Here’s the thing about A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector, produced by Phil “Wall of Sound” Spector back in 1963. Some holiday music has a seasonal expiration date. This is different. It’s slammin’ R&B oldies for all 365 days of the calendar.

Enjoy these cuts by Darlene Love, the Ronnettes, the Crystals and Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans. And if you’re listening on a computer, consider opening another browser tab and pairing with this three-hour video of a fireplace at full crackle.


fourthofjuly3With the Fourth of July nigh and men all over wanting to dress for the occasion, check these four different outfits created by our crack team at Studio N–aka the secret warehouse which creates much of our in-house imagery. One overarching guideline from stylist Morgan Dillon:

Don’t be cheesy. Carry the aesthetic of the holiday in a non-obvious way.”

These images, while being Fourth-focused, are also early peeks at the summer edition of Nordstrom complete looks. What are those, you ask?

Seasonally-fresh outfits which Studio N regularly updates on this section of our website. We think you will find them instructional and inspirational. You can sort our complete looks by:

What we’re trying to say is: Don’t sleep on the complete looks.

Shop this look: Calibrate tee7 For All Mankind jeans | HUGO sportcoat | Schwood sunglasses Stan Smiths

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The crown jewels of our latest Olivia Kim-curated Pop-In Shop, GIFT & GO, are a series of five blacked-out Rolexes customized exclusively for us in collaboration with Bamford Watch Department.

Make no mistake: Each watch is literally the only one of its kind in the world. Through advanced technologies, our friends at London-based Bamford take brand-new luxury watches, custom-color each individual component, and reassemble the watch to its original premium-grade specifications.

Keep reading for a closer look at our custom Daytona, Milgauss, Explorer II and more—and to hear the backstory of the brand from founder George Bamford.

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Still slightly dazed by the holiday flurry, we raided Instagram to see what our colleagues have been up to. From braving elements to popping bottles to crafting merry #menswear Christmas cookies, it’s safe to say our friends rang in the season with style. Keep reading to see our favorite holiday Insta’s from the Nordstrom Men’s Team.

[Above: We’re suckers for ladies decked out in dapper menswear—and Site Merchandiser Kelsey Tyler dressed the part like a pro on New Year’s Eve. Way to stay hydrated, too, KT.]

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While we can’t condone this gentleman’s banana suit, we fully endorse his spirit of revelry—and what can bolster one’s holiday morale more than a spot-on soundtrack? (Well, maybe a stiff drink and sharp attire, but the power of song is definitely up there.) If the New Year’s Eve party is at your place tonight—or you simply intend to hijack your inept friend’s stereo with your own well-equipped iPod—we hope the following 21 artists help fill any gaps in your existing library. Take a listen, nab your favorites on iTunes, and let the good times roll.

(To compile this list, we cross-referenced the Top Albums of 2013 from Seattle station KEXP, as voted by fans not only here in music-savvy Seattle, but worldwide—as the meticulously curated DJ sets can be streamed globally at We especially recommend the station’s Saturday-morning reggae show, Sunday evening hip-hop, and midnight metal on Saturdays.)

1. The Walkmen. The first entrants on our NYE playlist had a new album out in 2013—but the older song above, entitled “In The New Year” and delivered with anthemic grandeur in this live performance—seemed to best fit tonight’s occasion.

Keep reading to hear the rest of our New Year’s Eve playlist.

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Time flies when you’re having fun-ukkah—and with the final night of Hanukkah sneaking up fast, even heroic dads might find themselves short a present or two. We have just the intergalactic ticket: a galaxy of Star Wars-themed gifts, from Darth Vader Pez dispensers to a Lightsaber night-light to a C-3PO phone case ideal for Dark-Side selfies.

Keep reading for our Star Wars gift picks—for kids large or small.

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With the inaugural night of Hanukkah in the bag, it’s likely your sharp-witted whippersnapper has already ferreted out the box that contained the new Xbox One or PS4. (Or, if you’re a savvy dad who enjoys instilling a sense of delayed gratification—you’ve wisely hidden it in the dark recesses of your home’s most unsuspecting closet until the eighth crazy night.)

Either way, you’ll need some smaller surprises to offset the gaming console (or other mother-lode, holy-grail gift they’ve been asking for since summer). Look no further than our Brite Lites_Gift City Pop-In Shop, online and in selected stores. It’s stacked to the rafters with awesomely odd items that your oddly awesome offspring will love. Read on for eight of our favorites—most under $30. (After all, Hanukkah is the Festival of ‘Lites.’)

