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If you dug our GQ Selects collaboration, you’re going to enjoy the next eight weeks—during which we’ll release a new GQ Spring Trend Report video every Monday, featuring GQ Magazine’s Creative Director, Jim Moore (left, below), and Deputy Editor, Michael Hainey.

In the first installment, the two discuss the finer points of slip-on Spring footwear—i.e., dapper Loafers you can dress up or down:

Below are a few of our own favorite loafers—handily categorized by Penny, Bit, and Tassel.
Click the images to shop each one, and browse additional favorites here: MORE LOAFERS
[Note: the tassel loafers in the image up top are by 1901 and Transcript.]

Penny Loafers, from top:
Shipley & Halmos | Polo Ralph Lauren | Santoni

Bit Loafers, from top:
Salvatore Ferragamo | Gucci | Prada

Tassel Loafers, from top:
Allen Edmonds | To Boot New York | Salvatore Ferragamo

Look for new GQ Spring Trend Report videos in the weeks to come—
and shop all eight of our GQ-approved trends, from cotton suits to camo, here:


On the eve of March Madness, we could do something creative like pit clothing items against each other in a fantasy tournament for style supremacy. (Our money would be on the Tennessee Raw Denims. Or maybe the Michigan Wolverine Boots.) But corny jokes aside, we’d rather just remind you to get your college basketball predictions in order, because brackets are due tomorrow (Thursday, 3/21) by 12:15 EST.

While betting actual US currency amongst your friends, family, and office frenemies is of dubious legality, wagering for a year’s worth of bragging rights is not. And, despite our better judgment (because it will reduce our own chances of winning), we’ll also encourage you to visit our friends at Shipley & Halmos, where you can enter their March Mayhem Challenge for a chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree.

Below are a few classic photos of college players to inspire you while you ponder your bracket picks. Good luck, and may the best team win. (We’ll be pulling for home-state heroes Gonzaga. Go Zags.)

Michael Jordan

Charles Barkley

Jerry Lucas

Larry Johnson

Oscar Robertson

Allen Iverson

Julius Erving, aka Dr. J

Clyde Drexler

Lew Alcindor (before he was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)

“Pistol” Pete Maravich

David Robinson

Artis Gilmore

Earvin “Magic” Johnson

Patrick Ewing

Wilt Chamberlain

Michigan’s infamous “Fab Five”:
Ray Jackson, Chris Webber, Juwan Howard, Jalen Rose, Jimmy King.


…And fill out your bracket, invite friends to compete and more at


[First photo: Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson vs. Larry Bird in the 1979 Championship game between Michigan State and Indiana State, by James Drake via Sports Illustrated. Remaining photos via, except Michael Jordan via, Larry Johnson via, Allen Iverson via, David Robinson via, Patrick Ewing via, Michigan Fab Five via. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


In the spirit of the holidays, we asked some of our favorite brands and designers a simple question with a rarely simple answer: What’s you favorite gift? Answers ranged from prized possessions they’ve received, to a signature item to give, to less-tangible ‘gifts’ that can’t be bought. Though they vary wildly, the answers below all have one thing in common: They give an unmistakable look into each brand’s ethos. Scroll down to get inside the minds of America’s best designers (and click the links to start deciding how to spend that Nordstrom Gift Card that Grandma gave you).

Heavy Medals from Legendary Friends. “My favorite gifts are from my friends Jimmy Page and Alice Cooper, who gave me their gold and platinum record awards, respectively. These are framed in my office and commemorate 500,000 and 1 million copies of albums sold—a phenomenal achievement that I get to hang on my wall and see every day.”  —John Varvatos

Bulls Tickets, 1989. “The best gift I ever received came from my sister: my niece Isabella. The second-best I got from my parents in 1989 for Christmas: Two tickets to see Michael Jordan play at Chicago Stadium with my dad. I was 10. Jordan scored 42 points against the Golden State Warriors; I’ll never forget how loud it was when they announced his entrance.”  —Andy Dunn of Bonobos

