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New York lifestyle photos & all denim flat and detail photos by Velvet Sea Media; San Francisco lifestyle photos by  Matthew Reamer; Seattle lifestyle photos by Thomas Akin; Los Angeles & Chicago lifestyle by Sean Klingelhoefer; animations by Studio 30

What does a year of wear and tear look like on a pair of jeans? If they’re Nudie jeans, really good.

Don’t believe? Peep the finale of the Swedish brand’s #breakingdenim campaign: five guys, five cities, five pairs of jeans, one year.

Here is post #1. This is post 2, with full documentation of a year in the field.

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A week and some change remain of Vienna-based artist Markus Schinwald’s first major American museum commission, which is on display at CCA in conjunction with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. And which is all about space, and invading it.

Schinwald is a painter who is a sculptor who is a video artist who once studied fashion design. His most iconic paintings are actually delicately altered classical, antique auction-house pieces and his sculpture generally involves denatured appendages from handsome Chippendale tables. The invaded CCA space combines both, and allows visitors the opportunity to stop time. Or at least pause it. And perhaps—perhaps—leave behind one’s bodily form too.

Is it just us, or is this precisely the kind of architectural, visual interlude that might make the difference between a harried holiday season and a placid one? If you’re in the Bay Area, you have until Saturday, December 13 to find out.

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Images via California College of the Arts Twitter (top) and (bottom)