We’re not sure we believe in the concept of “too much of a good thing”—but the harsh struggle known as more stellar photos than can fit into one online editorial is all too real.

Such was the case with our recent New Streetwear project, shot against the washed-out concrete, gleaming glass and open air of Los Angeles: dozens of stylish, sun-dappled captures (by photographer Zoey Grossman) and only so much available space. We can’t abide good work going to waste around here, so keep reading for our favorite outtakes, along with 10 style tips for spring.

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Take a natural talent for capturing quiet moments amid chaos. Mix with a pure love of the game (revealed by the camera-geek Q&As on his Tumblr). Add muses who channel retro Hollywood starlets as effortlessly as they knock back beers with the boys, and voilà—you have Boston photographer Evan Tetreault’s picturesque vision of LA. Filled with awe, dappled in late-summer sun, and wistfully nostalgic, it’s California how the world longs to see it: Perfect.


Tetreault made two pilgrimages out west this summer. Check out a few photos above, and his LA travel notes below.

Best Coffee Shop: Intelligentsia in Pasadena. They even have a craft beer and wine bar. Crazy.

Best Food: A Mexican spot in Santa Monica, can’t remember the name. Then there’s In-N-Out

Best Record Shop: Amoeba—they have a huge vinyl, VHS, and punk/hardcore poster section.

Best Spot to Shoot: I traveled to the Mojave Desert, out to this canyon where they shot a couple scenes of Star Trek, which was truly breathtaking. Between that and the beaches and canyons in Malibu, it’s really hard to choose.

Best People-Watching: Hollywood. Between the crazies and the superheroes, it’s inevitably entertaining.

Weirdest Moment in LA: Probably when this drunk girl I had never met before gave me the keys to her tricked-out Mercedes SUV for the night with a full tank of gas, just asking for me to pick her up “later.”


Photos ©Evan Tetreault. View his Portfolio and follow him on Tumblr.

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