A Bronzed Artifact. “This is a gift I received from Michael Stipe after we collaborated on an art project of his. He took a Diana/Lomo camera (similar quality to lighting filters used on Instagram) and cast it in bronze. I love the idea of low/high art and technology. A low-tech, cheap plastic camera, immortalized in bronze. This gift I will have and appreciate forever.”  —Rogan Gregory of Rogan

A Family Tree. “My favorite thing about the holidays is the huge tree we do every year. My wife is a Christmas ornament freak, so we load it down with white lights and tons of ornaments. My favorites are the homemade ones the children make. We decorate with all-natural clippings of pine, cedar, boxwood, holly and magnolia—using fresh keeps things simple. Most important is to relax and enjoy the family and special time of year.” Billy Reid

Iowa’s Best-Kept Secret. “All of my friends and family get a bottle of Templeton Rye, a small-batch rye whiskey based on a Prohibition-era recipe that was made in Templeton, Iowa. Since I’m from Iowa, the connection is obvious—and there’s no better way to warm up a cold, holiday night than with a nice glass of Templeton.” Todd Snyder

The Original Hand-Held Device. “Does this really need any explanation as to why it’s my favorite? I was 10. It’s a Game Boy. Nuff said.” —Sam Shipley of Shipley & Halmos

Christmas in Jamaica. “Last week, my wife treated me to a one-week getaway in Jamaica as my early Xmas gift. We stayed at a gorgeous private villa (Round Hill) overlooking the sea and Montego Bay. The gift included tennis lessons—definitely the best gift ever. The only downside is that now I have to treat her to something even more special!” —Dexter Peart of WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie

Late-’80s Pentax 67 Medium Format with Super Takumar 75mm 1:4.5 Lens. “Growing up, the Pentax 6×7 or 67 was one of the cameras I always lusted after but was never able to afford. With the advent of digital, these cameras are now extremely good value as vintage, in comparison to their original prices. I had been watching this camera on eBay as a ‘buy now’ option for a while, but not biting the bullet on it, and obviously boring my wife to death about it—so much so, that without my knowledge, she bout it for me. So I ended up getting one of my favorite presents and fulfilling a childhood dream at the same time.” —Cuan Hanly of Jack Spade

One-of-a-Kind Artwork. [It’s a tie. Left]: “White tiger…on a purple crystal…in fog…in space…on a collector’s plate…framed. The best part is the warning on the back that it ‘may poison food.’ I got it from a member of our creative team a few years ago—probably in an attempt to actually poison me.” [Right]: “The photo of a naked girl sitting in the woods with a unicorn is also in the running. Have you ever had a photo shoot with a unicorn? Those things never sit still. And they demand giant dressing rooms, and green M&Ms, and are total divas. They really just aren’t worth dealing with.” —Todd Masters of Toddland

[All photos shot by the designers/brands themselves, except Michael Jordan © Walter Iooss, Jr.]

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You know that rampant cultural assumption that “fashion” designers are egocentric, pretentious, and take themselves entirely too seriously? CFDA Award winners Shipley & Halmos prove it completely (not) true in the digital Christmas card above, which greeted us in our email inbox this morning. (That’s Halmos in back on the left, and Shipley next to him counting off the choir composed of their impressively straight-faced staff.) Make sure to watch ’til the end, lest you miss the anticlimactic finale.

It’s just the latest in the design duo’s tradition of lo-fi, self-effacing satire. Observe their Keanu Reeves-influenced company timeline and unfortunately on-hiatus Numerous Drawings blog (which celebrates everyday miracles from Super Mario sealife to a no-look Lil’ Wayne) for further examples. Also, their Gear Up video from last spring, which clearly improves upon the Schwarzenegger classic Commando:

Click ‘play’ on both at the same time to get the full effect.

For killer clothes (backed by a
decidedly unorthodox sense of humor),



[Videos courtesy of Shipley & Halmos; Commando clip courtesy of Silver Pictures and 20th Century Fox.]


GQ Selects: November Look #4

Here’s a great example of going high/low by mixing activewear into your around-town wardrobe. Thanks to a trim fit and clean design, this Nike track jacket blends seamlessly with a high-end shirt, loafers, and cords in the season’s coolest color.


