With the inaugural night of Hanukkah in the bag, it’s likely your sharp-witted whippersnapper has already ferreted out the box that contained the new Xbox One or PS4. (Or, if you’re a savvy dad who enjoys instilling a sense of delayed gratification—you’ve wisely hidden it in the dark recesses of your home’s most unsuspecting closet until the eighth crazy night.)

Either way, you’ll need some smaller surprises to offset the gaming console (or other mother-lode, holy-grail gift they’ve been asking for since summer). Look no further than our Brite Lites_Gift City Pop-In Shop, online and in selected stores. It’s stacked to the rafters with awesomely odd items that your oddly awesome offspring will love. Read on for eight of our favorites—most under $30. (After all, Hanukkah is the Festival of ‘Lites.’)

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