(Images and captions via Jorge Valls; L: One of the less “exposed” looks from the Rick Owens show, R: Drive-by of the Eiffel Tower–always looks dramatic in black and white.)

First we hit you with that Italian action and now it’s time for the French connection. Paris Men’s Fashion Week snapshots and commentary courtesy Nordstrom Men’s Fashion Office Director Jorge Valls:

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One of them is a multilingual Fashion Week veteran who’s lived in Portugal, Belgium and Spain. The other is a first-timer whose hobbies include motorcycles, IPA and minimalist sneakers. They both work here at Nordstrom HQ—and they both had a hell of a time in Europe last month for Fashion Week.

Keep reading to see selected Instagram pics by our colleagues Jorge Valls and Dan Drewes—and read their notes on favorite spring/summer 2015 fashion shows, travel tips and more.

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See the shows and street style of Paris Fashion Week through the masterful photographic lens of Joshua Woods. Keep reading for the full gallery—including an up-close look at collections by Paul Smith, Rick Owens, and AMI Alexandre Mattiussi—and if you missed them, catch up on Josh’s photo journals from London and Milan.

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Yesterday marked the grand opening of our French Fling Pop-In Shop—a curated selection of eclectic and often exclusive French-themed goods from Rodarte, Kitsuné, A.P.C. and many more. We celebrated here in Seattle by throwing a packed soirée with free PBR, a crêpe truck, and vintage-surf-tinged tunes by amazing pop-punk band La Sera.

At both the in-store shop and the after-party, our friends documented the stylish debauchery via le Instagram. The photos below are our favorites collected from hashtag #NordstromPOP.

[Above: exclusive Saint James Breton-stripe T-shirt.
Photo by @brillapalooza.]

[Photos by @donovanonavan and @nordstromsea.]

[Photos by @artofwore and @espionsecret.]

[Photos by @nordstromchi and @saob79.
Shop: Proenza Schouler backpack.]

[Photos by @stylematrix and @donovanonavan
Shop: Surrealism in Paris book.]

[Photos by @brennaericson and @galendriver.]

[Photos by @carlystarr and @nordstromchi.
Shop: Kenzo sweatshirt.]

[Photos by @brianpaquette and @nordstrom.]

[L: Nordstrom party-people. It was hard to find a shot without lewd gestures.
R: The aftermath—VIP wristband and forgotten free-crêpe token.
Photos by @donovanonavan and @dandrewes.]

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A few more Editor’s Picks from the French Fling Pop-In Shop. (See our previous picks here.)

L-R: A.P.C. hoodie | Cuisse de Grenouille belt | Kitsuné T-shirt | Cuisse de Grenouille knit tie
Cuisse de Grenouille polka-dot flannel shirt


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Finally, to end your workweek on the right note, a few favorite songs
from our after-party house band La Sera:


Fries. Toast. Kissing. Brigitte Bardot. Champagne. Tiny bulldogs. Plastic Bertrand. Even though the latter (above) rose to international stardom for lip-syncing another guy’s work (the original Milli Vanilli?), the song he made famous is still damn catchy—and one more excuse to raise a glass to all things French.

The above influences and countless more are the raison d’être behind French Fling, our first in a series of Pop-In Shops. Curated by Olivia Kim, Nordstrom’s Director of Creative Projects (and former Creative Director at Opening Ceremony), each Pop-In will feature a collection of goods, including limited-edition and exclusive items, that rally around a specific theme.

This month, said theme is the home of Kenzo sweatshirts, A.P.C. candles—and even a snapback that can parlez-vous français. Next month—who knows? Shop a few of our favorites below, and look for more from our Pop-In Shops coming soon.

Kenzo Paris sweatshirt | A.P.C. candle | New Era cap | Saint James T-shirt | Hedi Slimane book



Having knocked the collective socks off the menswear industry last week (no small feat when most of whom are still clutching at summer sockless-ness) with his impeccable vision of Spring ’14 (look toward the bottom of this post), what do you think Iowa-born designer Todd Snyder immediately did? A) Sleep for 50 consecutive hours; B) Go to Disney World; C) Cross the pond for a little R&R—and of course, more work.

If you guessed C, treat yourself to an extra Guinness on this glorious Wednesday. While the self-professed workaholic’s shot of Europe’s finest shearling, above, first caught our eye (and got us jazzed for Fall) this morning, the pics below kept us scrolling. Check out the view from Snyder’s Paris hotel, the designer’s favorite London hat shop, an epic victory in the form of actor Justin Theroux rocking Todd Snyder + Champion on the cover of GQ, and much more—all on Todd Snyder’s official Instagram feed.

