Half Steve McQueen (inspired by the rugged, wax-coated Barbour jackets he often wore racing), half Kanye West (the subtle sheen complements floor-length fur nicely), coated jeans are a little flashy, highly functional for anyone spill-prone, and a favorite amongst denim brands this Fall.

If you’re not familiar, coated denim is treated with a transparent resin material (usually acrylic or polyurethane) that gives the underlying cotton a protective, breathable veneer with stain-resistant properties and a slight luster. The coating is normally permanent, able to sustain multiple launderings, and protects the color of the jeans from fading.*

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One of our stylists, Carmella, mentioned she used to wear a pair while bartending at Seattle’s Sunset Tavern. Despite being busy shooting kids (with a camera, she clarified), Carm was kind enough to answer a few questions about bar etiquette, impersonating Robert Plant, and the best after-work cure for a boring Tuesday.

Favorite thing about your old job?
“Bartending gives you a sense of wielding great power.”

How did coated jeans come in handy?
“On a slammin’ night when beers go flying, a nice coated denim just needs a wipe-down and they’re still ready to go.”

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Advice for staying in your local bartender’s good graces?
“Speak clearly, look them in the eye, and if you think they are worthy—tip accordingly. Oh, and always get out of the way for the next person in line.”

Should a male patron even bother trying to get to know a lady bartender—or are they inherently out of his league?
“Heck yeah! We are all there because we like socializing. Unless it’s super busy, then you must hang ’til the time is right. A good return customer with something witty to say is always welcome.”

You sing in several bands here in Seattle. Which ones, and how did you get into singing?
“I started at ‘Rockaraoke’ at the Sunset, where a live band played the covers you sang to. I would close the show with ‘Stairway to Heaven’ or ‘Black Dog.’ [Ed. note: Killer, early, live Led Zeppelin version below, complete with ‘Out on the Tiles’ intro.]

…Mr. Kurt Bloch of the Fastbacks asked if I would like to join a band with him. I tried out, and Sgt. Major was my first band. Since then, we have ventured into other kinds of music, and currently Mr. Bloch, Drew Church (of Hazlewood), the Sangster Brothers Jim and Johnny, and I are in a ’60s garage band called The Basements. I’m also in a new band called Hearts Are Thugs and an angry rock band called The Rags. I like to sing as much as possible.”

Your signature drink?
“I used to drink negronis—three equal parts gin, sweet vermouth and Campari. Nowadays, I like it even spicier and need micheladas wherever I go.”


[Nordstrom stylists, like Carmella, can pull off octagon specs with a satin peak-lapel and
Nosferatu tee like it’s not even a thing. Emulate at your own risk.]


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