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In a contemplative mood this summer, we’ve been reaching for OK by the New York City band Eskimeaux, an album that makes us believe again in the power of turn-of-the-millennium indie rock. We listen while we read Rookie Magazine and The Le Sigh, and think maybe it’s not a dead genre. Maybe instead it’s a not-broken, doesn’t-need-fixing staple.

We met with bandleader and sometimes solo performer Gabby Smith in an undisclosed greenhouse to talk about the weird ambient music she used to make, her upcoming video session for NPR and the value of tenacity in one’s artistic process.

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Have you peeped the Herschel Supply Company Studio Collection? These matte black & white bags are fresh, functional and weirdly addictive to touch: they’re made from rubbery tarpaulin which is both soft and hardcore.

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We agree with Herschel Supply Company that there is a virtue in being truly #wellpacked, and documenting it. Because at some point while adventuring you might need to play some cuts (shout out to Bluetooth deejays). Because you never know when you’re gonna need to Gift & Go. And because cold days are way better with a flask.


Left: Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quick Buffalo Check Backpack | Best Made Co. Waxed Canvas Travel Zip Case 

Middle: Shwood Canby 54mm Wood Sunglasses | LSTN The Bowerys Cherry Earbuds | Graphic Image ‘Bottoms Up’ Flask | Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve | Woolrich Rugby Strip Merino Wool Blend Socks | Dean & Deluca Roasted Salted Cashews | Areaware ‘Eye Hide’ Small Wooden Container | Alexander Olch Pocket Round | Pokket Mixer Mini DJ Mixer | Jack Black Mr. Fix-It Antimicrobial Wound Rescue 

Right: Faribault Woolen Mill Royal Carefree Stewart Plaid Wool Throw | Herschel Supply Co. Network Large Canvas Pouch | Best Made Co. Cap of Courage Knit Wool Beanie 

Image by Brooklyn Benjestorf

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After salivating over the sun, fun and fried dough infiltrating our Instagram feed during a colleague’s recent trip to Los Angeles, we had to ask him for some insights on traveling to Southern Cali in style. “I hadn’t been to L.A. before as an adult,” says Donovan Nguyen, a web designer at Nordstrom HQ. “There’s a huge difference between seeing a city with your parents at age 8 and seeing it now as a grown-up. It’s so much better.”

Keep reading for highlights from Donovan’s visually arresting L.A. photo journal, complete with tips on where to go and what to pack.

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We’re big fans of Herschel Supply Co. backpacks here at Men’s Shop Daily. (Some of us even carry our laptops to work in one every day.) So when we heard about the brand’s new beach-ready collaboration with artist Kevin Butler—especially as we sat in our rainy Seattle office—we were all ears.

The creator of a well-loved series of illustrations matter-of-factly titled Rad Cars with Rad Surfboards on Them, Butler teamed up with the good people at Herschel Supply to produce a limited-edition capsule collection inspired by the rad Californian lifestyle. Keep reading for quite a rad (if we do say so ourselves) Q&A with Butler, in which he offers rare insights on cars, surfing, art, burritos, and of course, his new collab with Herschel Supply Co.

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What happens when our Men’s Shop video team goes to Las Vegas during Market Week? They run into Pharrell. They get down to brass tacks with up-and-coming design heroes. And they make some movie magic—amidst three furious days of menswear trade shows.

Watch the exclusive Q&A clips above to hear what inspires and influences some of our favorite brands—from motorcycles to surfboards and punk rock to poetry—then shop our Editor’s Picks after the jump.

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Whether you’re prepping for campus this Fall or just want to lug your laptop to work, hands-free, while juggling a couple toddlers and a cup of black coffee—a backpack might be in your near future.

With the heritage movement in full swing the past few years, even high-end designers tried their hand at the summit-climbing, science-class essential known as the backpack. And while you can procure one in every material from lambskin to waxed canvas these days, Herschel Supply Co. strikes us as the new go-to for simple, sturdy, smartly designed packs in all shapes and sizes. (And yes, most include that all-important laptop sleeve.)

Brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, founders of this highly successful (yet only four-year-old) backpack brand, answer a few questions below—amidst images from Herschel Supply’s new Fall lookbook.

MEN’S SHOP DAILY: Where did you guys grow up? Did you do a lot of stuff outside?
LYNDON CORMACK: Jamie and I grew up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, spending our childhood years in Alberta, Canada, as well as our family’s vacation home in the mountains of British Columbia.
JAMIE CORMACK: As kids, pretty much every activity we did was outdoor-focused. We went mountain biking, snowboarding, skateboarding, hiking, camping, waterskiing. As two brothers, we spent most of our childhoods outdoors, whether we were building treehouses or heading to the mountains to go skiing.

