throwbackthursdaypatternedshirtThe styling of her scarf tucked into her belt is amazing. And yet how can you look at this image from our 1993 fall catalog and see anything other than the guy’s shirt with birds all over it?

Purple birds next to navy pants, the colors related but different, the simplicity of the pants next to the complexity of the shirt pattern. All great.

This fall, may your shirt be loud. May your pants be chill. And may you be lucky enough to be photographed with a beautiful woman who does interesting things with scarves.

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When it comes to summer shoes, have you thought about going the patterned route? It’s kind of like wearing a loud shirt on your feet. Definitely a fun way to reconsider your outfit. Recommended for resisting anonymity.

These adidas Fluxes are very hot and a good place to start.

Dig a little deeper through our offerings, though, and you’ll find smaller, high-quality brands that your friends might not be up on–until you lace the function with conversation-starting footwear: California-based Thorocraft is worth checking out; so is Filling Pieces, out of Amsterdam.

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Gritty Knits: Missoni Fall 2013

Missoni, an Italian fashion house founded in 1953, is known far and wide for its innovative experimentation with eye-shocking patterns in wildly varying shades. Sixty years in, the brand is still family-operated, with Angela Missoni serving as menswear designer. (Her daughter, model/heiress/accessories designer Margherita Missoni, offered GQ some salient dating tips earlier this year.) By varying the color and configurations of the brand’s signature stripes, plaids, zigzags and speckles, Angela Missoni’s recent collections can come off as space-age and streamlined (see the current Spring collection) or earthy and ancient—the latter being the case for Fall/Winter 2013, which melds Italian swagger with a palette that reflects the rugged American West: from desolate plains and grand canyons to lush wilderness.

Controlled Doses. Sometimes a dab of pattern is all you need—like on a vest layered over your jean jacket, or a statement sweater that stands alone. Click the guy in the middle to see the subtle pattern in his pants, and on the panels under his arms.

Pattern on Pattern. It wouldn’t be a Missoni show if some of the looks didn’t go all in. Click the images for closer looks at how color, texture and scale subtly interplay—and make these bold mixes totally work.


…And view the complete Fall/Winter 2013 slideshow at

[First photo by Jorge Valls, via the official Nordstrom Men’s Shop Instagram. Individual looks courtesy of]

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