How To: Shop the Men’s Sale

How should you shop our ongoing men’s sale, where drastic, half-off discounts abound? It’s about looking past the racks on racks on racks–and seeing what’s really present. At our flagship store, a salesperson advised a deep dive for AG denim: “It’s there if you look. It only goes on sale a few times per year, if that.”

Rare gems with commentary from a recent walk-through:

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Black Friday Sale at Nordstrom

The turkey’s chillin’, the boss is outta town, and here’s more good news: you can shop Black Friday deals online a day early, on Thursday, November 27. And TGIF: on Friday, November 28, nab an additional 20% off selected sale items when you shop in store.*

Black Friday Sale at Nordstrom.

Shop: Clothing | Shoes | Accessories
*Does not include price-matched items, items purchased online for in-store pickup or designer collections. See black friday deals and details.


As we near the year 2014, “cyber” is kind of a hilarious word. It tends to conjure visions of Web 1.0—like the bulky hardware and earnest yearnings for virtual reality in this classic, mid-’90s Aerosmith video. (Hey, if it lets you make out with Alicia Silverstone on a moving motorcycle, who’s arguing? Wait—is this where Kanye got the idea for that new video?)

Anyway, while the terminology may be antiquated, the application—Cyber Monday—is nothing to laugh at. Keep reading to see our Editor’s Picks for you, as well as the Silverstone on your list (with December upon us, it’s time to start thinking Christmas gifts, gentlemen).

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If you’re out and about pre-dawn on this fine, post-Thanksgiving morning, we salute you. However, the best, surefire way to avoid epic confrontations over the last leather jacket (or dastardly cloak?) in your size at the store is to simply stay home—pie in-hand, football on-screen, enjoying our Online Black Friday Deals from the comfort of your couch.

To celebrate Black Friday, we picked a few of our favorite sale items—in timeless, stylish, black. Keep reading to see our sale-priced Editor’s Picks.

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For the final weekend of Anniversary Sale, we’re partnering with on-call car service Uber to give Nordstrom customers a sweet deal on rides to or from your local store.

– New Uber users, use promo code NORDSTROM to save up to $20 –
– Existing Uber users, use promo code NSALE to save 10% –

Don’t know what Uber is? It’s basically a luxury chauffeur available in cities across the US, from Seattle to Atlanta, San Fran to Boston, and tons in between. Oh—and there’s an app for that.

We’re seeing this as your dapper designated driver for a weekend of style (and savings)—whether you’re pre-func’ing at your pad before an afternoon at the sale, or celebrating your successful haul of killer Fall finds with drinks at a Nordstrom Grill. But hey, to each his own. See details here.




ANNIVERSARY SALE CONTINUES. Don’t wait too long, though—prices go up August 5. Previously, we showed what inspired the Expert Picks of creative director Andy Comer. Today, get to know tailored clothing buy planner Ryan Sharp, a man who’s as into Gucci loafers as he is video games. Shop Ryan’s picks here, and read more about him below.

[L: David Beckham—a baller in more ways than one.
R: The view from Bandits Bar, a Seattle spot famous for tamales.]

[L: Ryan’s loafer game is strong. | R: John Slattery, aka Roger Sterling of Mad Men.
Not wearing his signature three-piece suit…but still.]

[How Ryan kicks up his Guccis and blows off some steam.]

MEN’S SHOP DAILY: Who’s your top style icon?
“I’d say David Beckham. From being casual courtside to formal on the red carpet, he’s always looking sharp. I’m not sure how much Posh has to do with it, but the looks he puts together are generally on point.”

MSD: Like many guys, you occasionally unwind at the end of the day with the Xbox. What are your current favorite games?
“Right now, I’m pretty into Borderlands 2. I rotate in Skyrim, Call of Duty, Dishonored and am always down for a round of FIFA. I’m looking forward to attending PAX Prime this summer, and I’ll hopefully get a chance to try out the Xbox One, PS4 and some upcoming games.”

MSD: What trends are you most excited about for fall?
RYAN SHARP: “I really like all the different patterns and textures for fall, the tweeds, corduroys, Fair Isle sweaters, etc. All the vested looks are really nice, too. Three-piece suits are very Roger Sterling—they’re definitely dressier and make a statement.”

MSD: How do you refuel in your time off?
RYAN SHARP: “When the weather is nice, I enjoy exploring the city, trying out new restaurants and bars. It does have a tendency to rain up here, so I also enjoy reading or playing Xbox at home (when can I get my Xbox One?).”

MSD: What brought you to the Seattle area?
RYAN SHARP: “I grew up in Orange County, California. My girlfriend moved up here for work; after I visited once, it was an easy decision to move up here, too.”

MSD: How would you describe your personal style?
RYAN SHARP: “Smart casual? I’ll wear a suit or a sportcoat with jeans to the office. Lately on the weekends, it’s normally my A.P.C.s and maybe a Todd Snyder shirt.”

A few of our favorites from Ryan’s Anniversary Sale picks (from left):
Joseph Abboud sportcoat | Santoni double-monk | Dockers slim chinos | Hugo Boss dress shirt




[Interview by Laura Oxford. Instagram photos by Ryan Sharp. David Beckham photo via Esquire UK; John Slattery photo via GQ. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


It’s that special time of year: Anniversary Sale. A time not only to revel in scoring new Fall items, at sale prices, ahead of schedule—but also a time to look back on our 100+ years of history.

