Follow Up: The Well-Dressed Dad

The series in which we hook you up with the feeds you need.

Norway’s Nicholas Johannessen is a senior civil engineer with an off-the-clock obsession: classic European men’s fashion. We’re feeling both his “proper blog” and his distilled Insta account.

Here’s our quick-fast Q&A with Johannessen, a glimpse into the digital life of the world’s well-dressed dads:

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Follow Up: @TRNKNYC

The series in which we hook you up with the feeds you need.

Somewhere in the unfortunate march of patriarchy through time, “interior decorating” became coded to connote femininity–and while that aspect is not to be overlooked, New York City design group TRNK will be having none of that old-style binary thinking, thank you. The company’s Instagram feed is dedicated to demonstrating a masculine approach to caring about how spaces look, and styling them. Related lifestyle images flesh out the IG stream and make it one of our favorites for drawing inspiration for domiciles and all that happens therein.

If you were to encounter TRNK co-founders Tariq Dixon and  Nick Nemechek in Greenpoint, just north of Williamsburg, they’d take you to Paulie Gee’s for pizza, Ramona for bespoke cocktails, and Homecoming—a spot for coffee and botanicals for the home—and Ovenly for pastries the next morning. But as for their online lives …

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Follow Up: @IronandAir

New series! In which we hook you up with the feeds you need.


Ah, the open road. There’s almost nothing as attractive—especially when you’re scrolling through a smart phone app while waiting for your dental hygienist. Or your project manager. Or a stop light. Not that we condone app-surfing while engaged in the driving task but let’s just say we know from experience that it happens from time to time.

Whenever it is that you find yourself in need of a transportive fix, Iron & Air Magazine’s Instagram feed will hook it up. Gregory George Moore, Brett Houle and Adam Fitzgerald smartly repurpose and repackage great-looking original content from their Manchester, New Hampshire-based bi-monthly print and digital motorcycle lifestyle journal and serve it up in a swiftly moving stream of “bikes, autos, outdoor adventure, art, design, music and craft.” 

Should you find yourself actually transported to Iron & Air’s historical mill town home base near Boston, Moore and Fitzgerald recommend the vintage oddities at Modern Gypsy. They tell us there’s also a great speakeasy, but you’ll have to call them directly when you’re there if you want the details on that. For now, make your own martini and enjoy this brief conversation.

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Follow Up: @JamesNord

New series! In which we hook you up with the feeds you need.

James Nord is the co-founder of Fohr Card, a site dedicated to connecting bloggers and brands for mutual benefit, but his Instagram is all about riding bikes, greeting adventure and looking stylish. Simply put, he makes us want to guzzle Muscle Milk in designer suits. We’re assuming his other 14,000+ followers feel the same way.

Nord ‘grams from New York’s Lower East Side, a neighborhood known for the pastrami sandwiches at Katz’s Delicatessen, the rise of Vito Corleone’s mafia empire, and according to Nord, the Manhattans at Attaboy. Here’s our quick and dirty Q&A with Nord and a snapshot (or a screenshot, perhaps?) of his digital world.

Preferred all-time social media platform: Instagram and Tumblr.

If your Instagram feed had a go-to outfit, what would it be? Suit and tie every time.

Weirdest/best/worst thing that’s ever happened because of a post: I started a business with one of my best friends because of social media; that’s been pretty great.

What’s your digital diet? What apps and gear do you swear by? Recently I have been obsessed with my Ricoh GR point and shoot. I am a pretty keen cyclist, as well, and couldn’t live without Strava.

If you could permanently retire one hashtag it would be: #spon, there has to be a better solution for this.

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Dogs: They save lives, detect bombs, lead the blind, offer companionship through thick and thin—and look damn adorable on Instagram. (Yes, certain circumstances permit grown men to say “adorable”—pontificating on Canis familiaris is one of them.)

To celebrate National Dog Day, we fetched pup pics from some of our favorite friends’ and colleagues’ Insta feeds. Keep reading to see our favorite photo ops of man’s, woman’s and child’s best bud.

