(Images and captions via Jorge Valls; L: Marni finale. Beautiful new takes on traditional menswear ideas. R: Morning walk in Florence. Gorgeous!)

Here’s your chance to visit Florence and Milan for Men’s Fashion Week. (We’re gonna take you via IG, holmes!) Images with commentary are courtesy of Nordstrom Men’s Fashion Office Director Jorge Valls. Florence is above; everything else is Milan.

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Fashion Week is a myth. Well, maybe more like a misnomer. While the seasonal proceedings in each global metropolis (New York, London, Milan, Paris) last approximately seven days, the cumulative tour spans more like a month.

Which is to say that Nordstrom’s traveling trend spotter, Crystal Nicodemus, is practically a decathlete. Amidst days on end spent fighting jet lag and jogging between the venues of every major women’s runway show, she still scores shot after killer shot of the world’s best dressed.

Keep reading for additional highlights from Crystal’s social anthropology of the female of the species in London and Milan (as observed on our sister blog, The Thread)—blue-haired mermaids, stiletto-clad cyclists and all.

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See the shows and street style of Milan Fashion Week through the masterful photographic lens of Joshua Woods. Keep reading for the full gallery—including an up-close look at collections from Belstaff and DSquared2—see Josh’s London journal here, and watch for his dispatch from Paris coming soon.

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How great is this picture of picture-takers?

The rogues’ gallery of street-style photographers above—snapped on the streets of Milan by our fashion-week guest editor, Australian blogger Zanita Morgan—goes to show that all-black everything is a look that’s not just for mimes and punk rockers. The lensmen above pull it off with aplomb in a variety of styles, from a classic black T-shirt to more avant-garde drop-crotch pants. The muted palette makes it all about fit and accessories, calling attention to their individualized selections in shoes, hats, glasses, beards, and of course high-tech hardware. [SHOP BLACK.]

And then there’s the shot below—evidence that the fairer sex doesn’t look half bad in all black, either. For more photos by Zanita, from Fashion Weeks around the world, visit our sister blog, The Thread.


There’s no rest for the weary when it comes to Fashion Week (which, between London, Milan and Paris becomes more like Fashion Month). After some stellar shows in London last week (like Burberry and Rag & Bone), this past weekend was packed with heavy hitters in Milan. Check out videos of some of the best Spring/Summer 2014 shows below. [Above: Neil Barrett, via Bruce Pask’s Instagram.]

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Things you should know:

1. We launched a new online destination this week for The Rail—which is a men’s department in our stores, yes, but also an amalgamation of the clothes, ideas and events we find interesting at any given moment. CHECK OUT THE RAIL—bookmark it, live it, love it, etc.

2. For said Rail launch, we shot a ton of images in the nooks and crannies of Brooklyn a few weeks ago, with modern-day Renaissance men like model/artist/on-screen personality Ivan Olita (above, in sunglasses). Take in large amounts of inspiration at Ivan’s webstite. And play with his face here—if you’re into that kind of thing.

3. It turns out that Fashion Week, despite all its stony-faced models and austere stage designs, gets kind of wild after dark. Check out the hijinks that Ivan, a native Italian, partook of at Milan Fashion Week in the video below—all at the wise request of V Magazine. (And, if you missed it, catch up on our own Fashion Week coverage: for men and women.)

4. On the subject of V Magazine: Seen this video teaser of their Kate Moss x Rihanna article yet? Now you have. Happy Friday.


For the final installment in our three-part series with renowned street-style artiste Karl-Edwin Guerre (pronounced ‘Gear’) of, his travels lead us to Milan, Italy, where—betwixt runway shows and hearty plates of pasta—he captured stunning imagery of the Men’s Fashion Week set, as well as the city itself. One conclusion that’s impossible not to draw: The world’s best ‘menswear’ isn’t just for men.

Having covered Guerre’s photographic process last time, today we delve into the personal tastes of a man who, one might deduce from his photos alone, appreciates life’s most subtle pleasures. Read on for the conclusion of our Q&A, and catch up on past posts with Guerre here: Packing Tips | Pitti Uomo Street Style

[Shot by Guerre for
Top image: Esther Quek of The Rake, via]

MEN’S SHOP DAILY: When did you first become interested in personal style? Did you care about clothing as a kid?
GUERRE: “I lived in Haiti from age 10 to 15, and there was a period that I went to a private school where you had to wear a uniform. This was my first experience with a tailor, and while it didn’t mean much at 12, it certainly stayed with me as I approached adulthood. While I was in the states, it was about looking like your peers, and little by little, brands were important. After a brief moment of following the crowd, I realized I wanted to express myself in other ways—and personal style became one of those ways.”

[Shot by Guerre for]

You’ve said in the past that you don’t follow runway trends too closely—but what emerging themes are you noticing out in the wild?
Knits are strong. I’m seeing blazers over bubble vests (not for everyone), and big scarfs are also a big trend (blanket-large as opposed to knit long).”

[Shot by Guerre, exclusive to Men’s Shop Daily.]

Do you have a favorite photograph of all time? What about it inspires you?
“I try not to have a singular favorite of anything. I may have a favorite at the moment. Great photography evokes emotion, so my favorite (at the time) would be one that evokes an emotion that I’d like to evoke at that moment.”


Your current favorite film?
In the Mood for Love by Wong Kar Wai.”


Favorite music?
“Depends on my mood. Sometimes it’s jazz, sometimes classical, sometimes Afro Beat, sometimes ’80s.”

[Shot by Guerre for]

Favorite food?

