While we can’t condone this gentleman’s banana suit, we fully endorse his spirit of revelry—and what can bolster one’s holiday morale more than a spot-on soundtrack? (Well, maybe a stiff drink and sharp attire, but the power of song is definitely up there.) If the New Year’s Eve party is at your place tonight—or you simply intend to hijack your inept friend’s stereo with your own well-equipped iPod—we hope the following 21 artists help fill any gaps in your existing library. Take a listen, nab your favorites on iTunes, and let the good times roll.

(To compile this list, we cross-referenced the Top Albums of 2013 from Seattle station KEXP, as voted by fans not only here in music-savvy Seattle, but worldwide—as the meticulously curated DJ sets can be streamed globally at We especially recommend the station’s Saturday-morning reggae show, Sunday evening hip-hop, and midnight metal on Saturdays.)

1. The Walkmen. The first entrants on our NYE playlist had a new album out in 2013—but the older song above, entitled “In The New Year” and delivered with anthemic grandeur in this live performance—seemed to best fit tonight’s occasion.

Keep reading to hear the rest of our New Year’s Eve playlist.

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Kicking off this weekend’s Sub Pop Silver Jubilee festivities with a maneuver usually reserved for stunt men and superheroes, grunge forefathers Mudhoney will be performing live on top of Seattle’s Space Needle this evening, at 5:00pm Pacific time.

Seattle’s public and extremely good radio station KEXP will be live-broadcasting the death-defying musical shenanigans—as well as airing live interviews with legendary Sub Pop personnel, opening-act performances from atop the Needle, and deep cuts from Sub Pop’s vast archive, for the five hours leading up to the headlining set. Listen from anywhere in the world at—and CLICK BELOW to watch Mudhoney’s live performance [the show starts at about 21:00]:

Until tonight at 5:00, here are a couple Mudhoney classics to whet your appetite:


Update: In case you missed the KEXP pre-show this afternoon, featuring on-air interviews (producer Jack Endino, music photographer Charles Peterson, Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil, Sub Pop co-founder Bruce Pavitt) and live performances (Sera Cahoone, Grant Olsen, J. Mascis), you can still watch it here.


[Intro image courtesy of @Sub_Pop on Instagram.]