Depending on where you hang your (rain)hat, winters have a well-earned reputation for grey, wet weather. While there are crisp, clear blue days on occasion—we promise—our style usually has to fight the rain while our moods battle the gloom. But you get used to it and you make it work.

Coffee, sunboxes, alcohol, vitamin D and raincoats help.

Stutterheim Stockholm raincoat
A good water-resistant jacket seems to protect your clothes and your soul when the climate is particularly dreary. New, design-minded companies like Stockholm-based Stutterheim are creating contemporary coats that not only stop the wind and rain from dampening clothes, but, with handmade craftsmanship and clean silhouettes, also look good even when the weather is rearing its ugly head. And that, in turn, makes us kind of happy.

Here’s what you need to know about the company that has as its motto “Swedish Melancholy at Its Driest.”



“For us, this is the gold standard when it comes to buying that raincoat that you’re going to wear over a business suit, on the weekends, on every trip imaginable. The color is perfect because it references a traditional tan raincoat, but the people at Jack Spade have warmed-up the hue to make it more skin-tone friendly. It’s cut trim and a bit shorter than normal, which gives it a more contemporary edge, and the orange interior ensures you’re not wearing your dad’s old vintage raincoat.

Form follows function in the details, like bonded seams that keep out the water, and gussets under the armholes that help the rubberized cotton breathe. There’s no lining, so it’s easy to throw on over your heaviest flannel wool suit or fisherman sweater or even a hoodie. This is a raincoat fit for running errands or for a meeting with the CEO.”

—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director


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