Nike ‘HBR’ Track Jacket. This is a great example of a throwback piece that doesn’t feel overly retro. Nike’s classic ‘HBR’ track jacket conjures up images of ’70s track stars like Steve Prefontaine and Bruce Jenner, but it has a sleekness to it that’s quite current. It’s a versatile piece, wearable either alone or layered under a topcoat or a suit jacket, as we showed on Jeremy Lin in the November issue.”
—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director
(shop this item)


Shipley & Halmos Washed Cotton Woven Shirt. The exploded, repeating windowpane plaid on this shirt is a bold pattern, but one that would look great peeking out of a classic navy suit or cardigan. It’s designed with a semi-spread collar, too, so it can easily transition from dressed-up with a tie to casually unbuttoned at a bar.”
—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director
(shop this item)

Editor’s Note: The Shipley & Halmos shirt featured in GQ has sold out. Shop the same shirt in other colors here, or try these vibrant plaid alternatives.
From left: Jack Spade (yellow) | Jack Spade (blue) | Shipley & Halmos

Nordstrom’s picks to complete the look:
Randolph Engineering Sunglasses | Levi’s 511 Corduroy Pants | Allen Edmonds Loafer

Each month, the editors of GQ, in collaboration with Nordstrom Men’s Fashion Director Tommy Fazio and the Men’s Shop, will select key items from the pages of GQ to feature right here on

For the latest edition of GQ Selects, we’ve chosen 15 favorites from the November issue—from immaculate outerwear to unexpected accessories. Check back each month for more.


GQ Selects: November Look #3

Today’s look centers around a fall/winter prerequisite: a warm and exceedingly dapper top coat. But we’re equally enthused by the finishing touches we picked to accentuate the official GQ selections—like Hav-A-Hank’s paisley pocket square (available in 8 eye-catching colors) and budget-wise gloves by Topman.


Michael Bastian Double-Breasted Houndstooth Top Coat. Every guy needs a great top coat this season. When done right, like this Michael Bastian number, it works for any occasion, from a black-tie ball to the office to weekend errands. Bastian’s is modernized by its slimmer peak lapels. The trim double-breasted silhouette ensures this coat will look good over any and all of your fall outfits.”
—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director
(shop this item)


Allen Edmonds ‘MacNeil’ Oxford. When we talk about wingtips at GQ we talk about them with a lot of passion and gravitas. A black wingtip is one of the most worthwhile and elegant shoes a man can have in his wardrobe. It stands up to dressier fall flannels but looks just as appropriate with a pair of khakis or corduroy jeans. This pair walks the line perfectly between being too chunky and too refined—the proportions are just right. They’re made in America, and with a little care, these will last 20 years. Guys can rest assured they will never go out of style.”
—Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director
(shop this item)


Nordstrom’s picks to complete the look:
Hav-A-Hank Pocket Square | Brixton Driver’s Cap | Jack Spade Henley
Topman Burgundy Stripe Gloves | Obey Fingerless Gloves | Topman Navy Stripe Gloves


Each month, the editors of GQ, in collaboration with Nordstrom Men’s Fashion Director Tommy Fazio and the Men’s Shop, will select key items from the pages of GQ to feature right here on

For the latest edition of GQ Selects, we’ve chosen 15 favorites from the November issue—from immaculate outerwear to unexpected accessories. Check back each month for more.


A Shipley & Halmos Guide to New York

Shipley & Halmos designers Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos offered us some NYC-native intel on where to eat and explore on your next trip to the Big Apple.

The brand’s vintage inspiration and thoroughly modern fit is always spot-on for city life, in NYC or elsewhere—but the sturdy cotton shirts, immaculately cut blazer in camel corduroy, and sleek, solid boots they crafted for Fall 2012 are especially ideal for braving concrete landscapes in the brisk conditions ahead.

Shop Shipley & Halmos—but first, take note of the guys’ six favorite spots in New York City.