…And while those Autumn tones match our current mood to a T, a pop of color is always welcome:


Shop Todd’s fall collection
Read our exclusive Q&A
Get Todd’s tips on office decorum


Our global street-style survey continues with a fresh batch of photos from roving correspondent Crystal Nicodemus—this time from Paris Fashion Week a few days ago. Re-create your favorite looks with the links below, and catch up with more street-style inspiration from London and New York.

The coordinating couples theme continues. We appreciate the subtle approach seen here, but to each their own.
[shop his look: sweaters | fedoras]

Digging this woman’s retro Nikes.
[shop his look: lightweight jackets | gloves | jeans]

What skirt? Call it a kilt. The brand behind this man’s shark-jaw hoodie, Givenchy, is available at selected Nordstrom stores—but re-create parts of his look here.
[shop: hoodies | baseball hats | high-tops]

This duo is harmonizing on a rare frequency. They varied the scale of their stripes, and his facial hair even matches her ombré highlights. Kudos.
[shop his look: overcoats | vests | dress shirts | sunglasses]

Classic windowpane pattern, with a Piet Mondrian twist.
[shop: coats | bags | shave]

shop: scarves | wool coats

shop: leather jackets | wayfarer shades

Color-blocking at its best.
[shop: red coats | orange pants | yellow shirts | beanies | backpacks | loafers]

Not sure who makes this Navajo-meets-military coat—but the jeans are by Nudie.
[shop: utility coats | sweaters | jeans]

[Photos by Crystal Nicodemus. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


Paris Street Style: Part Deux

Our very own street-shooting woman, Crystal Nicodemus, sent home a fresh batch of menswear from the bustling avenues of Paris Fashion Week. What’s the scene like on the ground over there? In Crystal’s words— “Summary: Soooooooooooo cold! Really, truly freezing.” That didn’t stop her from snagging shot after shot, between snow flurries, of well-turned-out runway patrons; in fact, all the better for capturing a wide cross-section of killer coats. DBs seem to be reigning supreme, with pops of orange and plaid making appearances. Scroll down to see for yourself—and in case you missed it, catch Crystal’s previous post featuring Kanye West, Tommy Ton, Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist and many more.

These two are ahead of the curve on emerging runway trends like turtlenecks and oversized outerwear.
(Shop: Turtlenecks | Double-Breasted Coats & Suits)

Shop: Boots | Bags

Shop: Peacoats | Overcoats
Varsity Jackets | Cords | Wingtips

This walking work of art looks like it came straight off a runway.
(In case you haven’t noticed, wearing your coat like a cape is the new killing it in 2013.)

Shop: Vests | Plaid Coats
Leather Jackets | Hoodies | Blazers

Shop: Camo | T-shirts

Shop: Scarves | Utility Coats | Backpacks
Bomber Jackets | Toggle Details | Snapback Hats

Shop: Shearling | Overcoats | Double-Breasted Coats & Suits

Shop: Peacoats | Newsboy Hats | Insulated Coats | Beanies | Jeans | Boots
Trench Coats | Sweaters | Chinos | Lightweight Jackets | Scarves

Eugene Tong (R) of Details Magazine.
(Shop: Utility Coats | Cardigans | Insulated Coats | Overcoats | Sunglasses | Sneakers)


[All photos by Crystal Nicodemus. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


Crystal Nicodemus, our very own street-style photographer, is in Paris as we speak—roaming alleyways, lurking outside shows, and generally on the prowl for the crème de la menswear crème during Paris Men’s Fashion Week. She caught so many iconic moments (including exclusive pics of Kanye West, Scott Schuman, Tommy Ton and more) that it was near impossible to edit down to a favorite few. Here’s a cavalcade of sartorial inspiration; stay tuned for even more from Crystal’s Paris trip in the days to come.

Shop: Denim Jackets | Sweatpants | All Things Camel
Trench Coats | Boots | Black Jeans

Austin Wong (in grey herringbone) wearing Thom Browne,
alongside expert lensman Tommy Ton (in orange).

Shop: Pink Socks | Peacoats

Scott Schuman: The Sartorialist himself.

From top: Creative proportions. (Shop: Bomber Jackets)
Bad Boy for life. (Shop: Backpacks)
Americana in Paris. (Shop: Wingtips | Scarves)

Another glimpse of Kanye West between shows.

From top—Shop: Sneakers | Sweaters | Leather Jackets



[All photos by Crystal Nicodemus. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


Our street-style photographer, Crystal, sent home way more killer photos from Paris Fashion Week than we could cram into a single post. Here’s a fresh batch of the trad-vs-avant-garde fashion mash-ups for which Parisians (and visiting dignitaries alike) seem to have a knack.

See more of Crystal’s work here: Paris Men Part 1 | London Men Part 1 and Part 2 | New York Women Part 1 and Part 2


[Photos by Crystal Nicodemus.]