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What happens when our Men’s Shop video team goes to Las Vegas during Market Week? They run into Pharrell. They get down to brass tacks with up-and-coming design heroes. And they make some movie magic—amidst three furious days of menswear trade shows.

Watch the interview clips above to learn about the humble beginnings, advanced technology, and DIY ethos behind today’s best denim brands—then shop our Editor’s Picks below to start your quest for a new favorite pair. (Catch part 1 of our Vegas-trip Editor’s Picks here.)

L-R: Natural Selection | Levi’s Made & Crafted | 7 For All Mankind | Baldwin | Nudie

L-R: BLK DNM | AG Jeans | Hudson | Lee 101 USA | Raleigh Denim


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Levi’s for Every Occasion

If the Wieden+Kennedy-produced spot above doesn’t have you convinced that Levi’s® are the ideal pants for acing a presentation, riding your bike, teaching a class, falling in love, nailing a cello audition, and sprinting down an alleyway to the sounds of dramatic spoken-word poetry, then consider this: The San Francisco-founded brand’s heritage, dating back to 1873, makes these jeans and chinos a time-tested gift for yourself—or any guy on your list who appreciates pants.

We currently have more Levi’s in stock than ever before. Check out some favorites below, or shop our full selection of Levi’s.

Made & Crafted. Levi’s are incredible because you can get into a solidly constructed, great-fitting pair of pants starting around $58 bucks. For true denim-heads and fans of supreme American craftsmanship, though, there’s the next-level Levi’s known as Levi’s Made & Crafted™. Visit the Library at the brand’s official site to learn about the impressive degree of meticulous, turn-of-the-century-inspired handiwork these garments undergo.

Above, L-R (all by Levi’s Made & Crafted): ‘Cutter’ Relaxed Straight-Leg Jeans
‘Ruler’ Straight-Leg Jeans in ‘Indigo Rigid’ and ‘Sparkling’


Non-Blues. One of our Rail Dept. buyers, Daniel, called our attention to a shade he fondly refers to as ‘workwear khaki’—a dark, rich beige that borders olive or brown. His favorite pair is the 511™ skinny twill pants above and to the left. Noting their slightly dressier slant pockets, he said: “It’s a cool, versatile style that bridges the gap between chinos and a normal 5-pocket design.”

Above, L-R: Levi’s 511 Skinny-Leg Pants | Levi’s 511 Jeans in ‘Heavy Dobby Caraway’
Levi’s Made & Crafted ‘Drill’ Cotton & Linen Chinos


Fits for a King. From the old-school original 501™ to the trim-fitting 511, Levi’s literally makes a fit for every guy. Here’s a range of fits, in dark neutrals ideal for the office.

Above, L-R (all by Levi’s): 511 Coated Slim Straight-Leg Jeans | 501 Straight-Leg Jeans in ‘Rigid Grey’
514™ Slim Straight-Leg Jeans


A print ad from the video campaign above, by ad agency Wieden+Kennedy—the same people responsible for bizarre catch phrases like “I’m on a horse” and implausible mash-ups like Kobe Bryant x Robert Rodriguez.



[Video and print ad courtesy of Levi’s®.]


GQ Selects: October Look #4

Levi’s® Made & Crafted™ and the guys at Rag & Bone are masters when it comes to modernizing heritage-steeped garments. Here, a sweater inspired by centuries-old Irish fishing tradition and a coat modeled after the 6th Earl of Chesterfield (1805–1866) have never looked better.


Rag & Bone ‘Coldhayes’ Long Coat. Every guy needs a topcoat this season, and luckily there are tons of options out there from which to choose. We love this updated Chesterfield from rag & bone that maintains the hallmarks of the classic style, velvet collar included, while getting that cool edge the duo does so well thanks to a superb fit. A coat like this should always be cut on the trim side, so whether you put it over a three-piece suit or a T-shirt, you’ll always cut a sharp line.”
—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director
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Levi’s Made & Crafted Cable-Knit, Shawl-Collar Sweater. A cable-knit sweater is really an essential piece of knitwear every guy needs this season but, rather than reaching for an all-over weave, we really like the look of these chunkier, fisherman-style sweaters. They have a handsome heft to them but aren’t as weighty as true wool ones. The great thing about this one by Levi’s Made & Crafted is the added, abbreviated shawl collar that nicely frames any shirt you put underneath.”
—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director
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