Your website states that your ancestors moved from Scotland in the early 1900s, and settled in the town of Herschel. Where is Herschel, and have you guys visited there?
Jamie: Herschel is in the center of Canada, in the province of Saskatchewan. Three generations of our family grew up there, with the last being our father. Lyndon and I have both been there very often. The town is actually very small; it’s no more than 30 residents. It was named after a famous astronomer: Sir William Herschel.

What does the word ‘heritage’ mean to you, and how does it figure into the Herschel Supply brand?
Lyndon: Heritage to me means learning from the past, taking what worked and expanding upon it. Here at Herschel Supply, as a brand, we strive to take nostalgic silhouettes and update them for modern use.

What’s it like working together, what with you two being brothers? How do you resolve problems?
Lyndon: The great thing about being brothers is that we’re very in tune with each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We also have areas of overlap, and it’s in those areas that we collaborate the most. We’re also each other’s sounding boards. Being brothers, we tend not to sugarcoat things when talking to each other, and as such, discussions can get very passionate—but differences are also resolved very quickly.

What’s the best advice you ever got?
Lyndon: ‘There are always two paths to the same outcome.’

What are some specific, user-friendly details that make Herschel Supply bags ideal for travel?
Jamie: We pay the utmost attention to every detail when we create every product. These details are great for travel and for everyday use. Just as an example, all of our products have liners to protect the interiors, our backpacks have air mesh straps to allow for airflow, our laptop sleeves are padded and fleece-lined, and our luggage has separate mesh compartments to make for easy packing.

What is your stance on a grown man wearing a backpack to work? Any tips for pulling it off with style? [Full disclosure: This blog editor carries a black ‘Pop Quiz’ to work every day.]
Lyndon: Men’s fashion is in a very unique place right now, where the realms of sport, outdoor and tailored goods are constantly intersecting. No longer are they separate entities, and it is increasingly common for lifestyle products to mix with more formal ways of dressing. At the end of the day, backpacks are practical, and if they fulfill a need, they are ‘in style.’

What do you feel has been the secret to Herschel Supply Co.’s success between 2009, when you started, and now?
Jamie: Customers gravitate toward our products because we ask the important questions for them. Before anyone sees anything, we ask ourselves questions like, How are people going to use our product? What are they putting in it? What are they interested in? This approach allows us to create products that our customers will naturally want.

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Editor’s Picks from Herschel Supply Co.
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Bottom: 5 | 6 | 7 | 8



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New Balance x Herschel Supply Co.

Inter-brand collaborations in the menswear universe may have reached a near-comedic level years ago—but when a partnership starring labels as universally loved as New Balance and Herschel Supply Co. comes along, how can we do anything besides pause for a collective moment of admiration…Before starting in on the tough math of whether you can splurge for both the sneaker and the boot.

Scroll down for details; as you can see, the special-edition 420 sneaker and 710 boot both come with custom paisley lining (a Herschel signature), and brown leather accents reminiscent of your favorite backpack. (Herschel ‘Heritage Plus’ backpacks, with internal laptop sleeves, and ‘Novel’ duffel bags in corresponding colors are available as well.)

These guys are selling fast, but there are a few sizes left in the following colors:

New Balance x Herschel Supply Co. 710 Boots

New Balance x Herschel Supply Co. 420 Sneakers



[Detail photos courtesy of Herschel Supply Co.]


Though founded just three short years ago, Herschel Supply Co. has already built a solid reputation for offering high-quality, cool-looking backpacks and travel accessories.

And, although inspired by the rolling hills and dirt roads of a 30-person town in rural Canada (‘Herschel,’ of course—where founders Jamie and Lyndon Cormack’s great-grandparents settled over 100 years ago), these sturdy bags are as comfortable exploring the city as they are trekking through remote backwoods.


Our current favorite (and by far the best-seller at our flagship Seattle store, according to a sales associate named Jenny), is the Little America model. Like the Herschel brand itself, this backpack is vintage-inspired but thoroughly modernized.

The strap details lend a subtle mountain-man vibe, whether you’re wearing it with boots and flannel or brogues and a blazer. One of Herschel’s largest designs, it has tons of room to accommodate clothes, groceries, even a laptop.


Don’t let those buckles turn you off. They’re just decorative, concealing magnetic snap closures—effortless to pull open and snap shut.


Besides the cool paisley lining, other unique features include a drawstring to secure your stuff and a port for headphone cords to pass through.


The fully padded, fleece-lined compartment is large enough to house most 17-inch laptops.


If you want something more streamlined, we carry plenty more Herschel Supply Co. bags, including the three above. (The bag on the right also has a laptop sleeve—perfect for your morning commute.) Shop the full selection here.


Herschel also makes tough, spacious, stylish duffel bags, ideal for long weekends. (The camo model above converts to be worn as a backpack, too.) Shop Herschel duffel bags here.


[Black-and-white images courtesy of Herschel Supply Co. website.]

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