Oregon Ducks

Our corporate headquarters in Seattle is a stone’s throw from the University of Washington, and our office is packed with UW alums—however, this being a style blog, we have to touch on the University of Oregon’s reputation as steeziest team in the league.

Thanks to Oregon-based Nike, the Jedi masters of sports design, the Oregon Ducks have a rotating, interchangeable lineup of helmets, jerseys and pants, which the team combines in different ways each week. Ducks fans love it; others might view it as unnecessary fashion theatrics. To each their own.

What’s hard to dispute, though, is that the team backs up sartorial tricks with serious game. With standouts like a lightning-fast running back who played peewee football under coach Snoop Lion (aka Snoop Dogg—yes, really) and a freshman quarterback from Hawaii who’s ice-cold under pressure, the Ducks are fun to watch on multiple levels.

Here’s a few of their bolder color combos so far this season, plus a video that summarizes Nike’s technical innovations—while previewing the all-white everything Oregon will wear tomorrow against USC.

Oregon Ducks vs. Colorado Buffaloes, 70-14

Ducks vs. Arizona State Sun Devils, 43-21

Ducks vs. Fresno State Bulldogs, 42-25

Ducks vs. Arkansas State Red Wolves, 57-34


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[Photos by Thomas Boyd, courtesy of The Oregonian / Oregonlive.com.]