Did you know that the first Nordstrom was a shoe store? John W. Nordstrom himself set up shop in Downtown Seattle in the year 1901. A century later, we’re still here in Seattle—and still family-operated.

[Our founder standing proudly in front of his first store, circa 1901. His partner’s name now graces our in-house, heritage-inspired brand, Wallin & Bros.
For more vintage photos, read our post on Nordstrom’s Illustrated History.]

Alright alright, enough reminiscing. Here are a few of our favorite fall steals on indispensable footwear—for the office, the gym, the bar, and everywhere in between. Find more Anniversary-Sale shoes here. Happy hunting.

Dressy Boots (L-R): To Boot New York (sale $259.90) | Bruno Magli (sale $319.90)
Allen Edmonds (sale $259.90)

Rugged Boots (L-R): Red Wing (sale $174.90) | Timberland Boot Company (sale $189.90)
Wolverine x Filson (sale $294.90)

Sneakers (L-R): Nike (sale $69.90) | Ald0 (sale $39.90) | Diesel (sale $89.90)

Monk-Straps & Loafers (L-R): To Boot New York (sale $277.90) | Allen Edmonds (sale $249.90)
Cole Haan (sale $149.90)

Wingtips: Cole Haan (sale $129.90) | Bruno Magli (sale $389.90) | 1901 (sale $64.90)




ANNIVERSARY SALE HAS BEGUN. Which means now’s your chance to score brand-new Fall essentials at great savings. Given the massive amount of stuff on sale, we decided to ask a few experts here at Nordstrom HQ for their insight on what ‘s new for Fall. First up, our Men’s Shop creative strategy director Andy Comer. Shop Andy’s picks here, and read about some of his inspirations below.

[L: Andy proudly displaying his Danzig find. | R: A turtlenecked Phil Ochs.]

[L: Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni. | R: Andy in Thom Browne vs. Andre the Giant in a unitard. Who wins?]

[A classic shot from photographer Bruce Davidson’s 1959 Brooklyn Gang series.]

MEN’S SHOP DAILY: Your number one style icon—who is he (or she)?
“If pressed, I’d say Marcello Mastroianni. But my reference points are always shifting. Right now, I’m really into Phil Ochs. Lots of knit ties, rumpled oxford cloth shirts, and turtlenecks worn under tweed sports jackets. And terrific records. Check out Tape from California.”

MSD: You recently released your solo debut album, Bloody Amateur. How would you describe it?
“Candid. No over-arranging or unnecessary ‘parts.’ The sound is my own, inspired by the artists I like: PJ Harvey, Michael Rother, Brian Eno and Lou Reed, to name only a few.”

MSD: You clearly have a lot of love for the music scene in Louisville (your hometown). How are you liking the Seattle scene?
ANDY COMER: “You can really feel the richness of the scene’s history here; it reminds me of Cleveland (another of my favorite music towns) in that regard. I hit a great record fair called the Big Dig a couple weeks back and scored a Danzig bootleg 45 and a near-complete collection of The Lost Lennon Tapes. A good sign.”

MSD: Any fall trends you’re excited for?
ANDY COMER: “I’m excited about the new spin on classic English and university themes: tartan peacoats, slim tweed sportcoats, quilted vests and jackets in bold colors and patterns, all cut a little shorter than usual. Also the cool Bruce Davidson moto vibe that’s trickling into the mainstream: tough belts, knit hats, and leather jackets in styles that work for a wide range of men.”

A few of our favorites from Andy’s Anniversary-Sale picks (from left):
Hugo Boss cotton sportcoat | Frye wingtip boot | AG Jeans | Nordstrom Smartcare dress shirt




[Interview by Laura Oxford. Photos of Andy by Strath Shepard. Phil Ochs photo via; Marcello Mastroianni photo by Steve Schapiro, via; photo © Bruce Davidson via. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


Starting immediately, Nordstrom Fashion Rewards members can shop Anniversary Sale before the masses. Sign into your account, or sign up for a card, here.

Fashion Rewards, by the way, is the awesome points/perks system for Nordstrom credit and debit cardholders. It’s like getting paid to shop. Plus, you get VIP access to killer events such as our best sale of the year: Anniversary Sale.

Anniversary Sale, by the way, is a sale like no other. It’s NOT a clearance of unwanted leftovers—it’s a sneak preview of our Fall delivery, on sale before it hits the floor at full price. No one else does this. If you haven’t experienced Anniversary Sale before, definitely check it out—it’s your chance to get a head start on Fall, and save some cash in the process.

One more thing, and then we’ll leave you to it: Check out the Nordstrom company retrospective we posted during last year’s Anniversary Sale—and see how our heritage reaches back to 1901, when John W. Nordstrom opened his first shoe store in downtown Seattle.


Mark your calendars for our biggest sale event of the year: Anniversary Sale, your rare chance to save on Fall goods before they ever hit regular price, starts July 19.

Sound like a ways off? Trust us, it’s coming up quick—our team was already pulling together Anniversary-Sale outfits to photograph for the website last week. Here’s an exclusive glimpse at some of the rich fall textures and patterns you have to look forward to.


Chalk stripes x longwings? Check. Patent x camo? Why not.
Yes, our Men’s Team looks good even while locked in a conference room all day.
(That’s one of our female stylists on the right—don’t worry,
we’re not hopping on the meggings trend quite yet.)


Stay tuned for more Anniversary Sale updates as they become available.