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The outcome of Super Bowl XLIX between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots will certainly be measured in points–though in the larger game of life, you could argue that the true winner will be the team with the fewest concussions. But there is another competition afoot: Which player will have the illest shoes?

We spoke about what to expect on Super Bowl Sunday with Marcus Rivero, aka Soles by Sir, the custom-footwear king of the NFL. The Miami-based painter and designer says his shoes will be worn by players on both teams on February 1. Sales have been good since his status spiked this month after Instagramming a pair of gold-flake cleats commissioned by the Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch, which were instantly banned by the NFL. 

Apparently there’s some league rule we don’t understand about shoes needing to match the color of uniforms. But we do understand banning a shoe is a sure-fire way to make it legendary and Rivero says business is better than ever.

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Super Bowl symmetry: see above, in GIF form, and here in The New York Times.

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Citizens of our native Washington are infamously avid fans of the home team. (Many UW alums roam the floors here at Nordstrom HQ—there’s even a photo floating around our archives of young Nordstrom brothers suited up for the UW hoops team, circa the mid-1980s.)

Hence Seattleites are going crazy lately for the suddenly dominant Seahawks. After several blowout games late in the season, they’re poised to make noise in the playoffs (starting with a wild-card game against the Redskins, this Sunday at 1:30pm PST on Fox).

This comes as a great finish to a season that began with fans (at home and across the country) oddly polarized by stylistic minutiae. After taking over the reigns as official uniform designers for the 2012-13 season, Oregon-based Nike (also responsible for the previously noted swagger of our sister state’s college football program) threatened to radicalize the look of every team in the league—or so imaginative fans conjectured. Ultimately, the only team that received a noticeable change visually was Nike’s closest neighbors to the north, the Seattle Seahawks. It came in the form of subtle but striking pops of chartreuse to symbolize the Great Northwest’s greenery, and small wing-like emblems inspired by Native American art:


Nike designers must keep up on their street-style reports, as controlled doses of neon continue to pop up in all walks of menswear (especially shoes—check out additional, bright-soled examples by Walk-Over, 1901, and Cole Haan LunarGrand).

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This last photo shows Seattle running back Marshawn ‘Beast Mode’ Lynch introducing the new uni designs a few months ago. As impressive as cool-headed QB (and strong Rookie of the Year candidate) Russell Wilson is—and as fun as it is to watch over-excitable coach Pete Carroll wig out in slo-mo after a killer completion—nothing really tops this self-reflective breakdown of Lynch’s legendary run a few years back against New Orleans. Enjoy:

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