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If you dug our GQ Selects collaboration, you’re going to enjoy the next eight weeks—during which we’ll release a new GQ Spring Trend Report video every Monday, featuring GQ Magazine’s Creative Director, Jim Moore (left, below), and Deputy Editor, Michael Hainey.

In the first installment, the two discuss the finer points of slip-on Spring footwear—i.e., dapper Loafers you can dress up or down:

Below are a few of our own favorite loafers—handily categorized by Penny, Bit, and Tassel.
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[Note: the tassel loafers in the image up top are by 1901 and Transcript.]

Penny Loafers, from top:
Shipley & Halmos | Polo Ralph Lauren | Santoni

Bit Loafers, from top:
Salvatore Ferragamo | Gucci | Prada

Tassel Loafers, from top:
Allen Edmonds | To Boot New York | Salvatore Ferragamo

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Having started as a forward-thinking shoemaker to Hollywood stars of the 1920s, the late Salvatore Ferragamo’s eponymous brand has come a long way. One aspect that remains a guiding force under Creative Director Massimiliano Giornetti: a scientific approach to the art of style. Chiseled lines and innovative mixes of luxe leather and wool with technical fabrics define this calculated new collection, rooted in a cavernous spectrum of near-black hues. The result is an army of outerwear that would somehow look as at-home in the Matrix as it would on your sunless, socked-in commutes next Fall.

Leather Weather. The show featured a wide range of takes on this quintessential piece of all-attitude menswear—from cropped biker jackets to hip-length trialmasters to knee-length trenches.

Soldier of Fortune. Military references are invading throughout the season’s shows. No exception here, with double-breasted officer coats and peacoats, aerodynamic bomber jackets, and the all-terrain trench in the Twitter pic up top.

Rain Men. Soaked cement was a clear influence, with storm sounds starting the show and puddles literally lining the runway. Giornetti found countless ways to revel in the rain—like a voluminous cloak, rubberized sweater and futuristic poncho fit for a gunslinger in space. (Click images to enlarge.)


Watch the video above for a glimpse backstage prior to the Salvatore Ferragamo Fall/Winter 2013 runway show—which took place in Milan only a few days ago—and hear from Giornetti himself on the thought process behind the new designs.



…And view the complete Fall/Winter 2013 slideshow at

[First three images courtesy of the official Salvatore Ferragamo Twitter page. Individual looks courtesy of Video courtesy of the official Salvatore Ferragamo YouTube channel.]


GQ Selects: December Look #5

After six months of impeccable outfits (and exclusive insights from GQ Creative Director Jim Moore), this is the last of our GQ Selects posts! At least for now. Let’s finish things off with a look that’s quintessentially GQ: From the sharply tailored suit to the semi-spread collar, and from the $15 tie bar to the splashy socks, our favorite magazine’s signature touches are all here.


Dolce&Gabbana Solid Suit.“To put it simply, Dolce&Gabbana has mastered the modern black suit. From the duo’s focus on a body-hugging fit with a shorter jacket and trim pant legs, to the perfect lapel width to pair with a skinny tie, this is a two-piece any man can feel confident investing in.”
—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director
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John Varvatos Collection Trim-Fit Stripe Dress Shirt. “Any guy looking to add some pattern into his weekday wardrobe in a conservative office should reach for a striped dress shirt. The vertical lines add subtle visual interest to any outfit, while the semi-spread collar works for every occasion, be it with a tie to close a big deal, or going open-collar to grab a celebratory drink afterwards.”
—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director
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Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Faraone’ Cap-Toe Oxford. “When you buy a pair of Ferragamo shoes, you’re not only getting fine Italian craftsmanship that will last a lifetime, but you’re also getting great design. In the brand’s deft hands, a standard cap-toe silhouette has its vamp elongated and toe tapered ever so slightly—slight tweaks that create a more elegant option for the office or a night out.”
—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director
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Nordstrom’s picks to complete the look:
Fahlgren Tie | Robert Talbott Pocket Square | Lorenzo Uomo Socks

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For the latest edition of GQ Selects, we’ve chosen 12 favorites from the December issue.


As 1,000-year-old vampire Eric Northman on HBO’s True Blood, Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård always comes off as consummately evil in black leather jackets and a toothy smirk. He’s never looked sharper, though, than in director Lars von Trier’s arty end-of-the-world flick Melancholia, in which he plays a forlorn Kirsten Dunst’s pitiful groom in their awkward pre-apocalypse wedding.

For today’s costume idea, we’d like to add the bad attitude (and incisors) of the former to the dapper tux from the latter. Accessorize with incandescent fangs (because who wants regular ones once you’ve seen these suckers?) and some fake blood for dramatic effect. We might recommend a light spattering, rather than the full-on blood-soaked chin above—less likely to rub off on your date’s cheek at the end of the night.

Salvatore Ferragamo oxfords | Glow-in-the-Dark Fangs | Dolce&Gabbana tuxedo
Dolce&Gabbana tuxedo shirt | Gallon of Blood | Duchamp bow tie


True Blood Season 5 just concluded, but you can catch up on HBO GO.
Melancholia is available on Netflix


[Images: True Blood still courtesy of HBO; Melancholia still courtesy of Zentropa and Nordisk Film; Fangs courtesy of Oriental Trading; Gallon of Blood courtesy of Spirit Halloween. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


Ferragamo is really a footwear dynasty and incredibly masterful when it comes to building a shoe. I always tell people to spend a little more than you would normally want to on a pair of shoes, because it will be worth it in the long run. The last is built to last a lifetime on these double monks, as long as you take care of them, and the rubber sole helps to keep them light and comfortable from the get-go.

“Wear these with jeans, or a suit, and unbuckle the top for a little extra savoir faire. This is the quintessential monk strap in a rich brown that goes with everything – especially those heavyweight fabrics you’re going to be wearing for fall.”

—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director


Each month, the editors of GQ, in collaboration with Nordstrom Men’s Fashion Director Tommy Fazio and the Men’s Shop, will select key items from the pages of GQ to feature right here on

For the second edition of GQ Selects, we’ve chosen 16 Fall essentials from the August issue. Check back every month for more.