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One of them is a multilingual Fashion Week veteran who’s lived in Portugal, Belgium and Spain. The other is a first-timer whose hobbies include motorcycles, IPA and minimalist sneakers. They both work here at Nordstrom HQ—and they both had a hell of a time in Europe last month for Fashion Week.

Keep reading to see selected Instagram pics by our colleagues Jorge Valls and Dan Drewes—and read their notes on favorite spring/summer 2015 fashion shows, travel tips and more.

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It’s a busy week for the Seattle-based Nordstrom Men’s Shop team, as we find ourselves out in NYC amidst oppressive humidity and curious aromas to which we’re not accustomed. Of course, we’re having a blast nonetheless.

Follow us on Instagram—user name @NordstromMen—to catch daily updates as we spend the next several days crisscrossing New York City and catching up with some of our favorite menswear designers. First up was a visit to the rad Tribeca loft/office/showroom that serves as a second home to Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos of Shipley & Halmos.

Sam sketched his power animal for us (to anatomically correct precision—check the dorsal), while we did our best to ignore onlookers in their dapperly wallpapered water closet. And these are just the outtakes. For additional photos from our Shipley & Halmos visit—plus more to come as we continue to drop in on our favorite designers this week—follow @NordstromMen on Instagram.



Three members of our creative team had the good fortune to travel to Hong Kong recently—to experience Art Basel, as well as all the architecture, cuisine, culture and style they could manage to absorb during five 16-hour days of intensive sightseeing. Last week, we offered a glimpse of their first day on Chinese soil; below are the Instagram’d highlights of the rest of their trip.

L: A highlight from many hours spent at Art Basel. | R: Dapper shopkeepers.

L: Hong Kong haircut. This guy cuts his own, and offered to turn his buzzers on anyone in need of a trim.
R: Just one example of Hong Kong’s intricate architecture.

L: Intricate line art by Yayoi Kusama. | R: Our team met with menswear expert at large, Jared Flint.

L: View from the top. | R: Art Basel HK featured new artists alongside heavy-hitters like the late Keith Haring.

L: A Hong Kong ten-spot. | R: Dinner at Yuyu Sushi.

L: By the late Jean-Michel Basquiat. | R: Visions of Blade Runner.

L: Superior shirts. | R: Scooters and boots.

L: Reminiscent of the Seattle Fish Market near Nordstrom HQ. | R: Victoria Harbor’s five-story-tall inflatable ducky.

L: Wide ties and skinny jeans. | R: They say HK is as bright at night as it is during the day.

L: The Arch, one of HK’s most expensive residences. | R: Street art.

Two of our Hong Kong correspondents, Peter and Äsa, shopping for souvenirs.

Planning an inspiration trip of your own?


A few key members of our creative team were in Hong Kong last week for Art Basel—soaking up culture, gathering inspiration, and snapping photos all the while. The pics here only represent the best of day 1, shot by graphic designer Gloria Chen. Check back soon for more photos from our team’s Hong Kong Instagram journal.

[Gloria’s caption for the image above: “Peter’s hair, day 1.”
Peter is another designer…with notable hair.]

Arriving in Hong Kong. | Cool product display.

Simple packaging of soy milk. | Vertical garden store front.

Hong Kong subway system. | Mail boxes.

The most expensive district in HK. | Lots of tall apartment buildings.

Adidas store. | Tuesday night at Lan Kwai Fong.

Tall and skinny streetcar. | Hong Kong landmark restaurant.

ICC Tower, Hong Kong’s tallest building. 118 floors. | That hair looks familiar.

World traveler, stellar designer, expert Instagrammer: Glo (bottom right).
Watch for more Hong Kong pics coming soon. 


Our Men’s photo team wrapped their grueling five-day marathon of a shoot in NYC with an all-star lineup of our favorite Designer Collections brands. Check out exclusive previews below, and keep your eyes peeled for the new deliveries to hit the site in the weeks and months to come.

And, in case you missed it, check out Instagram pics from the rest of the shoot here:
Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Sneak Peek

“NYC is amazing tonight.”Tommy Fazio, Men’s Fashion Director

Michael Bastian Spring 2013.

“This Billy Reid suit is my new favorite.” —Tommy

Shipley & Halmos goes collegiate.


Michael Bastian’s perfect field coat. Coming soon.

Steven Alan: makers of the perfect plaid shirt.

Stripes and camo by Gant.

Field Scout. This one’s already live on the site.

“Five days on a shoot will do it to you.” —Tommy


Most of the clothes seen here are not available yet. But you can shop current collections here:
Michael Bastian | Billy Reid | Shipley & Halmos | Steven Alan

[Instagram pics by Tommy Fazio, Men’s Fashion Director. Check out Nordstrom’s company-wide Instagram here.]


Never sans cell phone, our Men’s team was kind enough to continue snapping candid Instagrams at last week’s Designer Collections shoot. Day 3 saw a rare glimpse at new Rag & Bone and Burberry. Watch for new deliveries in the coming weeks—and in the meantime, shop current collections here: Rag & Bone | Burberry

Lint-rolling new Rag & Bone.

Game plan.

Quick fix. Let us tailor yours for real.

Minor alterations.

New Burberry, coming soon.


[Instagram pics by Tommy Fazio, Men’s Fashion Director, and Strath Shepard, Men’s Digital Creative Director. Check out Nordstrom’s company-wide Instagram here.]


More exclusive digital polaroids from our Fall and Pre-Spring 2013 Designer shoot. Stay tuned for more Instagram pics, as they develop.

Williamsburg Bridge.

Getting that quarter-inch of cuff just right.

Day two’s ambitious shot count.

Lights, camera…

“In lieu of a live cat in my hotel room like I asked for silently, I will accept this plant.”
[One of our creative directors, critiquing the amenities at The James.]


[On-set shots by Tommy Fazio, Men’s Fashion Director. NYC and hotel shots by Strath Shepard, Men’s Digital Creative Director. Check out Nordstrom’s company-wide Instagram here.]


We sneaked a peek on Friday—now here’s a closer look behind the scenes at our Men’s Designer Collections shoot in New York. Check back each day this week for more.

The board (aka the Bible) for day 1.

Our Men’s Fashion Director called this Zegna Sport leather jacket a must-have.

Much work to be done.

Fall layers by Z Zegna.

It takes an army. (That’s stylist extraordinaire Brian Coats on the right.)


[Instagram pics by Tommy Fazio, Men’s Fashion Director. Check out Nordstrom’s company-wide Instagram here.]


Key players from our Men’s team are in New York for the weekend, shooting looks for next season’s Designer Collections. Here’s a sneak peek from their Instagram feeds. Check back next week for more behind-the-scenes glimpses at new Rag & Bone, Burberry, Zegna and more.


[Shots 1 and 2 by Tommy Fazio, Men’s Fashion Director. Shot 3 by Strath Shepard, Men’s Digital Creative Director. Check out Nordstrom’s company-wide Instagram here.]