Tomorrow marks one year since the day rapper, musician, film director, human rights activist, and all-around hero Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch (above, right), of legendary hip-hop trio the Beastie Boys, passed away. So pour out some Pacifico this Cinco de Mayo weekend, and cue up Paul’s Boutique on your turntable. Here are a few Beastie Boys classics to get you started—a couple of which showcase MCA’s considerable skill on the bass guitar.


In other Beastie news, remaining members Mike D (Michael Diamond) and Ad-Rock (Adam Horovitz) have signed on to write/curate an experimental memoir of sorts. The New York Times describes the upcoming book as “in keeping with the group’s hypereclectic style…a pastiche of voices, images, irreverent humor and pop-culture reference points.” Look for it in fall 2015.


[Top photo by Ari Marcopoulos, via Videos © Beastie Boys, Capitol Records and Grand Royal. Bottom photo via the internet. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


Shepard Fairey is a busy guy. You might have heard of him if you caught 2011’s Oscar-nominated street-art film Exit Through the Gift Shop. He designed one of the most iconic presidential posters of all time. Tens of thousands of posters and stickers carrying the obscure Andre the Giant imagery he created in college now adorn streets from Chicago to Stockholm. And his fine-art pieces (examples above) now grace gallery walls in The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, MoMA in NYC, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and more.

But that’s just for starters. Here’s a sample of what else he’s been up to:


Fairey recently designed two billboards in downtown LA, memorializing the late, great Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch of the Beastie Boys.


He collaborated with Neil Young to create 11 original posters—one for each song on Young’s upcoming album of traditional folk songs, Americana.


Fairey contributed artwork to Honor the Treaties, a short documentary about a photographer’s advocacy work for Native American Rights.


He even lent some exclusive artwork—plus the rights to his origin story, including the infamous ‘Mayor Buddy Cianci’ incident—to a 22-year-old film student at his alma mater. (The image directly above is a still from the student’s Social Network-inspired film.)


The man apparently sleeps 12 minutes a night, because after all that, Fairey still finds time to put out some of the best T-shirts, snap-backs, shorts and more, via his clothing label Obey.

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