Pop-In@Nordstrom New Classics

What’s in a name? Sometimes, a lot—at least as far as we can tell when it comes to Arc’teryx-sponsored athlete Roger Strong. We caught up with the professional outdoorsman as he drove down to this year’s Pacific Crest Trail Days hoopla (before jetting off to France for a global Arc’teryx meeting—ah, the good life) to chat about his go-to pistes, favorite Arc’teryx gear and, yes, getting caught in an avalanche.


Image courtesy of Roger

Strong and Joe Stock

In honor of the exclusive his-and-hers Beta LT Jackets that we’re carrying at Pop-In@Nordstrom New Classics, our buds over at Arc’teryx put us in touch with Strong, an avid climber (and skier and fisherman and kiteboarder…) who’s been a sponsored athlete for 15 years and living the vertical life since his childhood in the wilderness goldmine of Denver.

Click this link to fly off a mountain with Roger


To commemorate our Pop-In@Nordstrom New Classics collab and Filson‘s imminent new flagship unveiling, we got inside one of the coolest and oldest Northwest brands to tour the production spaces in a rare state of flux.

We also hung out with their highly specialized elite taskforce Filson Restoration Department, or FRD.

Filson factory tour.

We’ll get into the FRD in a moment.

First, A Little History: The original Filson flagship and full-scale production studio (known today as third base at Seattle’s Safeco Field, adjacent in the SoDo area of town) was once the premier stop for prospectors during the Alaska Gold Rush. And though it’s been a few minutes as they say since 1897, that same indomitable spirit definitely lives on within the company’s factories and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Ready for the full Filson? Click through.