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Still slightly dazed by the holiday flurry, we raided Instagram to see what our colleagues have been up to. From braving elements to popping bottles to crafting merry #menswear Christmas cookies, it’s safe to say our friends rang in the season with style. Keep reading to see our favorite holiday Insta’s from the Nordstrom Men’s Team.

[Above: We’re suckers for ladies decked out in dapper menswear—and Site Merchandiser Kelsey Tyler dressed the part like a pro on New Year’s Eve. Way to stay hydrated, too, KT.]

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We’re excited to collaborate once again with our friends at acclaimed menswear blog Street Etiquette. The site’s founders, Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs, touched down this morning at Heathrow Airport in London for a week of sightseeing, people watching, and touring the facilities of our favorite brand for British style—Topman.

The pics above are a glimpse at their first morning in the UK. Follow @NordstromMen and @StreetEtiquette on Instagram for real-time updates from London during the next seven days.

Catch up on our previous projects with Street Etiquette:
Exclusive Video + Q&A | Street Etiquette at NYFW


One of our favorite menswear designers, Michael Bastian, will be sending photo dispatches from his trip to Italy throughout the day today. Follow @NordstromMen on Instagram to tag along as Michael sees the sights, tours factories and enjoys the local flavor.

For more, read our exclusive Michael Bastian Q&A.


On Tuesday, September 24, menswear maestros and eternal pranksters Shipley & Halmos will take over our @NordstromMen Instagram feed. We’re very excited, and marginally frightened, to see what they come up with. (Judging from their own Insta antics, it might involve classic cars, sock puppets, cold ones, handsome canines, and donut-fueled feats of strength.)

Whatever goes down tomorrow, we trust that Sam Shipley (R) and Jeff Halmos (L) will adhere to the tenets of @NordstromMen, and “Keep it classy, people.” Tune in tomorrow and see for yourself.

In the meantime, read our exclusive Shipley & Halmos Q&A, which covers cliché arm-wrestling poses, blood-thirsty pugs and much more.


The last time we talked about AMC’s roller coaster of a suburban drug-lord drama, Breaking Bad, the photo we posted depicted partners in crime Walter White and Jesse Pinkman seated side by side, dressed to the nines in matching haz-mat suits, cold ones in-hand.

At this point, so much has gone so wrong for every single character, leaving the show’s legions of fans equal parts stupefied and riveted, that we’re not even sure what an appropriate visual—directly pertaining to the show and not rife with spoilers—would be. So instead, here’s Pinkman’s alter ego, aka two-time Emmy winner Aaron Paul, by all indications having the time of his life.

It’s good to know that our favorite Breaking Bad character—a small-time crook in a shark-tank of very bad guys, who’s been in over his head since approximately episode two, spent most of the past season alternately sobbing and attempting to give millions in morally tainted cash away to strangers, and attempted to triple-cross Mr. White for most likely the last time—is faring better in real life than he is on the show.

Even though he’s, you know, on it, Aaron Paul seems to be one of the show’s biggest fans. Follow him on Instagram (@GlassOfWhiskey) for a steady stream of the very best Breaking Bad inside jokes—like the false revelation and fun with fake babies above. He’s even hosting a contest in which a lucky winner can watch the series finale with him, VIP-style, in LA.

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Further Breaking Bad reading—because, if you’re like us, you’re into it:

1. Red-Carpet Criminals. Despite Pinkman’s oversized, skull-emblazoned, mall-thug duds—and Walter White’s unusual tendency toward beige-on-beige-on-beige (and tighty-whities)—Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston clean up incredibly well when duty calls. More here.

2. The One Who Knocks. Read GQ’s interview with the show’s leading man, Bryan Cranston, here. [Photo: Nathaniel Goldberg.]

3. One Hell of a Trip. Evidence that Cranston (right, in 1977) has been into Winnebagos for a while now. More here.

4. Don’t Try This at Home. It’s never been easier to build your own meth lab! Except for the fact that this unauthorized, comically accurate Lego set sold out even faster than Heisenberg’s coveted narcotics.


Breaking Bad’s penultimate episode airs this Sunday at 9/8c on AMC.
Previous seasons are on Netflix.

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