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Pumpkin Pie & Patterned Sweaters

We have a lot to be thankful for this year. Family. Friends. Rag & Bone models. Most importantly, though: pumpkin pie. Continue reading for a euphoria-inducing dessert recipe, perfect sweaters to wear to Thanksgiving—and a vision of just how happy the holidays can be.

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If you’ve caught much Fashion Week coverage, either on this site or elsewhere, you’ve likely realized: The collections that visionary designers send down runways are in fact NOT explicit instructions on how they’d like to see you—the average, intelligent, style-aware male—dress yourself come next season.

What these spectacles of immaculately crafted clothing-as-art do provide, if approached with an open mind, is a window into  the extreme end of a designer’s current mindset. The best among them translate their inner vision into a performative presentation that makes you think—and no one puts on a more thought-provoking show than Thom Browne.

While previous Thom Browne productions (and they truly are that, with models not just walking, but often enacting odd tasks in surreal environments) have tackled aspects of Americana—preps, punks, astronauts—his most recent, Spring 2014, unveiled in Paris yesterday, is the first to hoist a patriotic color palette of red, white and blue. There were even stars and bars imprinted on the train of an elaborate officer’s coat (left) and the midriff of the red jacket at right.

To be fair, conventionally anti-menswear motifs like sleeveless coats, doily-trimmed socks, and, well, skirts, may have suggested a subversive satire on nationalism. Browne himself left his message open-ended as always, though—so we’re going to take it as all the more reason to go all-American for Independence Day this Thursday. Shop our favorites below, and more options here: Americana.

Obey tank top | Brixton hat | Sub_Urban Riot tank top
O’Neill board shorts | O’Neill tank top | Fossil watch


Clearly an expert multi-tasker, Browne also designs womenswear—as well as Moncler Gamme Bleu, an experimental, sport-inspired men’s line for down-jacket innovators Moncler. Recent collections have delved deep into the sartorial treasure troves of fencing, Indy racing and the Highland Games. Spring ’14, presented in Milan recently, took a fresh look at the traditional British game of cricket.

While a lot of critics (read: internet trolls) have been hung up on the black lips (perhaps a riff on cricketers’ predilection for zinc cream; definitely a classic TB move to confound audiences and contrast the otherwise clean-cut aesthetic)…we’re more focused on the crisp mix of whites.

Around the office, our men’s team has already been favoring white-on-white everything lately—and Browne’s blown-out dissertation on the subject pretty much solidifies it as a go-to way of getting dressed, both this summer and next. To do it right, mix tones, textures and fabrications as Browne does above. (And skip the lipstick.)

BLK DNM leather jacket | Pierre Balmain jeans | T by Alexander Wang tank top
Timex watch | Rag & Bone shirt | Converse by John Varvatos sneakers


[Instagram photos via @thombrowneny, @moncler, and @grungygentleman. Individuals mentioned and pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


We dug up the vintage pub signs above on Ye Olde Internette, but whether you’re here in our hometown of Seattle or residing in the Mother Country, we’re betting your plans include a favorite Irish pub for this Sunday’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Avoid getting pinched by winsome lasses at the bar (or don’t—whatever you’re into) with our favorite green gear from the Nordstrom Men’s Shop. Click each item to shop:

One of our Men’s buyers, Dan Drewes, took a moment to suggest some recreational activities for the holiday. Here’s how to branch out from the standard-issue stout, if you’re so inclined:

1. The Other Champagne of Beers. Guinness is the natural choice, but you can always opt for elevating the classic Irish stout with some champagne as a Black Velvet.”

2. Go Halvsies. “You can also go with the classic Black and Tan: a Guinness layered over some British Bass Pale Ale—or keep it Irish by layering it over a Harp Lager.”

3. Made by Monks.Smithwick’s is a good Irish red for a nice caramel-malty beer. Their story dates back to the 13th century.”

4. Across the Pond.Boddingtons is a good English ‘pub ale’ or pale ale to sip on if you’re not looking for something as dark as a Guinness—and is popular for the holiday despite its non-Irish roots.”

5. Irish Americans. “Plenty of American craft-brewers have tried their hands at Irish beers, too—like Victory ‘Donnybrook Stout’ out East and Moylan’s ‘Danny’s Irish Style Red Ale’ for us West-Coasters.”

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