The star of all-star jam “FourFiveSeconds” is definitely Rihanna, singing hard and being a badass and crying, performing with Sir Paul McCartney and the current King of Pop, Kanye West. Not the first time McCartney has collaborated with the K.o.P., BTW.

But from a style POV? The star is Rihanna’s jean jacket and leather-belt-tied-like-a-tie combo. Kanye West did the styling, selecting vintage Sean Jean denim. Which means for all you retro trend watchers out there, it’s time dig up your late-’90s/turn-of-the-millennium hip-hop gear like Fubu and Karl Kani.

That’s the fashion tip.

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–Andrew Matson


It would seem that the phenomenon of reality TV cannibalizing music-video stations has relieved a great deal of pressure on musicians to make their clips primetime-ready. In other words, we won’t be posting Rihanna’s latest, self-described “explicit” video on this particular, mostly family-friendly blog.

We will, however, note our admiration for the tattooed chanteuse’s new cover for British GQ, in collaboration with artist Damien Hirst. Not because we’re devoted reptile lovers, but because—in a Halloween market flooded with quote-unquote “sexy” costumes for the female species (sexy nurse! sexy maid! sexy lunch lady! examined in essay form by one of our favorite lady bloggers, Man Repeller Leandra Medine, here)—Rihanna’s alluring Medusa motif achieves a rare feat: It’s actually kind of scary.

We wish you luck convincing your better half that this would make the perfect foil to your frightened Indiana Jones rig while taking the kids out trick-or-treating Thursday night. In the meantime, see Rihanna’s Instagram feed for outtakes from the shoot. (Just don’t make eye contact.)

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Editor’s Picks to increase your Halloween fright factor:

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Topman mummy socks | Paul Smith skull cuff links | Topman skeleton bodysuit


Well, all the underdogs we’d been pulling for (Grizzlies! Warriors! Pacers!) have officially fallen, and the perhaps-inevitable grudge match between the high-flying, reigning-champ Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs’ methodical phalanx of wily veterans is set to tip off tonight.

We have a general idea of whom Rihanna (above) will be rooting for. What about you?

For our part, after the cringe-worthy tantrum 2013 MVP LeBron James exhibited below—upon being called for an offensive foul during Miami’s failed comeback against Indiana in that series’ recent Game 6—we’re not sure we can feel good about having his back at the moment. (Pat Riley’s face at 0:15 says it all.)

Whichever bandwagon you’re ready to jump on, we have the appropriate gear to show your team spirit:

Strideline ‘Texas’ Socks | Banner 47 ‘Miami Heat’ T-shirt


Tune in to ABC tonight at 6:00pm Pacific
to see how Game 1 shakes out.


[Photo via Rihanna’s official Instagram; video © TNT and the NBA. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


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3. It turns out that Fashion Week, despite all its stony-faced models and austere stage designs, gets kind of wild after dark. Check out the hijinks that Ivan, a native Italian, partook of at Milan Fashion Week in the video below—all at the wise request of V Magazine. (And, if you missed it, catch up on our own Fashion Week coverage: for men and women.)

4. On the subject of V Magazine: Seen this video teaser of their Kate Moss x Rihanna article yet? Now you have. Happy Friday.