The surly outlook of menswear designer Mark McNairy is well-documented—in photos (see above) as well as in T-shirt form. (Note McNairy’s own Instagram for a self-deprecating summation of the designer’s detractors, and a G-rated spoof on a rant-y rap song by Kanye West and co.)

That said, we like to believe that there are two sides to every story. Case in point, even “McNasty,” as friends and fans call him, has a soft spot for food, design, and music that, as he puts it, represent “SIMPLE PERFECTION.” Keep reading for Mark McNairy’s top five likes and dislikes—which he emailed to us IN ALL CAPS, of course.

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As proud as we are to have Nordstrom’s hometown of Seattle represented in this year’s Super Bowl, we have to admit: The Seahawks couldn’t ask for a more worthy adversary than the Denver Broncos and their legendary leader, 13-time Pro-Bowl quarterback Peyton Manning. Our favorite thing about Manning? Despite being extraordinarily competitive on the field, he happens to be totally hilarious when he’s off the clock.

Keep reading to see classic photos from throughout Peyton Manning’s illustrious football career—from the University of Tennessee Volunteers to the Indianapolis Colts to the Denver Broncos—plus our favorite clips of his other true calling: comedy.

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What happens when you lock buyers, stylists, tailors, models, video crew, and a rack full of dress shirts in a room for three days straight? For one thing, they churn out 30+ dress-shirt fit videos (more on those later). Secondly, they lose their minds a little. We showed you Cara Delevingne and fellow bored British models do the ‘Harlem Shake’ a few weeks ago—now it’s our dress-shirt video team’s turn.

Watch for detailed fit videos on more than 30 of our most popular dress shirts coming soon—they’ll show up on the product detail pages, along with all the other vital stats you need to know before pulling the trigger. We’ll also debut a video outlining our three dress-shirt fit categories (regular, trim, extra-trim), featuring tips from Jaime Fernandez (above), shirt and tie buyer for From the look of that spread-collar and top-notch four-in-hand knot, dude knows his stuff.



In other important ‘Harlem Shake’ news, none other than LeBron James and the Miami Heat put their own spin on the internet fad recently. With the best record in the league, we’d say they earned the right to drop their game faces and have fun for 56 seconds.

Did you realize the NBA Playoffs start this weekend? Time flies. The Heat start the road to defending their title on Sunday—but tune in to ABC and ESPN all day Saturday, 4/20, for killer Round 1 match-ups like Celtics v. Knicks, Warriors v. Nuggets, Bulls v. Brooklyn (is Derek Rose back yet?) and Grizzlies v. Clippers in a rematch of last year’s brutally physical 7-game series. And clear your schedule for the next month or so, while you’re at it.


The only idea worse than bacon-flavored mouthwash to come out of this year’s online April-Fool’s-Day antics? Borrowing your girlfriend’s jeans:

You can thank the merry pranksters—and in reality, certified pants experts—at Bonobos for that one. Luckily it was, in fact, a joke. (Letting your girlfriend borrow your clothes, on the other hand, is a whole different story.)



What you’ve just watched is models (from left) Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn and Rosie Tapner doing their best to entertain themselves (and the rest of us) while they wait around to walk the Topshop runway at London Fashion Week a few days ago.

They happen to be doing their own version of a slightly obnoxious internet fad—the details and origin of which are not really of concern. You can watch more examples here, but trust us: The British bombshells’ rendition above is the only one worth your 30 seconds on a busy Thursday like today.

If you do have more than half a minute to spare, try Topshop’s YouTube channel, where you can delight in said models’ fetching English accents—or check out the photo-shoot bloopers we posted last week, for further depictions of beautiful women acting irresistibly absurd.



[Video courtesy of Topshop on YouTube, via Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


You know that rampant cultural assumption that “fashion” designers are egocentric, pretentious, and take themselves entirely too seriously? CFDA Award winners Shipley & Halmos prove it completely (not) true in the digital Christmas card above, which greeted us in our email inbox this morning. (That’s Halmos in back on the left, and Shipley next to him counting off the choir composed of their impressively straight-faced staff.) Make sure to watch ’til the end, lest you miss the anticlimactic finale.

It’s just the latest in the design duo’s tradition of lo-fi, self-effacing satire. Observe their Keanu Reeves-influenced company timeline and unfortunately on-hiatus Numerous Drawings blog (which celebrates everyday miracles from Super Mario sealife to a no-look Lil’ Wayne) for further examples. Also, their Gear Up video from last spring, which clearly improves upon the Schwarzenegger classic Commando:

Click ‘play’ on both at the same time to get the full effect.

For killer clothes (backed by a
decidedly unorthodox sense of humor),



[Videos courtesy of Shipley & Halmos; Commando clip courtesy of Silver Pictures and 20th Century Fox.]


With a convenient location on the ground floor of our corporate headquarters, our friends and fellow Seattle natives at Starbucks get a lot of our coffee money.

This week, they also get the respect of anyone (including us) who loves humor, horror, animation, and Edgar Allan Poe.

How? By offering 1990 Halloween masterpiece The Simpsons ‘Treehouse of Horror: The Original Episode’ as a free download. Pick up a code at your nearest Starbucks, and you’re just a couple clicks away from 23 minutes of vintage Simpsons bliss.

In the meantime, watch the episode’s third act above. Creator Matt Groening worried this literary bit would be “the worst, most pretentious thing” the show had ever done. But with a script that’s stood the test of time since 1845, classic lines like “Quoth the Raven: Eat my shorts,” and none other than James Earl Jones narrating, we’re going to go ahead and disagree.


[Video clip courtesy of Gracie Films and 20th Century Fox Television. Matt Groening quote courtesy of Wikipedia.]