everyday Celebrating; Cooler courtesy of Igloo; 6-pack syringes courtesy of Spirit Halloween. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


With a convenient location on the ground floor of our corporate headquarters, our friends and fellow Seattle natives at Starbucks get a lot of our coffee money.

This week, they also get the respect of anyone (including us) who loves humor, horror, animation, and Edgar Allan Poe.

How? By offering 1990 Halloween masterpiece The Simpsons ‘Treehouse of Horror: The Original Episode’ as a free download. Pick up a code at your nearest Starbucks, and you’re just a couple clicks away from 23 minutes of vintage Simpsons bliss.

In the meantime, watch the episode’s third act above. Creator Matt Groening worried this literary bit would be “the worst, most pretentious thing” the show had ever done. But with a script that’s stood the test of time since 1845, classic lines like “Quoth the Raven: Eat my shorts,” and none other than James Earl Jones narrating, we’re going to go ahead and disagree.


[Video clip courtesy of Gracie Films and 20th Century Fox Television. Matt Groening quote courtesy of Wikipedia.]