[Shot by Guerre, exclusive to Men’s Shop Daily.]

Favorite era in history?
“The ’70s.”

[Shot by Guerre for]

Favorite city?
“Culturally: Paris, France…


“…For peace of mind: Port-au-Prince…

[Stylist Tina Leung, via]

“…For coziness: Milan, Italy…

[Shot by Guerre, exclusive to Men’s Shop Daily.]

“…And for go-getter attitude: New York, USA.”

[Shot by Guerre for]

An essential part of your morning routine?
“A good tea from Mariage Frères.”

[Shot by Guerre for]

Your preferred way to unwind?
“A night at home.”

[Shot by Guerre for]

What are some of your favorite places in Florence and Milan?
“In Florence, I make it a point to try new places each time. So in all honesty, I don’t try to remember places knowing I’ll be trying something new the next time. As cliché as it may seem, one of the things I enjoy is Ponte Vecchio and shopping at the little artisan market.

[Shot by Guerre, exclusive to Men’s Shop Daily.]

“…As for Milan, I enjoy Grom for gelato, and I found a great restaurant by way of an Italian friend called Ristorante Da Oscar.”

[Shot by Guerre for]

What is the general feeling you get from each city—Florence and Milan?
“There’s a certain coziness about both these cities that I like, because of their size and also because Italians have this unique sense of hospitality that would tend to make you feel at home.”

[Sarah Ann Murray of The Rake, via]

Best advice you’ve received, or a quotation that hits home?
“Dreams are for people who sleep, vision for those who strive.”


Adept on either side of the lens.
Karl-Edwin Guerre, photographed by Jason Jean of Citizen Couture.


[All photos, except the last, are by Karl-Edwin Guerre of Photos taken for except where noted otherwise. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


John Varvatos, Detroit-born menswear designer (and rock aficionado—he built his flagship store inside the legendary punk-club ruins of CBGB), unveiled his latest collection over the weekend in Milan. Expanding on the brand’s core aesthetic of English dandy meets NYC snarl, next Fall’s clothes seem to explore references that reach even further, resulting in a vibe that spans time, geography, and works of fiction. One song remains the same: As dressed-up as Varvatos’ gents get, one always gets the impression they can hold their liquor…and hold their own in a dark alley.

Boardwalk Vampire. Part prohibition-era Buscemi, with a drop of Bram Stoker. Varvatos’ razor-sharp tailoring goes shady and sinister.

Oxblood & Ink. Whereas Jil Sander’s color pops are primary, Varvatos’ are muted and moody.

Young Guns. Weathered textures, cocked brims and beat-up boots took a left-turn from East Coast to Wild West. (Click images to enlarge.)



…And watch the complete Fall/Winter 2013 runway show
at the official John Varvatos YouTube channel.


[First three photos courtesy of John Varvatos. Individual looks courtesy of]


The mecca of new menswear, Milan Men’s Fashion Week, commenced over the weekend. Keep it here for recaps of our favorite collections for Fall/Winter 2013. To catch up on last season, click here.

[Photo via the Nordstrom Men’s Shop Instagram.]


With the elite menswear trade show Pitti Uomo commencing today in Florence, Italy, there’s little doubt the internet will soon be rife with sprezz-laden street-style shots of the world’s best-dressed gents.

Luckily, one needn’t look further than this very site to spot the cream of the crop. We’re honored and privileged to have one of the best international correspondents we could ask for, Karl-Edwin Guerre of, on deck to send back snapshots of everything that catches his refined eye in Florence this week—as well as at Milan Fashion Week later this month.

Known simply as Guerre (pronounced ‘Gear’) to those who know him, this world traveler and pro photographer is a man of timeless taste. Intentionally impervious to fluctuating trends du jour, he prefers to shop for fabric and have custom clothing made to spec. His worst vice? A sip of port and top-shelf chocolate after each major accomplishment (which we’ll point out, if he won’t, are numerous). His best advice for fellow gentlemen? The simple things: Master the omelet, buy an antique, vacation solo.

In other words, Guerre’s personal mantra, ‘The art of details,’ applies to all aspects of life—from what he wears, to how he shoots, to how he prepares for a stylish business trip to Italy. Below, Guerre shares his thoughts on packing well while traveling abroad:

“Packing is one of those things that can be tedious when getting ready to travel. It’s about getting everything needed while still minimizing the load. There remain a few constants on every trip regardless of the city: For starters, I take two bags—my carry-on and a bag that gets checked in.

“Among my favorite items and must-haves that reside in my carry-on: A fountain pen, a Moleskine or other journal, a good book (I refuse to do e-books), quality sunglasses, my watch case from Quood, and a sentimental watch. The computer and camera accessories are always near, as are a bag of (plantain) chips and—being an East Flatbush, Brooklyn boy—a few photos that remind me that there’s nothing better than what awaits me at home (when not traveling with me).”

“The suitcase carries the expected: The clothing, cologne, and The Art of Shaving items. An evening suit is a must, and this trip, I’m packing some colorful laces for my favorite boots and wingtips.

“How do I pack? Efficiently. It’s all about the right pieces, blazers folded well, and camera always handy.”



As much as we’ve said about Mr. Guerre, his work really speaks for itself. Here’s a taste of what you can expect from Pitti and Milan in the weeks to come, courtesy of Guerre’s past work at (Click each image to enlarge):


[Portrait of Guerre by Elisabetta Marzetti of The Chic Beat. Read her Q&A with Guerre here. Quotes and all other photos by Karl-Edwin Guerre of Individuals featured do not endorse Nordstrom.]