Just Missed Us


“Live fast die last.” “Burden of dreams.” “Blood dries darker.” Given the cryptic notions that title his image collections, Just Missed Us—the name of Amsterdam-based art director/designer/animator Justin Blyth’s photography site—could mean anything.

For the sake of conversation, though, we’ll take it at face value: the full contents of a note you might find, if you tried to catch up with Blyth and co. at any one of the globe-spanning locales where they seem to briefly but wholeheartedly set up shop.

From beaches to back alleys, secluded forests to crowded bars, Blyth’s images are a good reminder to have fun while you’re here—wherever here is. (And to take pictures, to prove it all really happened.)


Photos ©Justin Blyth. View more of his photography at Just Missed Us, and follow him on Twitter.