Jason Bateman

Emmy-winning, cult-favorite comedy series Arrested Development returns to airwaves this weekend, after a seven-year hiatus. Fans of the deadpan, intricately scripted, often ad-libbed show—who have been salivating for a next chapter since the show’s untimely 2006 cancellation—are no doubt chomping at the bit to start streaming the 15 new episodes this Sunday, when they’ll become available simultaneously on Netflix.

We asked Laura Oxford, a men’s writer here at Nordstrom.com and our resident expert on high-brow sitcoms (i.e., the kind without a laugh track), to suggest a few classic Arrested clips from the first three seasons. Unfortunately, everything she suggested was wildly inappropriate for a family-friendly site like ours—so you’ll have to settle for the official Arrested Development season 4 trailer instead:

Arrested vets who had lost interest in Netflix’s usual mix of obscure nature shows and appalling horror films (Human Centipede, anyone?) now have an irrefutable reason to renew their subscription. Newbies who want to catch up still have plenty of time—we did the math, and you’ll only need to carve out about 26.5 hours between now and Sunday to stream the first three season’s worth of inside jokes and interwoven story lines.

In related news, Jason Bateman—the barely sane center of Arrested Development’s off-kilter universe—looked damn sharp in last month’s GQ:

Cast & Crew. Our new favorite sweater is a crewneck sweatshirt. It nails a high-low balance that goes as well with a blazer as it does with Vans (and sugar-free Red Bull).

Class Act. You might have noticed polo shirts are getting dressier—to the point that they’re right at home alongside a pocket square and monk-straps.

Knit Wit. Finding the right knit tie for summer is nothing to joke about. Neither is losing your left no-show sock.

How Refreshing. Compared to the comedic chops required to master the spit-take, pulling on a pair of crisp white jeans this summer is a walk in the park.


[Intro photo by Art Streiber for Entertainment Weekly. Bateman photos by Peggy Sirota for GQ. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]