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Our Men’s Shop video team is on-site at Project, Agenda, and Liberty menswear trade shows in Las Vegas this week. By day, they’re documenting the thoughts and deeds of the great men and women behind some of our favorite brands (as well as photographing the best-dressed buyers, bloggers and brand reps, as seen here). By night, who knows what they’re doing. It’s Vegas. As long as they don’t come home with a tiger and missing teeth à la The Hangover, we’re not going to ask.

L: Marcus Troy and photographer Naskademini. | R: Killer pattern mixing. And strong suede-loafer game, to boot.

L: Quite possibly the perfect pair of chinos. | R: Every man’s shorts and sneakers should look this polished.

L: Erik Joule of Alternative. | R: The dapper men at the Gant booth.


Our team also ran into Pharrell Williams—literally. Check out the ‘uncontrollably giddy’ affect he seems to have on every woman he comes in contact with:

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[Street-style photos by Matthew Sumi. Pharrell photos by Melia McGee and David Bishop. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


Dapper men here at Nordstrom HQ have illustrated militaristic fall trends and noble Movember mustaches for you in the past. Today, we felt some shirt-and-tie inspiration for the summer months ahead might be in order.

Here’s Rory Arakaki from our Men’s Shop buying team, showing that a creative mix of colors and patterns makes as much sense with a beat-up jean jacket as it does with a suit—any day of the week:

Monday: Classic Prep. Navy blazer, khaki trousers, striped tie. (video tutorial on how to tie a tie) Every guy probably has a version of this in his arsenal already—but basing your combo on a micro-check gingham shirt, instead of plain white, will set it apart from the crowd.

Pro Tip: Rory nails the first rule of pattern mixing: Vary the scales. In this case, large stripes call for tight checks.


Tuesday: Smart Casual. Keep the fit snug and the color neutral, and a shawl-collar sweater can be spot-on for a laid-back day at work. Consider it a back-up for your favorite blazer.

Pro Tip: A button-down—inherently more casual than a point collar—is ideal when dressing down. Rory gets bonus points for using his purple shirt to pick up an accent color in his tie.


Wednesday: Vested Interest. Another great spring alternative to a suit jacket, a vest offers that much-needed third piece to tie your look together…while allowing you to push up your sleeves and get down to some serious mid-week business.

Pro Tip: This shirt’s pattern is fairly loud (especially in concert with Rory’s badass ink underneath)—so we dig how he calms it down with a solid knit tie.


Thursday: Purple Reign. Although this rig is boardroom-ready, Rory injects some signature personality through the addition of a pocket square, and by basing his shirt-and-tie combo in purple (it’s the new navy—embrace it).

Pro Tip: Rory’s on-point with his tie-clip placement. If you ever question your technique, GQ drew up a handy diagram.


Friday: Easy Rider. Rory gets an A+ on his blazer alternatives this week. Here, a classic jean jacket gets the job done on casual Friday—and was born-ready to hit the bars once 5 o’clock rolls around.

Pro Tip: A knit tie skews slightly more casual than a crisp woven one, but one thing doesn’t change: the flawless four-in-hand knot you should tighten up every time.


Work/Prank Balance: You might not have guessed it from his calm demeanor in the shots above, but Rory’s a bit of a live wire. This video shows him punking some fellow coworkers, by pretending to be a robot/cardboard box transformer possessed by funk—or something like that.



…And find ready-made combos, curated by our men’s team, here:
Shirt & Tie Combos


Mark your calendars for our biggest sale event of the year: Anniversary Sale, your rare chance to save on Fall goods before they ever hit regular price, starts July 19.

Sound like a ways off? Trust us, it’s coming up quick—our team was already pulling together Anniversary-Sale outfits to photograph for the website last week. Here’s an exclusive glimpse at some of the rich fall textures and patterns you have to look forward to.


Chalk stripes x longwings? Check. Patent x camo? Why not.
Yes, our Men’s Team looks good even while locked in a conference room all day.
(That’s one of our female stylists on the right—don’t worry,
we’re not hopping on the meggings trend quite yet.)


Stay tuned for more Anniversary Sale updates as they become available.


We mentioned it the other day: Our Seattle offices are rife with well-dressed gents. The photos here capture our Men’s Tailored Clothing buying team, looking even sharper than usual, thanks to the most dapper accessory known to man: a moustache.

In support of Movember, an annual, month-long movement to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, these hirsute heroes (along with millions more, worldwide) have embraced the challenge of leaving their upper lips unshorn ’til December. Support their brave efforts by making a donation at their team page, learn more at the official Movember website, stay tuned to Men’s Shop Daily for a status update on their ‘staches later this month…And dress like a Nordstrom Men’s Buyer using the links below.

Shop: Sportcoats & Blazers | Vests | Dress Shirts | Ties
Sweaters | Chinos | Oxfords | Grooming


Official Movember trailer:

Manly ‘Mo’ tips with Nick Offerman of Parks and Recreation:

One more way to support men’s health: limited-edition Movember TOMS, with an embroidered moustache to remind you that part of the proceeds go to help men’s health initiatives.


[Photos by Justin Abbott. Videos courtesy of Movember and, respectively.]


Seattle gets a bad rap, style-wise. Maybe certain Seattleites re-purpose their outdoor gear too liberally—but it’s a different story within the several-block radius that contains our corporate headquarters and flagship store here in Downtown Seattle.

To prove our point, we’re going to start snapping well-dressed guys we spot around the office. First up is Danny, an online merchandising specialist who’s responsible, among about a million other things, for coordinating GQ Selects each month.

We had to bug Danny for a few photos yesterday due to his keen ability to nail multiple trends at a time and make it look like no big deal. Check him out: shawl-collar sweater, rugged boots, cargo pants, touch of camo. Take a closer look at the details, and shop similar items using the links below:

Tie-Tuck. Gives your office gear a subtle military touch—and keeps your tie out of your lunch.

Streamlined Cargo. Chinos with utilitarian pockets are officially back—
but they’re far from the crazy-baggy ones you remember from ’98.

Serious Socks. Rugged boots require them. Pulling them over your pant cuff
(a favorite fall trick among stylists lately) is entirely optional.


Get Danny’s Look:
Shawl-Collar Sweaters | Button-Down Shirts | The Tie Bar Camo Tie
Cargo Pants | Anonymous Ism Socks | Wolverine Boots

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