Richard Linklater

If you’re an avid reader of our sister blog, The Thread, you might have caught our recent coverage of the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF)—including a Q&A with its organizers, photos from its opening-night Jimi Hendrix flick, and a look at menswear mastermind Raf Simons’ new gig.

SIFF is the biggest festival of its kind—this year’s consisted of 435 films screened back-to-back at multiple venues during the course of 25 days—and while we hit upon a few highlights, we couldn’t come close to seeing it all. Which is why we asked our Nordstrom colleague Liz Marklewicz (a film buff whose fiancé gave her a SIFF pass as a gift—take note on that one, guys) to catch us up.

Keep reading to preview Liz’s three favorite SIFF flicks—which encompass Australian musician Nick Cave, Dazed & Confused director Richard Linklater, Elisabeth Moss of Mad Men and more.

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