Malcolm in the Middle

The fifth and final season of AMC’s addictive science-teacher-gone-meth-kingpin saga, Breaking Bad, premieres this Sunday at 10/9c.

Critics call it the best show on TV—maybe ever. New fans have been known to binge-watch the first four seasons in the span of four days to catch up. Bryan Cranston three-peated the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama, 2008–2010, for his role as inexplicably likable lead-villain Walter White. (You can’t truly fathom his range as an actor until you’ve caught a Malcolm in the Middle episode or two.)

Usually it’s not the increasingly dire catastrophes, so much as the nail-biting ways in which the characters escape them, that are so riveting to watch. In a series this uncompromising, though, it’s unlikely everyone’s luck will last. Tune in Sunday to watch everything go horribly wrong—in the best possible way.

Further Reading: GQ did a great interview with Aaron Paul, who plays White’s often-drug-addled, occasionally heroic (and recently double-crossed) right-hand man Jesse Pinkman. Read it here.


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