—  —  —


A Guide by Shipley & Halmos

“Of course we do more than just eating and shopping. We also drink a lot. Kidding (kinda)! But seriously, it seems that whenever anyone comes to visit us from out of town, that’s all they want to do. Everyone knows to check out the MoMA, Central Park, Times Square (God help you), etc. We’re just giving you what you all want—eat delicious food, burn calories (and holes in your pockets) while walking around shopping, then eat more!”
—Sam Shipley & Jeff Halmos


Lupe’s East LA Kitchen is one of our favorite lunch spots during the week. Very low-key atmosphere with very authentic Mexican food. And the people are friendly, which goes a long way in our book.” [110 Sixth Avenue at Watts Street]


“Sam’s girlfriend is the co-owner of a great shop in Nolita called Thomas Sires. They design their own women’s line and stock an assortment of incredible accessories and home items from around the world. Ideal spot to score a gift for that special lady in your life.” [243 Elizabeth Street]


“In Williamsburg (where Jeff lives), Marlow & Sons is the go-to restaurant and general hangout. Their market offers coffee, pastries, dry goods, and even some accessories. The small dining room is in the back half of the space. The menu changes frequently—two staples are the brick chicken and the salted caramel tart (addictive!) for dessert.” [81 Broadway, Williamsburg]


Amarcord is, in our opinion, the best bet for vintage menswear in the city. It’s primarily European (Italian and French). Think Saint-Tropez 1965 instead of Seattle 1991. Clean it up, fellas!” [252 Lafayette Street, between Prince & Spring, SoHo]


“Sam’s a cheeseburger connoisseur. Like almost any cuisine you can think of, NYC foodies take great pride in their burgers. Although there are many top-notch options (from Shake Shack all the way up to Peter Luger), our favorite spot is the Ear Inn. The building (a house built in the early 1800s) is about as old school as it gets. On a nice day, take a stroll along the Hudson River up to the High Line after lunch.” [326 Spring Street, between Greenwich & Washington]


“You can browse the bookstore and gallery at Printed Matter for hours. All the titles are independently published, many directly by the artists themselves, and most you will not find anywhere else in the world. Each year, they host an Art Book Fair, too. Very inspiring store!” [195 Tenth Avenue]



[Main text and photos for Lupe’s and Amarcord by Shipley & Halmos. Additional photo credits: Thomas Sires courtesy of Marlow & Sons via here and here. Ear Inn courtesy of Printed Matter via.]


Our Men’s photo team wrapped their grueling five-day marathon of a shoot in NYC with an all-star lineup of our favorite Designer Collections brands. Check out exclusive previews below, and keep your eyes peeled for the new deliveries to hit the site in the weeks and months to come.

And, in case you missed it, check out Instagram pics from the rest of the shoot here:
Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Sneak Peek

“NYC is amazing tonight.”Tommy Fazio, Men’s Fashion Director

Michael Bastian Spring 2013.

“This Billy Reid suit is my new favorite.” —Tommy

Shipley & Halmos goes collegiate.


Michael Bastian’s perfect field coat. Coming soon.

Steven Alan: makers of the perfect plaid shirt.

Stripes and camo by Gant.

Field Scout. This one’s already live on the site.

“Five days on a shoot will do it to you.” —Tommy


Most of the clothes seen here are not available yet. But you can shop current collections here:
Michael Bastian | Billy Reid | Shipley & Halmos | Steven Alan

[Instagram pics by Tommy Fazio, Men’s Fashion Director. Check out Nordstrom’s company-wide Instagram here.]


Our Half-Yearly Sale for Men kicked off last week, and it just keeps getting better: Designer Collections markdowns go even deeper starting this morning, with many items up to 60% off. In other words, the time to pull the trigger on that coat, blazer or bag you’ve been eyeing is NOW.

Check out some editor’s picks below (all at 33–60% off) below, or shop all sale clothing, shoes and accessories.

Spring Jackets: Rag & Bone lamb leather | Rag & Bone windbreaker | John Varvatos

Parkas: Jack Spade | Rag & Bone | A.P.C.

Shirts & Sweaters: Shipley & Halmos | Billy Reid | Gant Rugger

Bags by Jack Spade: laptop briefcase | leather duffel | nylon duffel

Navy Blazers: Billy Reid | Gant by Michael Bastian | A.P.C.