Our Men’s Shop video team is on-site at Project, Agenda, and Liberty menswear trade shows in Las Vegas this week. By day, they’re documenting the thoughts and deeds of the great men and women behind some of our favorite brands (as well as photographing the best-dressed buyers, bloggers and brand reps, as seen here). By night, who knows what they’re doing. It’s Vegas. As long as they don’t come home with a tiger and missing teeth à la The Hangover, we’re not going to ask.

L: Marcus Troy and photographer Naskademini. | R: Killer pattern mixing. And strong suede-loafer game, to boot.

L: Quite possibly the perfect pair of chinos. | R: Every man’s shorts and sneakers should look this polished.

L: Erik Joule of Alternative. | R: The dapper men at the Gant booth.


Our team also ran into Pharrell Williams—literally. Check out the ‘uncontrollably giddy’ affect he seems to have on every woman he comes in contact with:

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[Street-style photos by Matthew Sumi. Pharrell photos by Melia McGee and David Bishop. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]