miansai1Studio images courtesy Miansai; antique fair images and captions by Michael Saiger

Look at the flick of that wrist: Is that a Miansai?

Yes, indeed. The eye-catching Miami-based brand creates masculine, nautical-inspired jewelry. Its calling card is the bracelet. Trademark wrap and cuff models sail out of Miansai’s ocean-adjacent headquarters and end up on fashion runways and wrists of regular guys worldwide.

Versatility is the thing with these bracelets. They look good with t-shirts and with suits. Any occasion is fine. And just so you know, from our official scientific testing at parties, a Miansai bracelet will net at least one compliment per 15 minutes.

We spoke with founder and creative director Michael Saiger about the Miansai name–pronounced my-ahn-sigh–and his main source of inspiration: antique fairs.

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Spend ten minutes chatting with Giles & Brother founder Philip Crangi, and you’ll come away with a whole new perspective on the concept of jewelry as it pertains to men. We did. Even going in as fans of Crangi’s work, our minds were nonetheless blown by the masterful silversmith’s thoughts on metalworking as an ancient technology and the role of personal adornment throughout human history.

Keep reading to see photos from our visit to Crangi’s New York studio (which he runs alongside his business partner and sister, Courtney)—and to listen in on our conversation, which also covered style tips ranging from vintage jean jackets to the bonsai-like method by which Crangi maintains his enviable beard.

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