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Here at Nordstrom Men’s Shop, we strive to make it as easy as possible for you to look your best. It should go without saying that this objective applies wholeheartedly to the crucial foundation of every man’s office wardrobe: Dress Shirts.

Let’s be clear. We all have a closet full of shirts with buttons and collars—but are you well-stocked with true dress shirts? There are certainly some make-or-break distinctions: A dress shirt should be long enough to tuck in with ease. It should fit comfortably at your neck with the top button done. And its sleeve should extend precisely to the hinge of your wrist, to ensure that all-important sliver of shirt cuff shows when wearing a jacket.

With those points in mind, we present 3 simple steps to finding a dress shirt that fits precisely how you want it to.

1. Know Your Size. Because true dress shirts come in sizes that pertain to your neck and arm measurements (the first and second numbers on the tag, respectively), it’s vital to know your stats. Visit any Nordstrom store to get measured by an expert, or learn how to measure yourself here. Armed with this info, you’ll be ready to pull the trigger as soon as you find the shirt you want.


2. Find Your Fit. As the video above suggests, we categorize the dress shirts we carry into three classifications: Regular Fit, Trim Fit, and Extra-Trim Fit. Please note that due to the vast array of brands we carry—and each brand often offering its own multiple fits—the classifications above are merely jumping-off points to get your search started on the right path. For down-to-the-decimal analyses of how individual fits from best-selling brands measure up, please refer to ‘Find Your Fit’ dress-shirt guide.


3. Get It Custom. After mastering your correct size and preferred fit, if you still find that your off-the-rack dress shirt is even a fraction of an inch off from how you’d like it, we encourage you to visit a Nordstrom Tailor. You’ll find them on-staff at every Nordstrom store, and they can either adjust a shirt from your favorite brand to your exact specifications, or help you order a fully customized dress shirt, Made-to-Measure.


Now that you know the ropes, feel free to look around. Start with our Editor’s Picks, organized conveniently by Fit:

Regular Fit. L-R: Nordstrom Smartcare | Canali | Hugo Boss | David Donahue
Shop All: Regular-Fit Dress Shirts 

Trim Fit. L-R: Hugo Boss lavender | 1901 | Burberry London | Hugo Boss dark blue
Shop All: Trim-Fit Dress Shirts 

Extra-Trim Fit. L-R: 1901 contrast collar | 1901 button-down | Hugo Boss | Calibrate
Shop All: Extra-Trim-Fit Dress Shirts 


[Tailor-shop photo via British GQ. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


After a short hiatus, we’re back with a new GQ Spring Trend Reports post. Today, Jim Moore and Michael Hainey of GQ expound on the merits of a Patterned Tie in summer-friendly lightweight cotton—a fabrication that can go casual with a jean jacket as easily as it dresses up with a cotton suit:

We pulled a few favorites below. Don’t be afraid to mix these ties with patterned shirts; just follow the can’t-fail rule of thumb, and vary the scale of the patterns. The best part? The lion’s share of the ties shown here are in the $20 to $40 range. Browse additional options here: MORE PATTERNED TIES

[Note, ties shown in detail up top are: Robert Stewart floral & plaidTopman galaxy print.]

Gitman | Robert Stewart | 1901 | Topman

Eton | Topman | Robert Stewart | 1901

Robert Stewart plaid | Hugo Boss | 1901 | Robert Stewart camo


Look for new GQ Spring Trend Report videos in the weeks to come—
and shop all eight of our GQ-approved trends, from cotton suits to camo, here:


Our new Spring 2013 Men’s Shop Catalog is out this week, and with it, our handy checklist of 10 Spring Essentials that will keep you ahead of the curve in the warm months to come.

Near the top of said list is a Bold Blazer. The only rule: It should be seasonally lightweight, to keep you looking sharp without breaking a sweat. From there, how you define ‘bold’ is up to you. Check out a few favorites below, ranging from a little bold to a lot. [Shown above, L-R: Jil Sander | Hugo Boss]

1. A New Shade of Blue. Navy is classic any time of year—but we’re seeing lots of options for subtly exploring the frosty end of the spectrum: from rich royal blue, to dusty powder blue, to vivid cyan.
Shown, L-R: John W. Nordstrom | Hugo Boss linen/wool | Hugo Boss cotton

2. Notice a Pattern. Loud, madras-plaid jackets of the ‘go-to-hell’ variety (above center) have been a preppy staple for decades. Calm the concept down with a tone-on-tone plaid (left), or take it a step further with unconventional geometry (like the hexagon print at right).
Shown, L-R: Hugo Boss | John W. Nordstrom | Jil Sander

3. Put It in Neutral. Bold doesn’t have to mean bright. Confident touches like (from left) trim peak lapels, brightened-up tints, and subtle texture can make even go-to neutrals feel new for spring.
Shown, L-R: Dolce&Gabbana | Hugo Boss | Armani Collezioni

4. High Voltage. If you’re all-in with this whole ‘spring’ thing, bold blazers are materializing in electrified neons from a variety of brands—including our own John W. Nordstrom label (center).
Shown, L-R: Dsquared2 | John W. Nordstrom | Jil Sander




If you’re like us, you’d prefer to reserve all brain power for after you’ve made it to the office—which means picking out clothes in the clouded stupor of morning, that not only get the job done but also make a confident statement, can be kind of a drag.

That’s precisely why we created a category of ready-made shirt and tie combinations. We’ve thought it all out so you don’t have to: Paisley on stripes? Of course. Dots on checks? Simple. Keep a copy of this photo taped next to your closet, and you can concentrate on more important things each morning: Like breakfast.

Shop Pre-Made Shirt & Tie Combos

Or, Shop: All Shirts | All Ties


A leather jacket, a great blazer, killer shoes—these things are investment pieces, meant to last a lifetime.

Your underwear, on the other hand, should be relegated to the dust bin upon the slightest sign of wear and tear. (If, that is, you plan on anyone’s eyes other than your own catching even a fleeting glimpse of them. )

Do everyone a favor and upgrade from the ratty bulk brand you gravitated toward in college to the streamlined shorts and flattering briefs (now making a comeback) by Hugo Boss.

You’ll look exactly like the guys above. Just kidding. But you will notice a huge difference in how they look and feel, and—with our entire stock of Hugo Boss underwear, undershirts and socks currently 25% off—your wallet will be none the wiser.


[Images courtesy of Hugo Boss. Exact styles shown may no longer be available.]


“Most people look to Hugo Boss for work-wear staples, from perfect business suits to shirts and ties, but what a lot of them don’t know is that the brand is a great resource for sportswear with a great European sensibility. This bathing suit is a great hybrid of a swim trunk and an athletic short, cut a little slimmer and sexier than American versions. The sporty, contrasting side-stripe detail has the same spirit as a racing stripe on a muscle car and the graphic touch flatters every guy by making him look like he has smaller hips.”

—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director

Each month for the next six months, the editors of GQ, in collaboration with Nordstrom Men’s Fashion Director Tommy Fazio and the Men’s Shop, will select key items from the pages of GQ to feature right here on

For our inaugural edition of GQ Selects, we’ve chosen 12 killer items from the July issue. Check back every month for more.